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The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on UZtorrent. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment.
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39:29Gordon Ramsay Served A Pomegranate Risotto | Kitchen Nightmares
3:51"I Feel Like I'm On The Titanic" | Kitchen Nightmares
"I Feel Like I'm On The Titanic" | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 529 ming21 kun oldin
3:05Gordon Struggles To Eat A GIANT Sandwich | Kitchen Nightmares
3:58Head Chef Refuses To Cook | Kitchen Nightmares
Head Chef Refuses To Cook | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mlnOy oldin
3:59Restaurant Serves WARM Oysters | Kitchen Nightmares
3:59Chef Finishes Gordon Ramsay's Food | Kitchen Nightmares
4:01Chefs Spit Out Their Own Food | Kitchen Nightmares
Chefs Spit Out Their Own Food | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 321 ming2 oy oldin
4:00"YOU'LL KILL SOMEONE" | Kitchen Nightmares
"YOU'LL KILL SOMEONE" | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 587 ming2 oy oldin
3:29Customers Can't Eat ANY Of Their Food | Kitchen Nightmares
3:41"That's Drier Than The Nevada Desert" | Kitchen Nightmares
3:52The Worst Introduction On Kitchen Nightmares?
The Worst Introduction On Kitchen Nightmares?Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln3 oy oldin
3:49Gordon Ramsay Spits Out Disgusting Fish | Kitchen Nightmares
3:05Restaurant Uses Old, Smelly Chicken | Kitchen Nightmares
3:04Fight Almost Breaks Out During Service | Kitchen Nightmares
3:54Gordon Ramsay Finds A LETHAL Mistake | Kitchen Nightmares
4:00Gordon Ramsay Finds A Fly In His Food | Kitchen Nightmares
13:08Most Shocking Discoveries On Kitchen Nightmares
Most Shocking Discoveries On Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 3.5 mln7 oy oldin
4:37Gordon Ramsay Confused Over Awful Menu | Kitchen Nightmares
3:20Even The Waiter Hates The Food | Kitchen Nightmares
Even The Waiter Hates The Food | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln8 oy oldin
5:06"Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" | Kitchen Nightmares
9:44The BEST Of The Waiters & Waitresses On Kitchen Nightmares
5:51"It Looks Like A Camel's Turd" | Kitchen Nightmares
"It Looks Like A Camel's Turd" | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 789 ming9 oy oldin
24:33Top 5 WORST First Impressions | Kitchen Nightmares
Top 5 WORST First Impressions | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 3.6 mln9 oy oldin
4:39"That's Like Baby Food Inside Gunk" | Kitchen Nightmares
5:01Customer Finds A ROCK IN HER FOOD | Kitchen Nightmares
1:00:45ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay Hating On Food
ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay Hating On FoodKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln10 oy oldin
5:22Nino's Gets A Makeover | Kitchen Nightmares
Nino's Gets A Makeover | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 665 ming11 oy oldin
17:29The WORST Steaks Served On Kitchen Nightmares
The WORST Steaks Served On Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 12 mlnYil oldin
7:43"That Tastes 54 Years Old" | Kitchen Nightmares
"That Tastes 54 Years Old" | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln11 oy oldin
13:12The WORST Pizzas Served On Kitchen Nightmares
The WORST Pizzas Served On Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 20 mlnYil oldin
25:24"Our Food Isn't That Bad" | Kitchen Nightmares
"Our Food Isn't That Bad" | Kitchen NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 6 mlnYil oldin


  • 0:52

  • the quotations at "award winning" meatloaf has me hollering

  • “Jeez, it’s like soaking wet newspaper” 2 seconds later “It’s so dry”

  • Looks good to me

  • She looks like a blonde Momo

  • no one: gordon: look at that,

  • I tried so hard not to say burger king foot lettuce

  • She looks like a blonde Momo lol

  • What if I want my burger raw? Gordon: "look at this! It's fucking well done!! We need it RRAAAAAW!!!"

  • My boss fires people like this too

  • She is obviously a lesbian.

  • Chef: go follow your mom Daughter: gO FoLlOw YoUr mOM Calm down😂🤣

  • 7:56 the chef looks like a Veggie Tale 🤣🤣

  • Why are bad chefs ALWAYS so egotistical? Is it a requirement to be a bad chef?

  • *eats the entire meal and gets memory’s from his mum cooking him*

  • She fires customers? Bet she also fired that lamb sauce Gordon so desperately wants..

  • That at the end....was pathetic. >_>

  • Black girl gotta be my best friend

  • Dumbest woman ive ever seen on any youtube video, reality show, and even in just my life. Good job ramsey. Cant help people that DONT want help

  • Is incredible how easy life can be if some people were eliminated, like how easy and better that family life could have been if Nino were dead. You always need to avoid toxic people in order to succeed.

  • Lol she got him good!😂😂

  • Meow meow meow ... he is jealous of my balls hahaha

  • He looks like my shar-pei and jerks around like he is high. What gives?

  • honestly i agree with ramsay its a Zero not a HERO thats obvi

  • 22:11 Mmm Very sweet tastes like his C🐓ck

  • "He's supposed to help me not tell me nothing's good" Then how is he supposed to help you? Also how is he supposed to kiss your stars if you have none?

  • Gordon being savage truth as always!!!!!!

  • Spanish please,🙏

  • It got kinda dark at the end there...

  • Plot twist : They didn't get along fine


  • I hate that he’s ok touching all that shit lol I’d never stick my hand in some of the things I’ve seen him stick his hand in lol

  • As if you would serve yesterdays wings to Chef Ramsay🤦‍♂️🤨

  • "I'm not sitting, I'm standing"

  • I'm sick of watching him

  • 0:07 Open your mouth and speak, Ashley.

  • If you serve a vegetarian something with meat, does it kill them?

  • 4:58 You just know food truly sucks if even prayer can't cure it

  • Somebody give the cameraman an Oscar

  • Is that Ramen on the side 😶

  • I understand where Gordon is coming from but at the same time, it's not easy to criticize your boss to their face. Even doing it in the most polite and respectful way possible, to a boss like her, you could easily get canned. Some may say that's good, you can do better and who needs to work for someone like that. Well, sometimes you don't have the luxury to be jobless without knowing when you'll find another job to pay your bills because you are living pay check to pay check. Sometimes you just have to bide your time until you can find another job.

  • So, did joe go to Gordon's restaurant for that tender elk?

  • I would vomit.

  • Its a known fact, everybody dyes their tuna. Even the fisheries do it.

  • "Im proud of my meat balls"

  • 4:44 Lady: I hope he likes it :( Gordon: Mmm *fOkin hell* Lol

  • 1st the fish is too dry for him then it's too soggy. Make up your Goddamn mind. THEN he gives the manager shit for using the waitress as a messenger while he uses her to send messages to the manager himself. Hypocrite. Fuck Ramsey. Drama Queen. I swear these shows are all fake.

  • I like when he gets mad on kitchen nightmares

  • Gordan should of left and leave them most of the food looked ok to me

  • Lauren.... If you need a new dude...lmk. I got you.

  • Gordan Ramsay needs to eat out of a septic tank

  • The menu sounds like it was written by a French guy who knows a little bit of English.

  • 86 NANIII??!!!

  • I feel so bad for the woman in the middle of the group at the end I bet she never did anything

  • “They put a ranch dressing on a pizza?” Me: 😶...😐...😏

  • The pork bone in the tomato sauce hits too close to home. I went to a restaurant and asked for nut free dessert, they gave me ice cream with hazlenuts in it in the original packaging where it says there's hazlenuts in it. When I told them I'm feeling sick, they started telling me how I couldn't sue them. I was fucking 13 at the time and I'll never forget that, fuck these guys.

  • Totally full of bull shit and a complete moron

  • Pepppers😂

  • That thumb nail made me want to gag ngl

  • Nice food! One thing i could change is for you to shut up Basically what Gordon wants

  • So that used to be Lil Wayne's day job

  • Love when his voice cracks out of anger

  • Gordon: “ohh my god!” *acts happy* Also Gordon: “eww”

  • This old guy taking tips from servers is a dick move

  • What is it with america and their cheese obsession?

  • Are they even listening the words coming out of their mouths ???

  • Why is amy literally Taylor Swift's jealous sister

  • 13:12. Boi looks like the gang leader shark from shark tale

  • Reminds me of Ratatoullie :)

  • 3:00

  • Gordon: _Negative Comment_ Editor: ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) 👉🎵

  • Wtf was that?!?! I managed a restaurant on the river by new orleans. For someone to send a steak out the Ramsey or ANYONE like that should be shot just like you need to still shoot your steak to kill the animal.... Wtf !

  • "Is it undercooked?" Chef: "I don't know" Wtf 😐😩

  • the first waitress is adorable

  • Gordon’s mom: Stop picking at your food Gordan: it’s so oily and, oh gal god it RAW, RAWWWWW.

  • She protecc, She attacc, But most importantly, If it ain't medium-rare it's not her kind of snacc.

  • Lmaooo they're gonna kick her ass when he leaves 😭

  • Man, I love that sous chef.

  • "its not a hero its zero" HE MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO SAY VILLIAN

  • Miso soups makes me so horny

  • They're called coloured greens. We don't call them collared people. That's offensive -Michael Scott.

  • Using wagyu for a burger is pointless, you can have any amount of fat in a mince you want if you grind your own with different cuts of beef.

  • Yuks!!

  • Funny thing: most of the time fresh seafood is preferable to frozen, but not with shrimp. That's because there's really no such thing as "fresh" shrimp. Shrimp are frozen right on the boat immediately after being caught. If you buy "fresh" shrimp, that just means your fishmonger thawed them out for you. I'm surprised Ramsey didn't know that.

  • Ok boomer

  • """ Italian """" restaurant I Guess, i Hope not, I am an italian guy, if It Is an italian restaurant, It should be called " raped italian cooking".

  • You thought this was a comment about the owner..... BUT IT WAS ME, NINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • 1:24 Not THAT system 🙁

  • I mean the Chef girl is freaking hot 😍😍

  • gordon: i just found a disgusting grey hair waitress with grey hair walks over

  • *You're so undeniable you need, NINOOOOOOOOOO*

  • 🤣 never trust a skinny chef eh? THIS skinny chef says never trust a fat lazy chef 👍

  • He's proud of his meatballs

  • Why the fuck this guy should check some foods , they are not that bad , if they were , no one would buy , he is just actor for his shitty program

  • “He’s British he doesn’t know anything about pizza”

  • At least Chinese restaurants are better than these.

  • "cheff" forgot that it's 'Grilled *CHICKEN* Caesar Salad'

  • im really happy everyone knows this guy is a fucking idiotic dumbass

  • No Offence to Gordon but he’s pretty rude