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1:34LATE SHOW ME MORE: I'm A Fashion Icon Now!
LATE SHOW ME MORE: I'm A Fashion Icon Now!Ko‘rishlar soni 39 ming2 kun oldin
3:19Presidential Candidate Fantasy Camp 2020
Presidential Candidate Fantasy Camp 2020Ko‘rishlar soni 211 ming2 kun oldin
3:57'Moulin Rouge! The Musical.' Cast Perform 'Your Song'
'Moulin Rouge! The Musical.' Cast Perform 'Your Song'Ko‘rishlar soni 54 ming2 kun oldin
1:22Vladimir Putin Wins The MAGA Challenge
Vladimir Putin Wins The MAGA ChallengeKo‘rishlar soni 137 ming2 kun oldin
5:48A Late Show Impeachment Pre-Enactment
A Late Show Impeachment Pre-EnactmentKo‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln2 kun oldin
8:35Andy Cohen And Stephen Colbert Compare Talk Show Host Beards
5:31Meanwhile... Chrissy Teigen Boned The Sexiest Man Alive
Meanwhile... Chrissy Teigen Boned The Sexiest Man AliveKo‘rishlar soni 596 ming2 kun oldin
3:28More Show: Stephen And Andy Cohen Call 1-844-SXM-MOMENT
More Show: Stephen And Andy Cohen Call 1-844-SXM-MOMENTKo‘rishlar soni 119 ming2 kun oldin
3:23Thom Yorke: "Daily Battles"
Thom Yorke: "Daily Battles"Ko‘rishlar soni 70 ming2 kun oldin
1:11Let's All Sing The Impeachment Intermission Song!
Let's All Sing The Impeachment Intermission Song!Ko‘rishlar soni 146 ming2 kun oldin
1:20Late Show's Alter Egos: Rudy Giuliani Edition
Late Show's Alter Egos: Rudy Giuliani EditionKo‘rishlar soni 229 ming3 kun oldin
1:04Bose Fact-Canceling Headphones
Bose Fact-Canceling HeadphonesKo‘rishlar soni 200 ming3 kun oldin
1:18The Late Show Teaches The ABCs Of Impeachment
The Late Show Teaches The ABCs Of ImpeachmentKo‘rishlar soni 171 ming4 kun oldin
3:59Cold War Kids Perform "Complainer"
Cold War Kids Perform "Complainer"Ko‘rishlar soni 43 ming4 kun oldin
6:52Daniel Kaluuya Hung Out At Costco To Perfect His Ohio Accent
2:28Meanwhile... Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey
Meanwhile... Wild Turkeys Terrorize New JerseyKo‘rishlar soni 540 ming4 kun oldin
1:53It's Impeachment Hearing Eve!
It's Impeachment Hearing Eve!Ko‘rishlar soni 613 ming5 kun oldin
1:24LATE SHOW ME MORE: A Most Amazing Man
LATE SHOW ME MORE: A Most Amazing ManKo‘rishlar soni 112 ming9 kun oldin
4:22King Princess: "Hit The Back"
King Princess: "Hit The Back"Ko‘rishlar soni 132 ming9 kun oldin
3:19Meanwhile... Juul Has Teens Hooked
Meanwhile... Juul Has Teens HookedKo‘rishlar soni 916 ming9 kun oldin
1:15Graham With The Wind
Graham With The WindKo‘rishlar soni 245 ming9 kun oldin
4:40King Princess: "1950"
King Princess: "1950"Ko‘rishlar soni 97 ming10 kun oldin
3:39Hark! The Covetton House Advent Calendar Has Arrived
Hark! The Covetton House Advent Calendar Has ArrivedKo‘rishlar soni 486 ming10 kun oldin
1:21Outtakes From Trump's "Bunch Of Bull" Campaign Ad
Outtakes From Trump's "Bunch Of Bull" Campaign AdKo‘rishlar soni 307 ming10 kun oldin
4:19Meanwhile... Is It OK To Say "OK, Boomer"?
Meanwhile... Is It OK To Say "OK, Boomer"?Ko‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln11 kun oldin
5:42"Read The Transcript" Is Trump's Latest Rallying Cry
"Read The Transcript" Is Trump's Latest Rallying CryKo‘rishlar soni 2.3 mln11 kun oldin
4:45Sen. Amy Klobuchar Lists Her Progressive Policy Goals
Sen. Amy Klobuchar Lists Her Progressive Policy GoalsKo‘rishlar soni 150 ming11 kun oldin
1:24Listen To Donald Trump Jr.'s New Audiobook
Listen To Donald Trump Jr.'s New AudiobookKo‘rishlar soni 407 ming11 kun oldin
2:48Senator Sherrod Brown's Desk Was Once Occupied By A Kennedy
10:17Tim McGraw's Family Motivated Him To Change His Lifestyle
Tim McGraw's Family Motivated Him To Change His LifestyleKo‘rishlar soni 243 ming12 kun oldin
3:06Trump's Border Wall Is Remarkably Easy To Penetrate
Trump's Border Wall Is Remarkably Easy To PenetrateKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln12 kun oldin
1:54NYC Bids Adieu To Donald Trump (In Song)
NYC Bids Adieu To Donald Trump (In Song)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln12 kun oldin
12:23Trump's GOP Defenders Are Backed Into A Corner
Trump's GOP Defenders Are Backed Into A CornerKo‘rishlar soni 3.4 mln13 kun oldin
1:48LATE SHOW ME MORE: Witchy For Halloween
LATE SHOW ME MORE: Witchy For HalloweenKo‘rishlar soni 111 ming16 kun oldin
8:43Conan O'Brien Flipped Interview
Conan O'Brien Flipped InterviewKo‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln16 kun oldin
6:56Rob Corddry Never Gets Cast As A Bostonian
Rob Corddry Never Gets Cast As A BostonianKo‘rishlar soni 169 ming16 kun oldin
1:32What Will Godzilla Destroy Next?
What Will Godzilla Destroy Next?Ko‘rishlar soni 189 ming16 kun oldin
6:57Flipped: 50 Cent Interviews Stephen Colbert
Flipped: 50 Cent Interviews Stephen ColbertKo‘rishlar soni 610 ming16 kun oldin
4:09Stephen Colbert's Audience Q&A: Yes, I will Renew your Vows
3:28Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston Urge Celebrities To Get Arrested
4:01Meanwhile... Gender-Neutral Emojis Debut
Meanwhile... Gender-Neutral Emojis DebutKo‘rishlar soni 901 ming17 kun oldin
4:19Speaker Nancy Pelosi On Donald Trump's Future As President
1:10Twitter's Ban On Political Ads Is A Jab At Mark Zuckerberg
1:04It's The Great Impeachment, Charlie Brown
It's The Great Impeachment, Charlie BrownKo‘rishlar soni 344 ming17 kun oldin
1:52Norman Reedus' Scariest Halloween Costumes Of 2019
Norman Reedus' Scariest Halloween Costumes Of 2019Ko‘rishlar soni 117 ming17 kun oldin
4:47Joe Biden: It's Time We Put A Pet Back In The White House
Joe Biden: It's Time We Put A Pet Back In The White HouseKo‘rishlar soni 898 ming17 kun oldin
7:10Cynthia Erivo Could Become The Youngest EGOT Ever
Cynthia Erivo Could Become The Youngest EGOT EverKo‘rishlar soni 301 ming17 kun oldin
3:51Miranda Lambert: "It All Comes Out In The Wash"
Miranda Lambert: "It All Comes Out In The Wash"Ko‘rishlar soni 79 ming17 kun oldin
1:30How We Improved Apple's AirPods Headphones
How We Improved Apple's AirPods HeadphonesKo‘rishlar soni 214 ming17 kun oldin
6:16Thomas Middleditch Does A Great Impression Of His English Dad
9:31Jennifer Aniston: I Had Slippery Fingers As A Waitress
Jennifer Aniston: I Had Slippery Fingers As A WaitressKo‘rishlar soni 726 ming18 kun oldin
4:04Meanwhile... It's Spooky Szn
Meanwhile... It's Spooky SznKo‘rishlar soni 947 ming18 kun oldin
1:23The Trump Impeachment Moves To Prime Time
The Trump Impeachment Moves To Prime TimeKo‘rishlar soni 338 ming18 kun oldin
1:08Donald And Melania Trump Hosted A Spooky Halloween Party
Donald And Melania Trump Hosted A Spooky Halloween PartyKo‘rishlar soni 536 ming18 kun oldin
9:09Queen Latifah Gives Stephen A Preview Of Her Ursula
Queen Latifah Gives Stephen A Preview Of Her UrsulaKo‘rishlar soni 533 ming19 kun oldin
1:26Crowd Chants "Lock Him Up" At Trump During World Series Game 5
6:15Radhika Jones Previews Vanity Fair's "Women On Women"
Radhika Jones Previews Vanity Fair's "Women On Women"Ko‘rishlar soni 178 ming19 kun oldin
4:14Late Show Is Releasing 900 New Christmas Movies
Late Show Is Releasing 900 New Christmas MoviesKo‘rishlar soni 208 ming20 kun oldin
1:18Do We Really Need Another White House Tell-All Book?
Do We Really Need Another White House Tell-All Book?Ko‘rishlar soni 589 ming23 kun oldin
7:12Ree Drummond Cooks Shrimp & Grits For Stephen Colbert
Ree Drummond Cooks Shrimp & Grits For Stephen ColbertKo‘rishlar soni 188 ming23 kun oldin
7:34Barack Obama Urged Eddie Murphy To Return To Stand Up
Barack Obama Urged Eddie Murphy To Return To Stand UpKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln23 kun oldin


  • Oh man, Coeur d'Alene? My family passed through there once on a road trip... Pretty spot. When we got where we were going we told someone about it and his immediate response was "you guys had a delightful lunch in the white supremacist capital of the Pacific Northwest." Needless to say this story is not a surprise.

  • A worthy reason to visit Couer de Alene!..

  • man, it's almost like a bunch of nazi sympathizers live in idaho or something

    • sorry idaho, its not your fault they picked you

  • I don't think I will ever be emotionally impacted by any media the way I was hit by the OG Avengers signature sendoff at the end credits of End Game. When Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr's name came up with the swelling epic music, I cried.

  • This idiot really honestly thinks he's winning some sort of battle against liberals. He's a sad pathetic loser who can't defend Trump on his merits so he thinks that by hiding books that criticize Trump he's somehow sticking it to the liberals. Like he's some sort of James Bond villain with intricate plans that are destroying everything that liberals stand for. When in actuality he's just some dumbass who thinks he's getting his kicks from being an ass. Then again, that's exactly how Trump is so I suppose he's emulating Trump well enough.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Real ETID fan, that Colbert

  • Never thought I'd see my town library on the Late Show. Gonna have to go check out Whose Boat Is This Boat. Can't hide it if I'm reading it. Looking forward to the Unhideable Edition.

  • Any regular Joe schmoe holding that big ass book is akin to tRump holding a normal size book. (you know, because of his tiny hands)😏

  • His supporters don't care about this, that's what they hired him for, to be a third-rate Tony Soprano. They want him to run things this way, he's the "tough, cutthroat, patriotic businessman." If he's to be removed from office it's to be because he loses the election (and the electoral college.) Persuade America with better ideas, campaign your ass off and back up your policies.

  • I live in that area, and I must say: THANK YOU!!!!! You pronounced the city properly!!! I've met people who live here and can't figure out how to pronounce Coeur d' Alene. I'd even be willing to bet the book hider is one of 'em. Also, thank you so much for the book. I'm going to be keeping an eye out at the library for it, and I'll be sure to make sure it stays right where it's supposed to!

  • You donot belong to the caste of mentally ill successful men but to the caste of the mentally ill losers :D

  • Stephen and Seth should go on a stand up tour.. Clapter kings of "Comedy" .

  • The woah’s were cringe

  • Meanwhile, scientists discover females are incapable of "boning" .. for this is an activity primarily with a boneless Male organ

  • I would wake up and get up better if Jon Batiste would sing Carole King’s You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face. I’d use that alarm clock tune.

  • The sexiest man alive but without a job :D

  • "Think about that during your five-night appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live'. " "No! Andy Cohen is so catty. "

  • Next Star Wars edit: The Greedo scene is cut entirely and now just shows Han saying "sorry about the mess"

  • This is such utter bullshit. Doesn't anybody play live anymore?

  • The band is really annoying and pointless in this show. I wish the would stop doing that

  • Who else is on a Ricky Gervais binge after finding out he’s hosting the Golden Globes again!!?

  • I fuckin love her

  • No spine, we don't need another spinless POTUS after Obama bowing to the globalist

  • Im from Idaho. Trump blows.

  • This guy is so ignorant. Whoever he is proves he is a moron who probably can't read. Pity the poor thing.

  • The alt. right news sources have tought him well , go & punish the evil Liberals & your life will be complete !

  • fake news trump stole books to read them.

  • the legend of all.legend in the world

  • Thank God for career diplomat's who would rather give the CHUMP the centre finger than deny a supeona, Stephen throw in the pen and I'll take that book.

  • Damn she’s hot

  • Feel the Burn!

  • This sounds like your average Trump supporter .

  • His sense of humor is great! I don't think the audience got it.

  • I missed Nixon's administration/Watergate since I wasn't born yet. I s this Nixon 2.0 or worse?

  • She's cute and very bright.

  • The world ends for each and every one of us when we die, There will be no Jesus in the sky.

  • LOL.

  • Hiding in obscure place....could get a whole library up the Orange Fat Bastards Ass, only prob is he'd like it

  • Ducks and chicks and geese better scurry!!

  • How come no one has the courage to recognize that the way the Republicans are supporting Donald Trump is the Third Reich in real time.

  • I once did that same thing in my computer apps class in highschool. Over the course of a few weeks my friend and I hid the text books we used for class in various places throughout the classroom. Our teacher decided that we (the class) weren't responsible enough to use them and since we needed them for class we just didn't have class for two weeks.

  • I don't usually watch this show but loved this episode! Good job, Stephen!

  • This is BEFORE Trump screwed the Kurds! I was trying to remember what was in the news then that made Bill mention @5:40 how DT didn't know of them, but now essentially we know DT doesn't care (even if he did have a briefing). In pulling out of NE Syria later in 2019, he was only serving Putin & Turkey's dictator Erdogan's interests (& his own as he has property in Turkey).

  • 🤣

  • David Harbour is sexiest man alive? Huh?

  • 81.5% of Shri Lankans voted in 2015. People, register to vote and VOTE!

  • We don't need the impeachment hearing to have any pizazz - the last 3 years have already been a circus.

  • Even the most experienced couldnt predict what the Enraged Orange Fart Stench would do next

  • Impeached AF

  • So . . . someone associated with DJT is a criminal???? Whoda thunkit? Must be fake news.

  • IDK but he seems so calm?!?

  • My my , wonder what Stephen Colbert will have to talk about when all of the impeachment stuff is over with, the poor man will just have to make something up because he sure will need to because he won't have anything to talk about

  • Trailer trash trolling he's good at it

  • I'm not a Trump supporter. Trump will not be impeached. In fact I believe he will win a second term. Not the popular vote but the electoral college just as he did in 2016. People laughed when I said he had a real chance in 2016. And you better believe Don Jr. will make a run in 2024. He is already positioning himself to do so.

  • Karen being Aaron's biggest fan is the cutest thing. Aaron looks beautiful as always and he looks so happy!

  • Is Obama still available for another stint at the WH ??? Sure the country would'nt mind if he threw his hat into the ring this late in the game. One could only hope 🤞

  • It's another day of nothing! Got nothing, knows nothing, accomplished nothing.

  • god i love that petite weirdo.

  • do they still use checkout cards?

  • RuPaul is a delightful person.

  • Loved that shout out for Bernie, and hes very right about him, Bernie will change the whole system for the people, cant wait to vote for him

  • There are about 6 Republicans ("practicing" or not) for whom I have the utmost respect: Nicolle Wallace, Michael Steele, David From, Steve Schmidt, George F. Will, and Bill Kristol. They have [and had] the courage to step out of line and say, "if this is what my party believes in , advocates, preaches etc. I am no longer having any part of it." This is honorable courage and commendable fortitude, and I salute them!

  • God help us all the country is falling apart. The economy is great,we have the highest standard of living and the best environment what are we going to do.

  • This happens at the local Barnes and Noble, too. I find anti-trump books shoved in weird places (like art history and science book areas that I frequent), I take them to customer service.

  • 2:44 So, a completely factual book?! Of course that’s anti-Trump! Don’t you know reality has an anti-Trump bias?!?

  • i cannot see the spineless ass kissers in the senate removing Trump from office no matter what the hearings conclude the only way you Americans can get him out of office is to vote him out in a massive voter turn out...sadly 35% of your population are complete morons who do not care if Trump and his family and cohorts are criminals as long as a colored guy is not president and those pesky Mexicans are'nt stealing the jobs they do not want to do..

  • 2020 Camp...a stroke of genious!!!

  • 1:58 Maybe the wanker thinks “liberal” is an adjective for “librarian” ...

  • lol

  • He's sooo cute and respectful!

  • Thank you for being so open about mental health David

  • Bloomberg's face looks terrifying

  • Well Idaho has at least some respect for a President,, But he should not fear becsuse no Democrate has an ounce of brains to read, They just listen to the garbage from deep state media like this.

    • There's no deep state, stooge.

  • Who noticed d stamp Unhideable edition😂

  • The Leopard Seal moment was like when your cat brings you a fresh kill as a gift. Inside the house... Sometimes, still alive...


  • And not even an innuendo about Stranger Things season 4. I wonder if it was intentionally avoided.

  • Ok boomer

  • Great interviewer Nicole.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • When you watch normal and funny men talking you wonder why have we got nothing but dirt bags in the WH now? There are better every day people around.

  • Hi Bob and Gigi.. I'm an overpayed wanker self promoting my bullshit...

  • Steffy ? Was someone balls deep in your mouth? I bet so.

  • Republican with some damn common in sense to see through this stupid Donald Dump and his cronies.

  • Trump runs his ship on fear. Every sycophant is afraid what he and his henchmen will do to them if they step out of line.

  • As someone from (southern) Idaho, I can confirm two things. One, most people say "there must be more" when they see southern Idaho, it's basically sage brush from one end to the other. Second, this is basically in character for Idaho. The state's about as red as they come, and Coeur D'Alene is about as bad as it gets (as in neo-nazi compounds bad). About the only left-ish leaning towns in the state are Pocatello in the south and Moscow in the north (I've actually lived in both). Not coincidentally, two of the state's three universities are in those towns. This has been your bi-annual reminder that Idaho exists.

  • 4:20 ..... realy ? Stadtteilbibliothek Britz Süd Gutschmidtstraße 33/35 12359 Berlin Germany I wait eagerly for it !

  • How can you be for Bernie but yet you say teach the person how to get what they need not give it to them. Bernie is opposite and wants to give everybody everything and making them dependent not self supportive?

  • Glad to see Republicans Bill Weld and Joe Walsh in the candidate image. Almost makes up for the anti-third party crack.

  • *Questions that remain to be answered include:* In contrast to Trump’s maverick behaviour and posturing as a Washington outsider, will Trump be impeached and removed from office? If so, what will happen in the Senate? Will Mike Pompeo, William Barr and Vice President Mike Pence, who is now being implicated in the scandal, be impeached and/or prosecuted for their roles in Ukrainegate? *Will Mulvaney be fired for admitting 'Quid Pro Quo'?* *Mulvaney held up missiles to Ukraine out of fear Russia would be angry* Among the many revelations in the transcriptof Ukraine Special Adviser Catherine Croft’s testimony to the House is the fact that acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, who also oversees the Office of Management and Budget, put a hold on a shipment of Javelin missiles to Ukraine not just as part of an apparent scheme to force Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, but also out of concern that Russia would be angry.

  • Johnathan Van Ness: Pure as a Kitten, Fierce as a Tiger!

  • Get a grip, Stephen. You're what? 55 years old? That means you're a lot closer to that "65 and older" demographic than you are to Buttigieg's 37. You're caricature of the demographic was about as funny as blackface, and about as accurate.

  • environmental racism? thats a new one

  • Will these walls have paint applied? Because then I would stay tuned to watch it dry.

  • NICOLLE Looks Great & Hot As Usual!

  • Aaron’s amazing per usual, but I wish they chose a song with solo parts for Karen too

  • You know . It sounds like some republicans were in on the election medaling...

  • Ah, the holidays! Love 'em!! This year --- The im-peachiest!

  • Dear ANA nobody can push you out of your party , but one should be where they you are WELCOMED with an open arms . ANA if you change political affiliations , it’s because the party has left you , the RepubliCONS party became the trump party. trump is a dolt .

  • Trump didn't win, Republicans won. I wish people would talk more about this, Trump lost and they all knew it. It was the manipulation of the delegate process by the republicans that won.