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9:02‘Ingraham Angle’ panel breaks down latest Dem debate
6:55Ingraham: Sounding the alarm on coronavirus
Ingraham: Sounding the alarm on coronavirusKo‘rishlar soni 11525‏/2‏/2020
3:33Sen. Rubio slams Bernie Sanders' 'Marxist ideas'
Sen. Rubio slams Bernie Sanders' 'Marxist ideas'Ko‘rishlar soni 4825‏/2‏/2020
4:29Tucker: Global leaders said coronavirus was under control
6:08Sanders condemned for defending Cuba's 'literacy programs'
4:32Rep. Jordan: Fundamental liberties must be protected
Rep. Jordan: Fundamental liberties must be protectedKo‘rishlar soni 8925‏/2‏/2020
2:09Harvey Weinstein hospitalized after guilty verdict
Harvey Weinstein hospitalized after guilty verdictKo‘rishlar soni 15025‏/2‏/2020
1:59Trump, First Lady meet Indian President
Trump, First Lady meet Indian PresidentKo‘rishlar soni 5625‏/2‏/2020
9:05Trump, First Lady wrap up visit to India
Trump, First Lady wrap up visit to IndiaKo‘rishlar soni 18425‏/2‏/2020
46:10Trump holds a press conference in India
Trump holds a press conference in IndiaKo‘rishlar soni 45424‏/2‏/2020
13:38Hannity: Bernie's beyond gross article
Hannity: Bernie's beyond gross articleKo‘rishlar soni 49725‏/2‏/2020
7:52Ingraham: Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monster
Ingraham: Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monsterKo‘rishlar soni 32224‏/2‏/2020
2:12Gowdy: Stop briefing people who continue to leak
Gowdy: Stop briefing people who continue to leakKo‘rishlar soni 12624‏/2‏/2020
9:33Gutfeld on Bernie’s Cuban gaffe
Gutfeld on Bernie’s Cuban gaffeKo‘rishlar soni 46824‏/2‏/2020
2:48Tucker: Coronavirus pandemic is a real fear
Tucker: Coronavirus pandemic is a real fearKo‘rishlar soni 29024‏/2‏/2020
6:39'The Five' reacts to Harvey Weinstein's conviction
'The Five' reacts to Harvey Weinstein's convictionKo‘rishlar soni 38124‏/2‏/2020
11:07Trump arrives at Palam Airbase aboard Air Force One
Trump arrives at Palam Airbase aboard Air Force OneKo‘rishlar soni 12324‏/2‏/2020
12:53Dan Bongino: 'Putin has to be absolutely laughing right now'
7:59Rep. Doug Collins urges Nadler to address FISA abuse
Rep. Doug Collins urges Nadler to address FISA abuseKo‘rishlar soni 14823‏/2‏/2020
3:50Biden claims comeback after 2nd place finish in Nevada
Biden claims comeback after 2nd place finish in NevadaKo‘rishlar soni 11523‏/2‏/2020
8:43Gutfeld: The game has changed and we have Trump to thank
5:45Watters' Words: It's a tough time to be a Democrat
Watters' Words: It's a tough time to be a DemocratKo‘rishlar soni 39723‏/2‏/2020
3:23Bernie wins big in Nevada caucus
Bernie wins big in Nevada caucusKo‘rishlar soni 18622‏/2‏/2020
22:52Bernie Sanders speaks after declaring victory in Nevada
4:09Fox News: Bernie Sanders projected winner in Nevada caucus
5:58Greyhound to ban immigration checks on buses without warrant
2:58Ingraham: Could Nevada be an Iowa repeat?
Ingraham: Could Nevada be an Iowa repeat?Ko‘rishlar soni 26421‏/2‏/2020
6:22Gingrich: Bernie Sanders is the true Democratic Party
Gingrich: Bernie Sanders is the true Democratic PartyKo‘rishlar soni 39321‏/2‏/2020
6:05Tucker: Ruling class incompetence
Tucker: Ruling class incompetenceKo‘rishlar soni 93421‏/2‏/2020
1:43:59Trump holds a 'Keep America Great' rally in Las Vegas
Trump holds a 'Keep America Great' rally in Las VegasKo‘rishlar soni 70821‏/2‏/2020
5:35Ari Fleischer gives Bloomberg these debate tips
Ari Fleischer gives Bloomberg these debate tipsKo‘rishlar soni 17121‏/2‏/2020
3:38Portnoy: Bloomberg got 'absolutely executed' during debate
6:09Ingraham: Why Bloomberg is failing
Ingraham: Why Bloomberg is failingKo‘rishlar soni 67520‏/2‏/2020
3:08Mark Steyn shreds Bloomberg's 'pathetic' debate performance
8:52Tucker: Bloomberg paid to be humiliated
Tucker: Bloomberg paid to be humiliatedKo‘rishlar soni 120‏/2‏/2020
1:38:35Trump holds a 'Keep America Great' rally in Colorado
Trump holds a 'Keep America Great' rally in ColoradoKo‘rishlar soni 84220‏/2‏/2020
8:10Report: Trump upset over Kremlin trying to re-elect him
8:25Gutfeld on the Democratic debate
Gutfeld on the Democratic debateKo‘rishlar soni 78920‏/2‏/2020
1:11:13Trump speaks at ceremony for former prisoners
Trump speaks at ceremony for former prisonersKo‘rishlar soni 27720‏/2‏/2020
3:18Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison
Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prisonKo‘rishlar soni 22620‏/2‏/2020
16:28Bloomberg holds a rally in Utah
Bloomberg holds a rally in UtahKo‘rishlar soni 7320‏/2‏/2020
4:55Meadows: Trump was 'clear winner' of Dem debate in Las Vegas
5:00Pundits call Bloomberg's first Dem debate a 'disaster'
Pundits call Bloomberg's first Dem debate a 'disaster'Ko‘rishlar soni 62120‏/2‏/2020
5:15Ingraham: Obama didn't build that
Ingraham: Obama didn't build thatKo‘rishlar soni 33919‏/2‏/2020
6:20Gohmert calls out 'jealousy and bigotry' of 2020 Democrats
10:42Hannity: Bloomberg thinks he knows everything about farming


  • Thank God for California Representative Devin Nunes for being one of the few true Americans to start fighting back against the demented left. I wish more Representatives from RED states would stop being sissies and get into the fight. It looks like the younger Representatives have more fight then others, perhaps it's because they haven't been bought out yet.

  • He’s completely right about CNN. Unfortunately Fox is equally dumb. That’s why it’s called the CNN of the right.

  • Why doesn't Bernie take that same stance with Trump and acknowledge.

  • I thought it mia at first

  • Yes Californians change their address but not their mind. They a like virus moving to a new host a replicating their leftist culture at the ballot box.

  • Bloomberg 2020 he'll get things done.Trump should be very scared for the fact that he does not have the mental capacity to go head to head with a logical business man which is Mike Bloomberg. Trump only knows arm twisting, bankruptcy and bullying.

  • Imagine thinking cuba is better off after the revolution. How delusional can you be? What a kook. I hope he gets the nomination because that's an easy landslide for Trump.

  • “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet “ -Abraham Lincoln

  • One Thing We Need to Remember is Nobody Will Hand US ANYTHING on a Silver Platter. We Need to do the Heavy Lifting to Reelect Trump "One Hundred Million" Strong!


  • That is the funniest headline that I have ever seen! 🤣 And whoever came up with that is a legendary genius! I salute you!🤚

  • Democratic Socialist??? You IDIOTS at Faux Njews! He’s a bolshevik commie, you jerks...

  • Schumer is a backstreet boys wannabe. Somebody needs to get a handkerchief, he's got political juice dripping all off his face. As for me I'm still in a van living down by the Fresno River 👍✊👌

  • Fear mongering is all they have left to argue with; a very sad comment on the Dummy Crat Party.

  • I live in California, I work in a grocery store. We had the police called over 600 times.........600........ let that sink in.

  • The dems dont follow rules or law so why would they follow the rules of a debate

  • Bloomberg will be elected, simple as that.

  • Don't forget what Bloomberg did stop and frisk the minority people

  • That's a pretty serious analogy... @scoldsore On Twitter Current Location : Miami, FL - Earth

  • 1/ It has to be said: your audio people really really suck!!! Get the levels right, don’t just rely on levels/numbers - use your brains 🧠 and think 🤔 can this be really heard 👂 The Press microphone 🎤 was twice as loud 👍 2/ Trump really benefited from this trip, he was relaxed calm and collective, his Rallies have been incredibly energetic energized, truly lifted and motivated the people - very impressive 👍🇬🇧

  • Is he advocating violence in response to voting for Trump? Seems rather foolish if he is, since his enemies are the ones with guns (for personal protection of course).

  • Aaay girl, lemme see yo jell-o

  • The nose ring? Really?

  • Juan, Hillary KNOWS Russia interfered..or attempted to. She was the one using Russia to help her election, and she's sooo upset that despite her attempt to cheat the election. It didn't work; Trump was elected anyways. It baffles her mind to the point that she definitely feels HE MUST HAVE CHEATED BETTER THAN SHE DID. And, he didnt have to. 4 years in the Clinton WH was all I needed to write her off as a poison apple.

  • Oh please!! Intelligence left the govt a long time ago

  • We The People are not looking to accept the Communist Nation planned by the Democrats.

  • Bloomberg 2020 he'll get things done.Trump should be very scared for the fact that he does not have the mental capacity to go head to head with a logical business man which is Mike Bloomberg. Trump only knows arm twisting, bankruptcy and bullying.

  • Wow, they’re really bricking it. They know his economic populism will appeal to lots of their viewers

  • Juan is still dumb.

  • Juan is DELUSIONAL. Its amazing how stupid he is.

  • The WHO is simular to UN. Worthless.

  • President Trump N E V E R criticized a judge for his race. President Trump criticized that judge for being a dues-paying member of a racist organization...a group called 'The Race.'

  • so are they using the virus to tank the economy before the elections???

  • California has become one big trailer park.

  • Warren and Pete are annoying with theirniver talking. Trump is the only only I've seen who canmpull that off. Biden tried but failed miserably. Amy pa ders to the females. Fail.

  • Biden caused me to believe the purge hit Dayton Ohio 😆 better than Orson Welles 😆

  • As soon as they start to interrupt eachother I ALWAYS quit watching their video. I urge all to start doing this.

  • Love the headline. So true.

  • So they only care about their power and their party nothing to offer to American people. China, Cuba? Seriously? What are the losers. They are not from this planet. President Trump for 2020!

  • Are there any Democrats left who have an honest bone in their bodies????? We are watching the tyranny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you take out a student loan, you need to pay it back. When your talking about old white men you need to remember that our current President fits into that category and in my humble opinion, will go down as one of America's greatest.

  • ‪I am registered INDEPENDENT. I voted for Obama and then on the fence reluctantly voted for H-2016. It did not take long after President Trumps inauguration for me to realize that he is doing a spectacular job for America. (Google: “Trump Accomplishments” and pick a website to see for your self.) Now, I despise the Democratic Party. I feel I will never vote Democrat again. I support President Trump 1,000%. No Democrat for me in 2020! ‬ ❤️🇺🇸👍 VOTE TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸👍❤️

  • is there something on tomi's nose? in the thumbnail i thought she got a noise ring and was shook! queen

  • Kellyanne looking smokin'

  • Give Bernie a bullet and everyone that would vote for him!!!!

  • 🇺🇸🇳🇴 American Vikings for Trump 🇺🇸

  • This is a man who has also declared that Mayors are the true seat of power. We really need to lock down the illegal voting in this country- the Dems can't continuously claim Trump is being assisted by Russian voter interference out one side of their mouth and then claim illegal immigrants =voting here in the US is a "minor issue". No. Either election interference is bad or... well, no "or", it IS, and it has to stop. We have PINs and passwords and security questions for emails and banking, we can come up with a security system to stop undocumented people from voting. Or dead people. Or people voting multiple times. Or ballot harvesting...

  • Go check out Jericho Greene,he will tell you what's happening.he's pretty funny too🍻

  • Bernie a big difference between Education and Indoctrination!!!

  • Introducing the next California senator. Never had a job!

  • lol, that's what you get Democrats for sowing all that SJW Identity Politics hate.

  • Biden seem to have early stages of dementia....

  • mini mike doomberg, he bought the Do Nothing Democrat party. doomberg got "Nothing" for his money. I guess that is why he felt compelled to run for president, since he is running "Nothing!"

  • Wow they attack Trump for requesting money for a very real problem. They have been asking for 93 trillion for a fantasy. Hypocrites. Anyone surprised?

  • I had 3 friends who are liberals call/text last night who all said they were embarrassed and will stay home or vote for trump (same outcome). One of them made a great point. They said that all 7 on that stage said they need to stop Pres Trump from changing democracy. Yet ALL of them have openly stated their goal since even before obama has been to fundamentally transform American democracy. They are all 3 tired of the lies

  • American farmers feeding the world, what joke.

  • Cuba’s not communist. Fake news

  • If she thought that was bad just wait till Trump debates Bernie. Trump can barely string together a sentence. Since his medical emergency he’s been going downhill fast. As angry and triggered as Trump gets it’ll be a feat just to SURVIVE the debates.

  • Descendant of fascists, or fascist supporters, who preferred the Batista dictatorship and rampant crime bosses, just like the US government did.

  • gonna loose

  • All Demoncrates out

  • How easy it is to forget the Republican 2016 primary.

  • They're all trying to rearrange the deck chairs on the Democrat Party Titanic. Trump 2Q2Q

    • Bloomberg 2020 he'll get things done.Trump should be very scared for the fact that he does not have the mental capacity to go head to head with a logical business man which is Mike Bloomberg. Trump only knows arm twisting, bankruptcy and bullying.

  • Your a Russian spy. Lol. Classic line.

  • trump 2020

  • Media trying to tell us Biden won. What a joke. The best thing of this is this is the best the DemoCRAPS have,

  • Black democrat voters are the dumbest people on the planet. Why can't they see that those democrat politicians want to keep them poor, stupid and dependent on Massa Gov'ment?

  • Aaand Yes, We have a Winner !! : A Very Old white antique male Marxist socialist corrupt millionaire hypocrite Russian asset and top-secret Communist-spy Sanders with Cholesterol over-clogged post heart-attack arteries and 35 trillion $$$ on Medicare for all, 55 trillion on green deal, free school, free loans, free everything....Yep the dimcrats have gone full tilt.. silly hypocrites....Diversity much.....LOL!!! "The goal of Socialism is Communism." - Vladimir Lenin and there is no doubt Bernie heads that way !!! Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev said: "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism,...and turn their grandchildren into Marxist socialists....Bernie praised this, shirtless and plastered among other communists in the old soviet, -that also went belly up, together with Mao's china, Laos, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, North Korea, Bolivia, East Germany etc etc.....ALL OF THEM WENT BELLY UP !!!

  • Because 1000 a month for free is what we need. Yup fixes all problems. .

  • What's the problem, horseface? trumpy says it's going to go away.

  • Tomi Lahren is a fox. I'd eat the peanuts out of her M&Ms....

  • Now we will see exactly what these F em A camps are for.

  • giving calif. back to mexico

  • "A nursing home cafeteria that's run out of Jello." Epic!

  • What a Geriatric Cluster [email protected]!!!

  • Now he has been found guilty Hollywood should keep its virtue signalling mouth shut ,none of these pigs said anything till now .

  • None of them are real good pals with Putin

  • I keep waiting for one of the Dumb-o-crats to say, “Oh ya, well your momma wears combat boots”. What a bunch of children.

  • God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus Christ is our living Lord and Savior and the Son of God. Amen

  • Is Tomi still PRO CHOICE 🤔 I stand with her on that! Trump is ANTI ABORTION nowadays so we probably won't see Tomi at the white house anytime soon 😎

  • Let's go Bernie you are the man

  • I’m voting for who ever will forgive my student loan debt 🙃

  • We have free healthcare, free school and 1,521.22 EUR per month minimum wage over here in Europe. Don't listen to the Gutfields,. They just don't want to pay a tiny little bit of extra tax. Rise up people, this isn't a quesiton of free stuff, it's a question of fairness .

  • Fact check those investing in private prisons. For profit means manufacturing prisoners for stock holders and Board members. Invest in your future privatized prisons 👍

  • Not the jell-o Tequila shots. Trump 2020

  • I thought Tomi retired... just from UZtorrent? Sure miss her smile

  • HRC does NOT truly believe Russia interfered, she just knows that if you say something enough times some people will eventually believe you. She's a con-man selling bad mojo.

  • They are utterly insane, what a mess. How anyone can support these, just wow!

  • Free stuff . Are people that gullible they really think something is free?! Idiots

  • Geraldo should retire.. Juan Williams 2.0

  • There isn't a whole lot of substance in Trumps words...he just says "Tremendous", "Incredible" and "Billions" a lot...

  • No, he said that the literacy program was a good thing that a bad government did. Interesting to see who the right wing propagandists want you to fear though. Watching Hannity will make you dumber, you should watch something else.

  • Tomi does a great job. Knows what she's talking about. I do find the nose ring a distraction.

  • I come here daily to read all the racist white folks comments lol

    • This lady talking looks like a dude.

  • President Trump just came to India for 36 hours and wowed everyone even the media.

  • Globalist on display

  • Love Candace! Keep bringing her on FOX and any where else she is needed! Buying her book.

  • I had a fever last week.....and I'll never forgive Trump for giving that to me

  • And the people who voted for the DOMONRAT/SOCIALIST/COMMIES are moving to red states and voting for the same SCHIFF that ruined the state the left.

  • Haha hahahahaha!!!!!!! Tommy is the next best political comic!!