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0:14Jorge Masvidal Responds To Nick Diaz's Threats!
Jorge Masvidal Responds To Nick Diaz's Threats!Ko‘rishlar soni 306 ming8 kun oldin
0:49Jorge Masvidal Lets His Father Hold The BMF Belt First.
Jorge Masvidal Lets His Father Hold The BMF Belt First.Ko‘rishlar soni 287 ming14 kun oldin
10:06Jorge Masvidal Holds A Handball Tournament. (Extended)
Jorge Masvidal Holds A Handball Tournament. (Extended)Ko‘rishlar soni 276 ming17 kun oldin
5:14Jorge Masvidal - "This Is The Real 3pc & A Soda"
Jorge Masvidal - "This Is The Real 3pc & A Soda"Ko‘rishlar soni 414 ming20 kun oldin
2:07Jorge Masvidal's Strength & Conditioning Regimen For Nate Diaz
6:54Punching Power 101: Jorge Masvidal Vs. JZ (Throwback)
1:49The Work Pt. 2 (Jorge Masvidal)
The Work Pt. 2 (Jorge Masvidal)Ko‘rishlar soni 135 mingOy oldin
6:47Jorge Masvidal Is 'Back in the Backyard' (Throwback)
1:26The Work Pt. 1 (Jorge Masvidal)
The Work Pt. 1 (Jorge Masvidal)Ko‘rishlar soni 36 mingOy oldin
0:50Fight Camp Nutrition Vol. 1
Fight Camp Nutrition Vol. 1Ko‘rishlar soni 31 mingOy oldin
1:15Jorge Masvidal BMF Press Tour
Jorge Masvidal BMF Press TourKo‘rishlar soni 21 mingOy oldin
3:17"The Miami Workout" (Throwback)
"The Miami Workout" (Throwback)Ko‘rishlar soni 123 ming2 oy oldin
1:01Mid Day Training Session With URBN Water
Mid Day Training Session With URBN WaterKo‘rishlar soni 21 ming2 oy oldin
0:59Jorge Masvidal - "I'm Winning That BMF Title!"
Jorge Masvidal - "I'm Winning That BMF Title!"Ko‘rishlar soni 120 ming2 oy oldin
1:41The Art of Jorge Masvidal's 'Liver Shot'
The Art of Jorge Masvidal's 'Liver Shot'Ko‘rishlar soni 459 ming2 oy oldin
2:43Jorge Masvidal's "Brutal" Weight Cut To 155 Pounds
Jorge Masvidal's "Brutal" Weight Cut To 155 PoundsKo‘rishlar soni 199 ming2 oy oldin
0:44Jorge Masvidal Explains His Nickname 'Gamebred'
Jorge Masvidal Explains His Nickname 'Gamebred'Ko‘rishlar soni 61 ming2 oy oldin
2:24Jorge Masvidal Battles Versus 5 Fresh Sparring Partners
2:54Jorge Masvidal Speaks To The Miami Hurricanes
Jorge Masvidal Speaks To The Miami HurricanesKo‘rishlar soni 402 ming2 oy oldin
2:22Jorge Masvidal Responds To Nate Diaz
Jorge Masvidal Responds To Nate DiazKo‘rishlar soni 398 ming3 oy oldin


  • Didn’t put most of them round 3 highlights, boy was gassing out 😤

  • Hello from Canada great story here's to many more years of success and ass kickin'.

  • “We go three”

  • What you smokin Jorge masvidal? Lol I see the smoke

  • 305k views UZtorrent knows who the real bmf is.

  • Look at the ref at 1:47:06 after that kick nasty kick to the body lol

  • Fuck yea jorge I won that bread on u keep on dawg u da man I think ur the best fighter now that ain’t on steroids

  • The eyes lol

  • That shit was perfect!

  • Stockton mf Stockton!

  • So easy caveman can do it ..

  • Do Ninja Warrior dude

  • Y’all gotta pop up in Tejas at a cpl of sporting events.. Have your team reach out to Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones.. there’s biz for all.. shit pop in on a fucking Hockey game.. lol..

  • Mad mas dival, from the streets to the cage to owning the world. Respect!t

  • I need download it, and see with my family

  • All those thumbs down are from Diaz and his CaCaRoach Army...

  • Lmao

  • The audio is dope

  • top dog


  • jorge vs ferguson for the next BMF please

  • Jorge, Level Martinez love uuuu

  • Cuando enfrente a un rival top, lo destrozaran.

  • Just want to say whoever it is making these and putting them y’all did a great job. Great story. Everything. GREAT JOB GUYS!

  • Only came here for the bitches

  • nate was my favorite fighter till i heard bout u man! real street standup dude i fuck with yo style

  • Holy shit I never knew that was him! I used to rewatch that fight all the time!

  • Video just hit the magical number... 305 !

  • Where's Ben Askren?

  • At 36.15 is that music from streets of rage I can hear 😅👊

  • Español

  • Kick ass Jorge ✌️

  • 7:18 LMAO

  • Savage and dedication . Truly inspiring

  • streets of rage music classic

  • Music is awesome! Respect from Russia btw 🤜🤛

  • Deserved what you experience ,Fighters will Fight Sir Jorge go for yours,

  • I'm one of the 1% of all people who watch this video and actually gave it a like.

  • MUCH respect to Joge Mavidal for telling he was afraid of a fighter yet he KO him

  • Niun subtitulo para los fans latinos 👎

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wtf ha haha

  • 305 baby, represent!

  • who names a kid 'you're gay'

  • Jorge Masvidal is quickly becomes my favorite fighter to watch. Mark my words at present time, dudes the best pound for pound fighter in the welterweight division. If he gets the chance soon that belt WILL be his.

  • We love you, street Jesus!!!

  • My father said a boy from grade school took my block and I executed him 😫😂😂😂😂

  • Song @ 38:45??

  • Jorge is good but he's been fighting bums , darren till ? ben askren wtf is ben askren? , and nate diaz lost like 20 times in ufc , fuck that stupid hype.. put him against usman and then i start beliv e in him , no hate just real talk.

  • No worries keep up the good fight To much media is BS !!

  • Wow I remember watching this fight when I was young, I swear to God I didn't know this dude was in the ufc now wow, I always said this is one of the best fighters I ever saw, and bam I just finding out he's in the ufc wow. I remember saying I'd like to see him fight kimbo slice. In this fight he won more with his stamina, the other guy was getting tired, but this dude was also skilled as fuck

  • When Roberto Duran showed up it hit me RIGHT in the feels!

  • Jorge Masvidal for Presidente - a man of the people, Top Class

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • I remember that day I lived close by ....PIC ,yeah that music does sound oldschool porn from 90s

  • I need the name of the 1st song please

  • Take the Nick fight or go back to be a fk nobody simple as that, i think Jorge will beat Nick, but needs to beat older brother its fair. and the true OG BMF.

  • Asere que bola quiero que subas las manos en esos entrenamiento, sal con las manos arriba, no descuides la guardia Ahora todos quieren pelear contigo y si subes las manos jamás serás derribado

  • I think that is the single greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  • Jorge needs to play the scare face son roll in a film call "Scare face resurrection" any writer out there for the script?

  • ▪▪ *_Gangster, Drug Addict to multiple things & substances, among grew up in a broken home, son of an immigrant, worked all his adult life_* _Fighting in the street to making it his office! I didn't accomplish that or haven't STILL bc I got a few more demons to cast out my vessel, my body!!_ *_GAME BRED_* _making me BELIEVE that it is possible to get there from really ugly places! BECAUSE poverty is ugly! It'll make you do UGLY things! I try to walk with FAITH & GOD. A gangster to me is a man who loves family, community, installed VALUES, MORALS, AND HAS FAITH IN GOD OR SOMETHING GREATER THAN HIM! __#GAMEBRED__ IS INSPIRATION! SI SE PINCHE PUEDE!_

  • *_I've watched this at least 3 times!_* _Inspirational to say the least! Mexicaño pride! Shout out the other tough Latin brothers! Cuba! Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Mexico to name a few._ ▪▪❤ LATINOS are resilent tough fighters! We got just as much LOVE if not MORE than our FIGHT! Just ride with us, show respect and love and we'll extend the olive branch! Not a whole lot of LATINOS in public eye being a HERO to us! A representation of hard work and perseverance! Orale! GOD BLESS MY G! #GAMEBRED IS THE WALK BEFORE THE TALK! *I LOVE IT!*

  • Yo if dey make a Roberto Duran movie we have a star

  • I love Jorge Masvidal! He’s a true professional and a master of his craft. I would go as far as to say that there is NOBODY in mma today that can beat him. Much love and respect Jorge. Keep doing what you do.

  • South beach king 👑

  • Mad props to Jorge I was watching his street fights from back in the day and he’s honestly worked hard

  • How was that fair fighting a guy kicking and you can only punch ? 🤷‍♂️I was hoping whiteboy slept his ass , almost got him .

  • You make it look to easy man 💪🏼💪🏼 to strong

  • People call this street fighting?...a ring, a ref, da fuck is that street fighing?! Eye candy thats all it is.

  • Great Documentary. That music and and Masvidals attitude really makes me want to watch Scarface again. Gamebred fighter of the year 2019!!

  • Rock:“I give you my cell number“ Puts out his phone and he and Jorge looks at it🧐

  • Masvidal is an awesome fighter and he's pretty fn cool too! I hope he fights McGregor so I can see him knock the hell out of that Leprechaun!

  • Dumbest question in a interview is what do you expect out of this fight

  • Whats the intro song off??

  • Jorge Masvidal is on his way to major success.

  • Lodi 👌


  • Good movie. Real dude

  • Diaz brothers are wack

  • Sudamérica te ama Jorge!

  • Samuel l Jackson should have put the bmf belt on jorge

  • Why was Alexis Villa's opponent so skinny?? And the ring girl was twerkin on the cage hillarious

  • Gangsta=gamebred...I think he will beat Nick.

  • I hope he bury those corcrocrocoroacmm... whatever😑

  • Jajajajajja muy buen video

  • This dude makes me wanna work out harder

  • Someone please tell me that song that always plays! I rally like it.

  • My weed hookup looks like kimbo slice lol

  • It would be so satisfying to see you beat up nick, thank you for your services

  • 50:34 hes talking about the GOAT not that kickboxer dude

  • For those who don't know that was the voice of Tony Montana from the popular cult classic 1983 film "Scarface"

  • “If I’m eating, the whole squad eating”.....RESPECT

  • Jorge much props brother. Let me ask ur age? God bless you and your family. Love what you do to Diaz in ur last fight.