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28:01US President Donald Trump Interacts With India Inc.
39:14PM Modi, Donald Trump's Joint Press Statement
PM Modi, Donald Trump's Joint Press StatementKo‘rishlar soni 8824/02/2020
4:29Tyre Market In Delhi Set On Fire Amid CAA Clashes
3:05Trump In Agra: 'Taj Mahal Inspires Awe'
Trump In Agra: 'Taj Mahal Inspires Awe'Ko‘rishlar soni 1024/02/2020
1:11US President Donald Trump, Melania Visit Taj Mahal
3:03Trumps Arrive In Agra, Will Visit Taj Mahal
Trumps Arrive In Agra, Will Visit Taj MahalKo‘rishlar soni 624/02/2020
0:25Donald Trump Tweets In Hindi En Route To India
3:48High Security Ahead Of Donald Trump's India Visit


  • Congrats to ndtv . What they wanted from last few months now has become reality . Good job ndtv

  • Title here is mob , you should note this and think about it.

  • Jamia then JNU and complete Delhi is getting targeted by BJP goons.

  • Shame 😨😰😔 on we are 21st CENTURIAN Indian 🇮🇳👳 and some political RIOTER LEADERS control our mind 😏

  • Just look at that smile Have some shame Sir capital of India was burning.

  • now it's time to show the nation what is Supreme Court

  • feel sorry for India that they can go so low to please America who can never be trusted. Pakistan did the same and suffered. They have their own interest and they dont give a dam about India or Modi.

  • मंदिर मस्जिद गीरजाघर में बांट दिया भगवान को धरती बांटी अम्बर बंटा मत बंटो इंसान को।।।

  • Meanwhile in other modia channels: Trump Kya Kya dishes pasand karte hai? Ham bataenge!

  • People have to understand this is not the solution for there problems and government is just playing with the sentiments of the people and the local politicians just making hate speeches which people are taking those speeches seriously and killing innocence people my request to them is please stop listening to Local MLA's or MP's... stay save with your families think about them once Jai Hind Hindustan Zindabad....

  • This is not just riots murder ... It is something more than that ... CBI enquiry must happen

  • Bhakts attacking comment section. Idhar comment na kariyo gaumutra ki buu aati h 😂😂

  • Chutiya bana ke chale Gaye 👍

  • Thankyou muslims for all the mess

  • F in the chat guys

  • What's so funny about it that this loser can't contain his smile?

  • This is the biggest democratic Hindustan. Haha

  • Our Salute to your service sir....!!

  • musalmano ne shuru kiya hinduo ne khatam to ab roo kyu rahe ho???

  • Danga,mat kahiye ise bas ak samudai k upad sarkar dara hamka h ,is desh me hmesha muslim pad julm hoga or kyi insaf nhi hoga. 😢😢😢

  • Yeh sab trump dikhane keliye kiya musalmano ne

  • Nice content! Keep it up! Would you like to be UZtorrent friends? :]

  • BJP RSS is as ignorant as the donkey... India is slowly but surly loosing their quality ...

  • Dilli walon dilli ko full statehood dilwaao

  • Kapil mishra ne haar ka badla liya hai

  • Ab BJP main modi aur amit shah ka Lund daily basis pe choosna shuru ho gaya. Misra ji ka..

  • Our National Security Advisor is either sleeping somewhere or Licking boots of Politicians who he had kept under Tight Security.

  • Bihari ke nam se ek kalank hai Rubbish

  • Jihad ☝️💪😠

  • Abe hass rha h iski esi tesi

  • Thats a shame action by husband ...

  • Stop buying from muslims, put a financial ban on them. Dont sell anything to them. Stop jihad and save india

  • Bhsodk sab kitne ache ban rhe camera k samne 🤣🤣


  • Bharat Jalao party Amit Shah is real Gunda....who behind this

  • Nice job bjp. No one really talks about real issues nowadays. It’s either religion or spending millions on events/campaigns to spread hate. Let’s save our country,specially the youth before it’s too late and they change our constitution (remove democracy) bringing the police and army more under their control.

  • Ravish sir,salute to your "Nish-Paksh" working

  • Agar modi ke pass bewi baal bachche hota to aulad ki qadar hoti

  • Some people might be taking some personal revenge in these riots..!!

  • Its a shame of India that BJP is leading them... Truly there is no difference between the Jew and BJP hindus ....

  • He knew some secret about BJP, RSS

  • Khuli khuli baat hai modi ji ko bhi BJP k Chand neta ullu bana Rahe hai he is in danger with sum danger BJP leaders.

  • Thank you my brothers and sisters.

  • Amit Shah should resign

  • Nonsense, always one sided reporting

    • @HaSanMDD Can you reply in English please, your language is not understood.

    • one sided hi to k log mare he unhi ka nuksan hoya he to wohi to dikhange

    • @Nithin Mon What proof do you have?

    • Stop buying from muslims

  • These are done by pro Pakistan organisations in India

  • As long as Omit shah is home minister,more riots,losses of life and property delhi gonna experience

  • Italian woman want indian change starange isn't it

  • Lol this guy is a joke! Where is Amit shah? Why did he send this guy to answer??

  • Hass raha hai chutiya

  • Good work bhai

  • it appears in muhallas where hindus are outnumbered against Muslims are in peace.

  • Zaydatar Yuuva bayrozgaar ha or inmai say kuch ko bari aasaani say siyasat apna hatyaar banati ha . law and order ki lacharta ka andaaza aap sub in videos say asani say laga saktay hai police or media tak unsafe ha . Delhi koi pahli baar nahi jali ha isnay azal say siyasi gundow kay hath bayqasoor hinduow muslimow sikhow wagarah ko jaltay huay daikha ha unhai bayghar hotay huay daikha ha. Yai aaj ka yuuva jub apnay he ghar ko aag laga daiga to phir kahan jayga or yai siyaasi aadamkhoor jub apni he awaam ko nooch khaaigay to phir siyasat kispar karaigay.

  • So Saad shame less this politicals

  • Ye bhi bada Kameena he

  • Uppercaste RSS terrorists killed thousands of Sikhs and pinned the blamed on Congress. Minorities are always targeted by so called fake majority with the help of police and judiciary. Time will teach you uppercaste terrorists.

  • Great Ravish Kumar Kapil sharma kyun arrests nai huwa Desh ko barbad kar ne wala kapil Sharma kyun aazad hai Kya ye BJP Modi Raj hai

  • Dr Manmohan singhji should stay at home because he is too old and not looking healthy in this video

  • Amit shah kuch nahi kia police to uski rakhel hai

  • oh god..modi -shah will pay for their karma


  • Beshram more than 20 people have been killed.but mantri was laughing. shame on him

  • Police never reach in time to control violence effected area.

  • Yeh Jooth hai... Jooth hai.. Jooth hai.... Jooth hai

  • The rioters will never hide the body in the drain. Something extremely suspicious

    • Why not? Rioters can kill high ranking officers in a fit of passion and then hide the body in fear of further inquiry.

  • Maut ka Saudagar....chutiya Modi.

  • Nahi maanaa jaayega......kyonki uska naaam kapil Mishra hai :(

  • BJP government kaam karne to aayi nahi hai danga karana hi in ka ajnda he

  • and thus BJP leads India... ..Its Just a matter of time India is going down

  • Gora chitta he muslman smjh ke mar dya hoga!!

  • itne saal ho gaye india mein rehte aur sonia "bar dancer" gandhi ko hindi bolni nahi aayi !! aur isse PM banna hai. hindi to chodo, koi regional langauge bolni nahi aayi. abhi bhi paper padh k bol rahi hai.

  • मंत्री साहब, शर्म तो आ नहीं रही होगी , लोग मर रहे हैं, और आप हंस रहे हैं।

  • Terrorist for rss bjp

  • Kejriwaal murdabaad Because kejriwaal isn't control delhi situation

  • Modi marega desh bechega

  • why should Mr Shah resign? What would Mrs. Gandhi do if there would be visit of Mr. Trump in her governance? Riots could be spread by the opposition party to raise unnecessary issues on the visit of him.. Has she taken poll or ask us ( general people ) to ask him to resign?.

  • yeh chor neta log kya bolega sala haram khor bjp walo kutto ko pahele marna chaie

  • Modi hai to mumkin hai. When modi reacts after 3 days after the roits have started. This shows how progressed is our Modi.

  • Only and only Kapil Sharma and BJP RSS are responsible for this... the man is hindu ,media is showing..why the media is not showing the whole news ..who brought stones...who were throwing stones with the help of police..?and who died? Rioter is Kapil Sharma ,BJP RSS and their bhakt...and innocent people are dieing..

  • Kaha hai kejriwal jispe hamne vishwas kiya 😡😡

  • He is my fav from South any one have??

  • This is planing for bjp

  • ये ढोंगी है .... सहमत हो तो चैनल सबस्क्राइब कर हौसला अफजाई करे 👍

  • Sonia bhagao danga khatam. Yeh harami aurat danga ka main cause he.

  • Kill all stone pelters

  • I do think that Amit shah is going to be shot dead soon. As usually it is not going to be performed but it might...

  • mrs. sonia "bar dancer" gandhi..... aap hi ki party ka banda , manishankar iyer, shaheen baag jaane se pehle lahore ho k aaya tha. kya karne gaya tha manishankar iyer???? kya briefing lene gaya tha pakistan???

  • 😞😞😥😥

  • Jo log caa or nrc laye vo madarchod apne banglo me soye huye h or nirdosh grib log mare ja rhe Modi or amit shah caa or nrc laye h to ab in dango ko to sant kre ,,,,,,,,,???

  • Dharam aur mazhab ka zaher humanity pr bhari par gya

  • Thera are already a few people in the comment section who are still fighting over Hindus vs Muslims.. To all fellow beings, let humanity prevail in whatever way possible...

  • State sponsored roits shame on Shah and bjp. Shah should resign now a terrorist cannot rule a country

  • The best The honest The professional The hard worker The best reporter The perfect journalist The ground reporter Salute to you . Keep up the good work. All the best for future May almighty protect you and your family from bad evil and bad people

  • This situation created by you and Owaisi.... idiots

  • Schchi saksiyr

  • These Hindus are nothing but Jokes

  • You are also responsible for this.

  • Please someone kill them this he is the main morderer he does not give the answer Aaj Jin logon ki maut Hui hai inhin samay kal uska baccha kar badla lene ka soche tu yah mat kahana ki vah aatankwadi ban gaya

  • Pls do the same against anurag thakur,pravesh Verma giriraj Singh and akbaruddin owaisi

  • Hinsa karna galat hai