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Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based UZtorrent channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.
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8:59Coke & Butane = Slow Motion Rockets - The Slow Mo Guys 4K
15:59We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys
10:38Spinning a Million Sparks  - The Slow Mo Guys 4K
Spinning a Million Sparks - The Slow Mo Guys 4KKo‘rishlar soni 2.6 mln2 oy oldin
13:49Filming Inside a Slow Motion Vortex - The Slow Mo Guys
9:27Planet Slow Mo Outtakes
Planet Slow Mo OuttakesKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln8 oy oldin
7:37Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow Mo
Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln8 oy oldin
10:06How to avoid a Backdraft
How to avoid a BackdraftKo‘rishlar soni 1.8 mln8 oy oldin
11:144K Slow Motion Backdraft
4K Slow Motion BackdraftKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln8 oy oldin
10:49How do you film the Speed of Light?
How do you film the Speed of Light?Ko‘rishlar soni 7 mln8 oy oldin
13:06Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPS
Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPSKo‘rishlar soni 14 mln8 oy oldin
8:38Human Speed vs Animal Speed
Human Speed vs Animal SpeedKo‘rishlar soni 4.3 mln8 oy oldin
9:25Fast Reptiles in Slow Mo
Fast Reptiles in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 4.6 mln8 oy oldin
11:23Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert
Kicked by a Taekwondo ExpertKo‘rishlar soni 2.3 mln9 oy oldin
12:09Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion
Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 3.8 mln9 oy oldin
11:23Van de Graaff Generator in Slow Motion
Van de Graaff Generator in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 2.8 mln9 oy oldin
10:05Lightning Strike at 103,000 FPS
Lightning Strike at 103,000 FPSKo‘rishlar soni 8 mln9 oy oldin
8:58How to Drive a Tank
How to Drive a TankKo‘rishlar soni 2.6 mln9 oy oldin
16:46WWII Tanks Firing in Slow Motion
WWII Tanks Firing in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln9 oy oldin
7:37How Fast Can a Hummingbird Flap?
How Fast Can a Hummingbird Flap?Ko‘rishlar soni 3.7 mln10 oy oldin
9:03Super Slow Motion Birds
Super Slow Motion BirdsKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln9 oy oldin
9:32Visualising Frequencies in Slow Mo
Visualising Frequencies in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 4.2 mln10 oy oldin
9:5290 ft. Vertical Spike Wave in Slow Mo
90 ft. Vertical Spike Wave in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 11 mln9 oy oldin
6:05Catching a Mid-Air Fish
Catching a Mid-Air FishKo‘rishlar soni 2.7 mln10 oy oldin
10:10Flying Fish to the Face in Slow Motion
Flying Fish to the Face in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 mln9 oy oldin
7:49Slow Mo Aerodynamics
Slow Mo AerodynamicsKo‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln10 oy oldin
12:10Opening a Condom in a Wind Tunnel
Opening a Condom in a Wind TunnelKo‘rishlar soni 10 mln10 oy oldin
6:54Thermal View of a Geyser
Thermal View of a GeyserKo‘rishlar soni 2.3 mln10 oy oldin
11:47Iceland’s Geyser in 4k Slow Mo
Iceland’s Geyser in 4k Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 4.9 mln10 oy oldin
0:52Planet Slow Mo - Official Trailer
Planet Slow Mo - Official TrailerKo‘rishlar soni 561 ming10 oy oldin
8:16Macro Pupil Constricting in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
9:49How fast does glass crack? - The Slow Mo Guys
How fast does glass crack? - The Slow Mo GuysKo‘rishlar soni 10 mln11 oy oldin
8:14Rainbow Jelly Tennis - The Slow Mo Guys
Rainbow Jelly Tennis - The Slow Mo GuysKo‘rishlar soni 1.6 mlnYil oldin
11:47Firing a 2 inch Gun at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys
6:52Electric Face Puncher in Slow Motion  - The Slow Mo Guys
12:48Rainbow Paint on a Speaker - 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys
6:01Super Slow Show Outtakes - Bonus Clip
Super Slow Show Outtakes - Bonus ClipKo‘rishlar soni 1 mlnYil oldin
3:54Detcord Underwater in Slow Mo
Detcord Underwater in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 917 mingYil oldin
4:50Exploding House in Slow Mo
Exploding House in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mlnYil oldin
5:49Exploding Sand Castles
Exploding Sand CastlesKo‘rishlar soni 1.3 mlnYil oldin
6:31Exploding Fruit in 4K
Exploding Fruit in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 854 mingYil oldin
3:40Tour of Destruction
Tour of DestructionKo‘rishlar soni 917 mingYil oldin
5:59Bike on Water in Slow Mo
Bike on Water in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 1.6 mlnYil oldin
7:51Dropping a Car from a Crane
Dropping a Car from a CraneKo‘rishlar soni 2.1 mlnYil oldin
9:45Moving Truck vs Low Bridge in Slow Mo
Moving Truck vs Low Bridge in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 2.4 mlnYil oldin
8:23Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo
Head on Car Crash in Slow MoKo‘rishlar soni 2 mlnYil oldin
6:27Giant Weather Balloons
Giant Weather BalloonsKo‘rishlar soni 1.8 mlnYil oldin
3:43Slow Mo 4K Kittens
Slow Mo 4K KittensKo‘rishlar soni 1.8 mlnYil oldin
6:10Airbag Explosion in 4K
Airbag Explosion in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 968 mingYil oldin
8:52Giant Balloon Pose Off
Giant Balloon Pose OffKo‘rishlar soni 1.8 mlnYil oldin
7:54Paint Drill
Paint DrillKo‘rishlar soni 2.1 mlnYil oldin
4:32360 Degree Fireball
360 Degree FireballKo‘rishlar soni 1 mlnYil oldin
1:50Card Throwing Speed Test
Card Throwing Speed TestKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 mlnYil oldin
8:21Paintball Shotgun in 4K
Paintball Shotgun in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mlnYil oldin
5:56Catapult Skeet Shoot
Catapult Skeet ShootKo‘rishlar soni 891 mingYil oldin
6:41Bear Trap Power
Bear Trap PowerKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 mlnYil oldin
9:07Painting with Bullets in Slow Motion
Painting with Bullets in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mlnYil oldin
3:08More Catapult - Bonus Clip
More Catapult - Bonus ClipKo‘rishlar soni 1 mlnYil oldin
7:10Ice Sculpture Explosion
Ice Sculpture ExplosionKo‘rishlar soni 2.1 mlnYil oldin
7:40Paint Cannon Salute in 4K
Paint Cannon Salute in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 1 mlnYil oldin
6:56Catapult Launch
Catapult LaunchKo‘rishlar soni 1.3 mlnYil oldin
5:01Paint Blast Portrait in 4K
Paint Blast Portrait in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 1.3 mlnYil oldin
7:41Dan has an accident
Dan has an accidentKo‘rishlar soni 2.1 mlnYil oldin
6:58Fruit Stand Smash
Fruit Stand SmashKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mlnYil oldin
7:35World's Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion
World's Biggest Jelly in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 4 mlnYil oldin
6:55Fruit vs Fruit
Fruit vs FruitKo‘rishlar soni 2.9 mlnYil oldin
6:57One Second Salad in 4K
One Second Salad in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 2.1 mlnYil oldin
4:12Fastest Clapper in The World - Bonus Clip
Fastest Clapper in The World - Bonus ClipKo‘rishlar soni 4.2 mlnYil oldin
8:40Det Cord Shockwaves in 4K
Det Cord Shockwaves in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 4.3 mlnYil oldin
9:12Fastest People in Slow Motion
Fastest People in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 26 mlnYil oldin
5:08Splitting Bullets in 4K
Splitting Bullets in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 11 mlnYil oldin
5:43Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow Motion
Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 23 mlnYil oldin
2:24Slicing Rubber Band Ball - Bonus Clip
Slicing Rubber Band Ball - Bonus ClipKo‘rishlar soni 2.9 mlnYil oldin
7:18Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4K
Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 9 mlnYil oldin
6:47Dropping a Living Room
Dropping a Living RoomKo‘rishlar soni 2.9 mlnYil oldin
8:08Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4k
Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4kKo‘rishlar soni 4 mlnYil oldin
6:29Crane Drop in Slow Motion
Crane Drop in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 1.9 mlnYil oldin
2:56Fire Hose in 4k - Bonus Clip
Fire Hose in 4k - Bonus ClipKo‘rishlar soni 1.5 mlnYil oldin
9:09Slow Mo Belly Flop
Slow Mo Belly FlopKo‘rishlar soni 4.4 mlnYil oldin
6:17Tidal Wave
Tidal WaveKo‘rishlar soni 1.7 mlnYil oldin
6:57Water Jet Hamster Ball
Water Jet Hamster BallKo‘rishlar soni 2 mlnYil oldin
5:06Under pressure in 4K
Under pressure in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 3.5 mlnYil oldin
7:19Lucha Wrestling in 4K
Lucha Wrestling in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 1.6 mlnYil oldin
6:29Tony Hawk Ramping Things Up
Tony Hawk Ramping Things UpKo‘rishlar soni 1.8 mlnYil oldin
6:21Kevin Durant Walks On Air in Slow Motion
Kevin Durant Walks On Air in Slow MotionKo‘rishlar soni 4.1 mlnYil oldin
8:03Sumo Wrestling in 4K
Sumo Wrestling in 4KKo‘rishlar soni 2.8 mlnYil oldin
3:57Magnet Smash in 4K - Bonus
Magnet Smash in 4K - BonusKo‘rishlar soni 2.3 mlnYil oldin
8:08Magnet Smash in 4k
Magnet Smash in 4kKo‘rishlar soni 4.9 mlnYil oldin
4:05Sniping a Slow Motion Camera - The Slow Mo Guys
Sniping a Slow Motion Camera - The Slow Mo GuysKo‘rishlar soni 4.3 mlnYil oldin
11:39How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo GuysKo‘rishlar soni 31 mlnYil oldin


  • Now do the same with a mirrorless camera

  • 1:26 Me drinking while the teacher is talking 1:33 Me when hearing teacher say homework in weekends

  • Are you two brothers

  • Shot gun

  • Look at 3:04 at the small piece of wood how is moving when it touches his foot,isn't that odd?

  • You looked like young Bill Murray in Caddyshack.

  • que hace pablo motos en este canal?

  • Shaolin monks lie. People who create video titles lie too. Some people even lie about the meaning of the word "through".

  • Русские отзовитесь!

  • One thing is unclear to me, how that rolling shutter happens only with electronic shutter but not with mechanical one while both "scan" from top to the bottom. Also if a sensor has maximum reading speed of 60 frames per second how it can record anything faster than that.

  • This is such nostalgia omg

  • 5:34 hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  • 2:19 Slow Mo Guys, did you select and bring the glass? Because if you didn't, it could be the weakest slice of plastic for all you know. Also, 1:46 "he's bringing the energy to the diaphragm" is pseudoscientific nonsense. Just like the rest of these three.

    • The more I consider it, the more I think the "glass" is sugar glass or something similar that allows sharp fragments to go through to puncture the balloon. Of course the Shaolin monks could be honest and perform the feat with a tester who ensures the glass and needle are proper.

    • Also, how do you know that what he used was a real, steel needle and not a thin length of lead? Notice that none of the "needles" actually ever went through the glass. Each and every "needle" merely bounced off and sent shards of glass towards the balloon on the other side. That's not what Gareth suggests will happen at the start of the video. At 0:46, he suggests that Shaolin monks can throw a needle "through a pane of glass". That's not what happened. It merely bounces off.

  • I like to watch The Slow Mo Guys at 0.25 times the normal playback speed.

  • it's not a steel beam...

  • This was far more safe than "55%".

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  • Hello, I'm mind. And I'm gab. Mind the Gab ! :-)

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  • I thought the title said “cocaine and butane”

  • 14:20 - 14-30 Absolutely best! No commentary needed.

  • imagine if the protective suit is actually thor's shirt and Mjolnir, Stormbreaker and cap's shield were wielded by him

  • Somewhere kel is crying

  • slomo suggestion: aluminium + water explosion

  • Marina Bay Sand!!!

  • 7:53 put it at 0.25 speed

  • 3:28 Now that looks Disturbing lol

  • 3:07 Oh gosh! Someone call da police cuz he's getting melested by an alien blob! Or just a water balloon


  • 1:29 I came in like a wrecking ball


  • 6:28 Captain Macmillan: "Nice shot lad, I think you blew his arm off. Shock and blood loss will take care of the rest."

  • These guys use a huge press to make a brass bar explode! You should slow mo metals fracturing and or exploding!

  • من فظـــل الله عليه حمــدالله رب الــعالمين أن الفضل بــيد الله يؤتيه من يشاء الطب الحديــث توصـلنا لعلاج القـذف السريع و علاج ضعف الإنـتصاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞WhastApp 00212649557676

  • You should balloon catapult the ballon or water balloon battle with it


  • That's a good one.

  • Why do we hear study music in slow mo video?

  • How is it possible to record at the speed of light? That seems like it should be impossible, I'm honestly sceptical.

  • it's crazy that what is caught on footage can not be seen but the human eye in real time

  • As cool as it was to watch it’s not really that impressive that is went through the can. It’s made of aluminum, you could poke a hole through a can with a pencil if you wanted to😋

  • Is it just me or does all the strings that make up your iris disgust you or like, make you sick or fearful??

  • Would you be able to ignite te butane as is launches?

  • At 150 thousand I’m surprised when it snaps the bottom part of the machine doesn’t slam the bottom at ridiculous speeds

  • *So Those are what the cameramen have in The Flash*

  • *eats taco bell* My stomach: 6:06

  • How the air has children also sometimes it gets windy

  • Good evening friends, I really liked the video of the lego plane, because it reminded me of my childhood. Over there during the early 70s, in the Xmas, they gave us many Lego tacos, my brother and me. Both, since childhood, we are aviation lovers and during those years, air accidents occurred in the country. There was one that happened in our hometown (Maracaibo-Venezuela) and my dad took us to browse the site of the tragedy. That impressed us a lot, seeing live, accident, fire, confusion, chaos and destruction! Following that accident, our games with lego airplanes also included air accidents. Obviously, our airplanes were not as stylized and robust as the one you use in the video, because in those days, there were no such rounded shapes, they were only fuselage studs and flat plates for the wings. After assembling the plane, inside we placed chairs, made with plasticine, some dolls, of different colors, representing the crew and some passengers, which we located in certain parts of the plane. Then my brother climbed on the roof of the house and from there threw it against the ground! The destruction was impressive! Then with the carts and ambulances of lego, we undertook the rescue of the victims and subsequent identification of the parts of the plane, which were still recognizable. How good it would have been, that in those times, we would have had a way to make a video, to appreciate in slow motion, how the plane was destroyed when it hit the ground. I invite you to do something similar, with lego tacos, although it is laborious, it is very rewarding. Best regards, I hope you like my idea. I'm Rodolfo Hernández

  • So it’s an over priced cole Bennett effect

  • How to achieve light speed (Just and idea a very stupid idea) Take coke put it in a rocket put a hole in bottom of rocket flip rocket add stuff and boom same as a coke rocket ITS A JOKE

  • 28 thousand frames a second but still only uploads in 1080p. LOL sad

  • The ol steak trick

  • Hollywood in a nutshell

  • it,s a mini gun wait no it isnt because it is not round

  • That was lame

  • If you guys try liquid nitrogen, will it be faster?

  • This is where the US Air Force is headed, ladies and gentlemen.

  • WOAH I'm watching this the day the footage was recorded, at least at 5:02

  • Love sing Dan being upset about not hitting every bottle. True professional.

  • So weirdly satisfying 😝

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  • now add a thousand pounds of pressure to the water and then you will know what it is like when a sprinkler goes off you will not just get wet but you will be taken a bath in a few seconds.

  • I love you

  • anyone count how many time she said "thats crazy"

  • I put the video to 0.25x speed to have 4000x slower slomo

  • 3:46 sounds like diarhea

  • I feel that, by watching these, I get smarter every day.

  • My gf: Boy, you sound like a broken record. Me: Gurl, you ain't heard nothing yet >:D

  • I wonder if inside the explosion bubble if there is is air or if it is just vacuum and the exploding thing

  • 3:28 feels like the Terminator soundtrack

  • This gun is for baby

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