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For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.


20:08DaBaby Crushes Ice Cream While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
12:34Nick Kroll's Ultimate Burger Taste-Test | The Burger Show
16:41NIKI and Inga Lam Share Indomie Noodle Hacks | Feast Mansion
12:45Sean Evans Answers Burning Fan Questions | Hot Ones
Sean Evans Answers Burning Fan Questions | Hot OnesKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln3 oy oldin
29:02Sean Evans Interviews Rich Brian in a Castle
Sean Evans Interviews Rich Brian in a CastleKo‘rishlar soni 459 ming3 oy oldin
20:37Juice WRLD Eats Spicy Wings LIVE | Hot Ones
Juice WRLD Eats Spicy Wings LIVE | Hot OnesKo‘rishlar soni 4.3 mln3 oy oldin
10:52Lana Condor Tastes the Best Veggie Burgers | The Burger Show
26:01Schoolboy Q Learns to Respect Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Schoolboy Q Learns to Respect Spicy Wings | Hot OnesKo‘rishlar soni 2.7 mln4 oy oldin
24:49Halle Berry Refuses to Lose to Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
11:53Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones
8:57Jackson Wang Learns How to Make Dumplings | Food Skills
16:28Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones
13:14The Last Tortilla Kings of Brooklyn | Food Skills
The Last Tortilla Kings of Brooklyn | Food SkillsKo‘rishlar soni 549 ming7 oy oldin
27:02Jimmy Butler Goes Rocky Balboa on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
13:06Tony Hawk Skates and Eats Iconic Burgers | The Burger Show
28:54Desus and Mero Get Smacked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Desus and Mero Get Smacked By Spicy Wings | Hot OnesKo‘rishlar soni 2.7 mln9 oy oldin
25:54Seth Meyers Unravels While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
31:01Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
6:59Sean Evans Reveals the Season 8 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones
2:04Sean's Gordon Ramsay Nightmare | Hot Ones
Sean's Gordon Ramsay Nightmare | Hot OnesKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln10 oy oldin
9:29Rae Sremmurd Plays Truth or Dab | Hot Ones
Rae Sremmurd Plays Truth or Dab | Hot OnesKo‘rishlar soni 3.5 mln11 oy oldin
16:30The Hot Ones Holiday Special | Hot Ones
The Hot Ones Holiday Special | Hot OnesKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln11 oy oldin
25:48Pete Holmes Does Improv While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
13:07Jay Park Breaks Down Korean Bar Food | Curry Shop
Jay Park Breaks Down Korean Bar Food | Curry ShopKo‘rishlar soni 668 mingYil oldin


  • She looks like she is wearing pajamas

  • Shoutout to that Sox hat

  • Why is she dressed like Justin Beiber

  • Moriarty lookin' mf

  • If I made a penny for the amount of time Gordon swore in this video, I be a MILLIONAIRE!!! Wow, I know Gordon's personality is different, but I didnt know he swears this many times!!!

  • I love the epic music

  • Burn the hat

  • Great interview but she was taking such small bites :(

  • Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: Fuck

  • Hardly phased him. Least bitch guest they ever had.

  • Nick just abused his poor eyes lmfao

  • Fuck Ari Shaffir

  • They have chemical burns on their lips. WTF? Do not want.

  • I am speechless. That last 2 minutes was...just WOW!! Love you Sean. Dallas tx here.

  • The fact that Jhonny Knixville and Steve-O gave the same answer about the most effective thing for self defence tells you a lot about pepper spray...

  • As a Japanese this americanized shit is NOT Japanese food. Asian Americans think they know better than us native asians. Never like em

  • Marty you kinda lost the kosherness with the shrimp lol pork's fat didn't change it lol

  • Never thought a hot dog story could be epic

  • I can imagine their butt being on fire for days.

  • PAIN 75%

  • this guy really influence vlogs, create a whole phenomenon

  • Bro the audience shit Gotta fucking go

  • You guys really need the legendary interviewer Nardwuar

  • A dollar every time Gordon curse I would be rich

  • He speaks exactly how I want all of my essays to sound.

  • Seems like Steve Austin is a super nice guy. I bet he would be an awesome friend

  • Terry is an amazing man. I have the utmost respect for him and cant imagine that there has been anyone in the same building as he and not feel his powerful presence. He is a God loving and fearing man and isnt afraid to let the world know and for that he is a man to be looked up to and today that means alot because our men some not all but they do not have respect, fear nor love for anyone but themselves and thats so sad to me. God Bless you and your family. The host is amazing and I love him and how he is always able to keep his composure and i have noticed how he never lets the person across from him feel as though they are weak because if they are having it hard he is as well, if they are about to have a break down so is he but then he always pulls them back up slow and steady. Your amazing sir, i love you and God Bless you and your family.

  • get rid of the audiance

  • When did Attila the Hun become a Jedi?

  • he eats so fucking gross.

  • If they don’t give whataburger a try I’m going to be mad because whataburger is better than in and out and that’s straight facts

  • Ok this interview is one of the best ones

  • Have vat19 Jamie come here

  • U can tell shes legit crazy.. Fun fuck im sure but seems like she has voodoo dolls in ger closet

  • This is a funny show but I struggle understand why any of us care what actors think or do. My Vet buddies couldn't give a s***. My healthcare provider colleagues couldn't give a s***. When did we decide rich for doing mundane bs makes you smart? Millennials, Boomers, we're doomed as a species....

  • Juice WRLD:I'm going vegan

  • "You have to do this all the fucken time, what the fuck it wrong with you?" 😂

  • I need Zac Efron to be on this.

  • A closer look is the only segment I watch

  • Im not form USA but my god! That dude with the dreads has to be mentally handicapped! He is dumb as hell!

  • Salsa Valentina negra

  • WOW did he say warped tour 2005? I was at Warped tour 1997 with Suicidal tendencies, NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion. It was also Eminem's first tour and he was on the side stage and people threw stuff at him the whole time but he stayed on and finished his set. I feel bad for witnessing that part of Eminem's career.

  • first she didn’t break once didnt reallt have a reaction to the last one and second can we all say he actually respects people and actually thinks about what he says when he does this

  • I would like ro see Rihanna on this

  • Pretty disappointed with the Claire segment. She only tried one new snack (c'mon KitKat isn't even Japanese originally) and it's basically the same ingredients as Pocky. There are dozens of other popular snacks that are way more unique and interesting.

  • Loved this episode!

  • I love Gordon!!

  • Well I bearly eat breakfast and I sometimes eat lunch in school and dinner is like when I sometimes eat meat

  • looool that charlie's angels film bombed so hard no one goes to watch a film cause she's in it she's nothing but emotionless woke trash

  • i watched this again and at the end Trevor drops a little joke of him losing his voice, i guess he thought whats the worst that could happen after he actually did lose his voice... i lol'd

  • tomato face boy them sauces Kicked yo hind parts boy

  • Still better than Twilight

  • Alright so who is going to Deep Fake Offerman as each member of the Fellowship of the Ring?

  • Did anyone see the hair on the last one she ate?

  • Peterson asks the same question twice. I the Sean was going to say something but he didn't.

  • When I was a kid Stone cold steve austin was the best, coming in there to beat up all the idiots and drink beer.

  • When they were taking the group photo, first thought: “Here’s Charlie and his Angels.”

  • Gotta say, When I see episodes like this pop up with people I genuinely don't like... I'm a little apprehensive to watch, because I know there's a chance the interview my change my opinion of them. Insert example, Guy Fieri. I can say without a doubt, I still genuinely do not like Kristen Stewart. This stuck up, mouth breathing, bitchy valley girl that laughs at people getting hurt.

  • Wild as usual Stewart

  • Kristen is fucking amazing she’s soo strong

  • I want him to go back on Scream Queens he needs to return as a different character even

  • Chris Evans!!!!

  • Oh dang! Dat opacity/blur effect at 19:22! Also, I still have no idea what unctuous means...

  • Why does she look like Devon Sawa circa 1995 though

  • this shit doesnt count!!! there should be a rule to how small of a bite you can take. she needs to re-do this again!!

  • Kristen does have emotion, she's only a stiff mannequin when shes in very artificial settings, is what I've started noticing. You can tell how happy she is to be in this interview, despite wariness of the spicy food ahead of her. I quite like her.

  • I never do this but GET JARED PADALECKI ON THE SHOW! He's down.

  • Can you have Trisha Paytas on!!!! 💗🤣💗🤣💗🤣💗🤣💗🤣💗🤣💗

  • When did he become such a good ol' boy?? 🤨 lol Like it's REALLY easy for me to picture tubing down a river with this guy getting progressively more shitfaced but also probably talking about the meaning of life from a surprising number of angles lol Bless him...

  • I don't even eat pepper on my food so I'd do rather badly. Love the show and LOVE YOU SEAN!

  • 2020 anybody

  • The only reason this channel is so big is because the blonde Asian is sexy

  • Not even close to what Charlies Angels were.

  • it's funny. I feel like this was her personality when she was a young girl (back in the Panic Room days). And for awhile she was forced (or chose) to be super femme only to return back. Interesting.

  • Only watched a few of these hot ones, but this is probably my favorite one. It's a rare thing to meet a person and both of you can burst out laughing at the same time.

  • I'm so inlove with u kristen stewart ❤️😘

  • GOODNESS her ears are big for her head lol

  • I just stopped by after seeing her face in the thumbnail and came to shit on her... that is all

  • Joe fuckin' Strummer

  • 14:14 Sean really taking notes.. 😂

  • Ahhh, Ella Balinska is like a British Aubrey plaza!

  • Inga looks a little shocked by all the cursing from Nikki she looks a little outa place probably just as well those boys aren’t around they’d probably corrupt her😂 But she killing the cooking!!

  • please get stephen a on this show the memes would be legendary

  • I like ice cream...

  • The rappers are consistently the wimpiest babies on every season for the last bunch lately.

  • Do they eat ass?? U saw Sean's face hahahahaha( I don't want to touch my dick) "NO DONT" 14:54 TOO FUNNY this dude nore been off the rails

  • Star of highest grossing films of all time ?? Really ??? That's stretching the truth pretty far since none of her movies are in the top 50.