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5:35True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friends
True Facts: Leafhoppers and FriendsKo‘rishlar soni 1.5 mln12 kun oldin
3:51Dogs In Therapy
Dogs In TherapyKo‘rishlar soni 437 ming23 kun oldin
3:44True Facts : The Sand Bubbler Crab
True Facts : The Sand Bubbler CrabKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mlnOy oldin
3:24Cats In Therapy
Cats In TherapyKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mlnOy oldin
6:46True Facts: The Ogre Faced Spider
True Facts: The Ogre Faced SpiderKo‘rishlar soni 2.3 mlnOy oldin
3:40True Facts: The Bolas Spider
True Facts: The Bolas SpiderKo‘rishlar soni 3.2 mln8 oy oldin
5:55True Facts: The Lemur
True Facts: The LemurKo‘rishlar soni 2.2 mln9 oy oldin
10:46True Facts : Carnivorous Dragonflies
True Facts : Carnivorous DragonfliesKo‘rishlar soni 4 mlnYil oldin
9:36True Facts: Bobbit Worm and Polychaete Pals
True Facts: Bobbit Worm and Polychaete PalsKo‘rishlar soni 4 mlnYil oldin
7:25True Facts : Pangolins Posse
True Facts : Pangolins PosseKo‘rishlar soni 3.8 mlnYil oldin
5:18True Facts : Ant Mutualism
True Facts : Ant MutualismKo‘rishlar soni 3.1 mlnYil oldin
4:58True Facts : Carnivorous Plants
True Facts : Carnivorous PlantsKo‘rishlar soni 9 mlnYil oldin
3:13True Facts: Frog Fish
True Facts: Frog FishKo‘rishlar soni 3.7 mlnYil oldin
2:52Guide To Candy Trading
Guide To Candy TradingKo‘rishlar soni 4.2 mln5 yil oldin
6:45True Facts About Marsupials
True Facts About MarsupialsKo‘rishlar soni 11 mln5 yil oldin
6:14True Facts About The Octopus
True Facts About The OctopusKo‘rishlar soni 13 mln5 yil oldin
3:13Why Trust Is Worth It
Why Trust Is Worth ItKo‘rishlar soni 3.6 mln5 yil oldin
4:10True Facts About The Armadillo
True Facts About The ArmadilloKo‘rishlar soni 8 mln5 yil oldin
3:13If you are in a shell...
If you are in a shell...Ko‘rishlar soni 3.5 mln5 yil oldin
2:29Thanksgiving Etiquette
Thanksgiving EtiquetteKo‘rishlar soni 5 mln6 yil oldin
4:50True Facts About The CuttleFish
True Facts About The CuttleFishKo‘rishlar soni 12 mln6 yil oldin
4:04True Facts About The Frog
True Facts About The FrogKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln6 yil oldin
1:55Fitting In Cardboard
Fitting In CardboardKo‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln6 yil oldin
4:21True Facts About The Owl
True Facts About The OwlKo‘rishlar soni 17 mln6 yil oldin
1:31A Song For Freud (about dicks...)
A Song For Freud (about dicks...)Ko‘rishlar soni 963 ming6 yil oldin
4:01True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp
True Facts About The Mantis ShrimpKo‘rishlar soni 13 mln6 yil oldin
2:45The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)
The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)Ko‘rishlar soni 8 mln6 yil oldin
3:49Sad Dog Diary
Sad Dog DiaryKo‘rishlar soni 18 mln6 yil oldin
3:34Human Test Volume 3 :: Love & Loss
Human Test Volume 3 :: Love & LossKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln6 yil oldin
3:14True Facts About The Aye Aye
True Facts About The Aye AyeKo‘rishlar soni 8 mln6 yil oldin
3:21Sad Cat Diary
Sad Cat DiaryKo‘rishlar soni 29 mln6 yil oldin
3:59True Facts About The Tapir
True Facts About The TapirKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln6 yil oldin
2:49Teddy Has An Operation
Teddy Has An OperationKo‘rishlar soni 38 mln6 yil oldin
2:23What Too Send Too GrammarPolice
What Too Send Too GrammarPoliceKo‘rishlar soni 988 ming6 yil oldin
3:13True Facts About The Duck
True Facts About The DuckKo‘rishlar soni 10 mln6 yil oldin
3:27True Facts About The Sea Pig
True Facts About The Sea PigKo‘rishlar soni 11 mln6 yil oldin
1:47Anus Writes A Letter
Anus Writes A LetterKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln6 yil oldin
1:56True Facts About The Hedgehog (Redo)
True Facts About The Hedgehog (Redo)Ko‘rishlar soni 6 mln6 yil oldin
2:46Critique of "Monkey Farter"
Critique of "Monkey Farter"Ko‘rishlar soni 540 ming6 yil oldin
3:05True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat
True Facts About The Naked Mole RatKo‘rishlar soni 4.5 mln6 yil oldin
0:58Carrot Hugs
Carrot HugsKo‘rishlar soni 823 ming6 yil oldin
2:20What's on Your HappyList?
What's on Your HappyList?Ko‘rishlar soni 650 ming6 yil oldin
2:36True Facts About The Dung Beetle
True Facts About The Dung BeetleKo‘rishlar soni 7 mln6 yil oldin
1:16Find The Others
Find The OthersKo‘rishlar soni 289 ming6 yil oldin
2:52The Human Test (Volume 2)
The Human Test (Volume 2)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln6 yil oldin
4:01Don't Yuck My Yum (ashow)
Don't Yuck My Yum (ashow)Ko‘rishlar soni 277 ming6 yil oldin
2:47True Facts About The Fruit Bat
True Facts About The Fruit BatKo‘rishlar soni 7 mln6 yil oldin
1:33Tough Love
Tough LoveKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln6 yil oldin
3:31True Facts About The Chameleon
True Facts About The ChameleonKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln6 yil oldin
2:46Take The Human Test (Volume 1)
Take The Human Test (Volume 1)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln6 yil oldin
3:06True Facts About The Mantis
True Facts About The MantisKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln6 yil oldin
5:40How To Fight As a Couple
How To Fight As a CoupleKo‘rishlar soni 601 ming6 yil oldin
2:37True Facts About The Land Snail
True Facts About The Land SnailKo‘rishlar soni 7 mln6 yil oldin
2:48Be Brave
Be BraveKo‘rishlar soni 240 ming6 yil oldin
2:08Superbowl Explained (From 2006)
Superbowl Explained (From 2006)Ko‘rishlar soni 193 ming6 yil oldin
2:27True Facts About The Leaf Katydid
True Facts About The Leaf KatydidKo‘rishlar soni 4.4 mln6 yil oldin
2:47What Do You Love About Your Father?
What Do You Love About Your Father?Ko‘rishlar soni 115 ming6 yil oldin
2:15True Facts About The Tarsier
True Facts About The TarsierKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln6 yil oldin
4:32Hard F#$@ng Work
Hard F#[email protected] WorkKo‘rishlar soni 307 ming6 yil oldin
2:31True Facts About The Seahorse
True Facts About The SeahorseKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln6 yil oldin
EnvyKo‘rishlar soni 117 ming6 yil oldin
2:07True Facts About Morgan Freeman
True Facts About Morgan FreemanKo‘rishlar soni 12 mln6 yil oldin
3:32Kindness Dammit
Kindness DammitKo‘rishlar soni 353 ming6 yil oldin
2:43Bag of Snot
Bag of SnotKo‘rishlar soni 116 ming6 yil oldin
2:20True Facts About Sloths
True Facts About SlothsKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln6 yil oldin
2:00True Facts About The Angler Fish
True Facts About The Angler FishKo‘rishlar soni 21 mln6 yil oldin
3:23Life Rhythm
Life RhythmKo‘rishlar soni 177 ming7 yil oldin
3:56Dealing with Rejection
Dealing with RejectionKo‘rishlar soni 291 ming7 yil oldin
1:35True Facts About Baby Echidnas
True Facts About Baby EchidnasKo‘rishlar soni 10 mln7 yil oldin
5:08Songs About Us
Songs About UsKo‘rishlar soni 91 ming7 yil oldin
3:19Why Do You Like Where You Live?
Why Do You Like Where You Live?Ko‘rishlar soni 240 ming7 yil oldin
MuseumKo‘rishlar soni 101 ming7 yil oldin
4:10Thank You
Thank YouKo‘rishlar soni 102 ming7 yil oldin
3:50228 Bees
228 BeesKo‘rishlar soni 139 ming7 yil oldin
4:23Crushing Words
Crushing WordsKo‘rishlar soni 304 ming7 yil oldin
3:32Hack To Power, Brian
Hack To Power, BrianKo‘rishlar soni 114 ming7 yil oldin
ElectionKo‘rishlar soni 84 ming7 yil oldin
3:02Notes on Friendship
Notes on FriendshipKo‘rishlar soni 438 ming7 yil oldin
5:09The Final Debate Finally
The Final Debate FinallyKo‘rishlar soni 156 ming7 yil oldin
4:08HR Violation
HR ViolationKo‘rishlar soni 141 ming7 yil oldin
4:45Very Important Notes on The Second Debate
Very Important Notes on The Second DebateKo‘rishlar soni 122 ming7 yil oldin
InternKo‘rishlar soni 79 ming7 yil oldin
3:16VP Debateness
VP DebatenessKo‘rishlar soni 104 ming7 yil oldin
SoundzKo‘rishlar soni 104 ming7 yil oldin
4:42Getting Better
Getting BetterKo‘rishlar soni 143 ming7 yil oldin
RawKo‘rishlar soni 79 ming7 yil oldin
3:26Oddly Day
Oddly DayKo‘rishlar soni 96 ming7 yil oldin
3:392601 People Wrote This Song
2601 People Wrote This SongKo‘rishlar soni 209 ming7 yil oldin
4:07Sex Questions
Sex QuestionsKo‘rishlar soni 291 ming7 yil oldin
ShameKo‘rishlar soni 129 ming7 yil oldin
Shuttle...Ko‘rishlar soni 88 ming7 yil oldin
4:55Good Books
Good BooksKo‘rishlar soni 183 ming7 yil oldin
3:57The Sweetness
The SweetnessKo‘rishlar soni 174 ming7 yil oldin
ShortSmallSweetKo‘rishlar soni 59 ming7 yil oldin
4:15Self Soothing
Self SoothingKo‘rishlar soni 166 ming7 yil oldin
OverthinkKo‘rishlar soni 270 ming7 yil oldin
AwkwardKo‘rishlar soni 205 ming7 yil oldin
4:22The Tongue Show
The Tongue ShowKo‘rishlar soni 81 ming7 yil oldin
4:13On Leaving
On LeavingKo‘rishlar soni 146 ming7 yil oldin
ProjectorKo‘rishlar soni 92 ming7 yil oldin
BegendingsKo‘rishlar soni 117 ming7 yil oldin


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  • I am a high school biology teacher and I must say this is awesome. Not only do I l love thorn bugs but the narration is so unexpected and silly while also informative that is borders on being...dare i say...classic. Well done.

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  • We need some facts about Opossums


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