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This is my life :)


REVEALING HIS DREAM CAR!!Ko‘rishlar soni 243 ming3 kun oldin
13:15Building the StreetHunter Supra #001 Official Movie
Building the StreetHunter Supra #001 Official MovieKo‘rishlar soni 333 ming7 kun oldin
27:48My Ferrari GT3 458 is DONE!!!
My Ferrari GT3 458 is DONE!!!Ko‘rishlar soni 631 ming8 kun oldin
36:19My StreetHunter Toyota Supra is DONE!!
My StreetHunter Toyota Supra is DONE!!Ko‘rishlar soni 760 ming9 kun oldin
17:10Making a Wing for my Ferrari GT3 458!!
Making a Wing for my Ferrari GT3 458!!Ko‘rishlar soni 404 ming12 kun oldin
10:34Wrapping my Girlfriends Car!
Wrapping my Girlfriends Car!Ko‘rishlar soni 273 ming14 kun oldin
31:02Ferrari GT3 458 ALMOST Complete!
Ferrari GT3 458 ALMOST Complete!Ko‘rishlar soni 418 ming15 kun oldin
29:16StreetHunter Supra Wing install!!!
StreetHunter Supra Wing install!!!Ko‘rishlar soni 401 ming17 kun oldin
10:53Toyota Supra Brembo Big Brake Kit Install!
Toyota Supra Brembo Big Brake Kit Install!Ko‘rishlar soni 315 ming20 kun oldin
23:25Supra StreetHunter Widebody Install! (Part 1)
Supra StreetHunter Widebody Install! (Part 1)Ko‘rishlar soni 415 ming21 kun oldin
19:17Making a 1000HP Supra with Steph Papadakis!
Making a 1000HP Supra with Steph Papadakis!Ko‘rishlar soni 399 ming23 kun oldin
17:39Ferrari GT3 458 Wheels & Reassembly!
Ferrari GT3 458 Wheels & Reassembly!Ko‘rishlar soni 440 ming25 kun oldin
15:39StreetHunter Supra Kit gets 3D Printed!
StreetHunter Supra Kit gets 3D Printed!Ko‘rishlar soni 327 ming28 kun oldin
11:29Ferrari GT3 458 Reassembly!
Ferrari GT3 458 Reassembly!Ko‘rishlar soni 497 mingOy oldin
12:04StreetHunter Widebody Kit Reveal!
StreetHunter Widebody Kit Reveal!Ko‘rishlar soni 564 mingOy oldin
16:07Ferrari GT3 458 Color Reveal!
Ferrari GT3 458 Color Reveal!Ko‘rishlar soni 539 mingOy oldin
26:31My New Drift Car! (for a day)
My New Drift Car! (for a day)Ko‘rishlar soni 222 mingOy oldin
10:02Building a Mazda Rx-7 in 10 Minutes!
Building a Mazda Rx-7 in 10 Minutes!Ko‘rishlar soni 781 mingOy oldin
13:25My FD RX-7 - Installing Bride Low Max Seats!
My FD RX-7 - Installing Bride Low Max Seats!Ko‘rishlar soni 328 mingOy oldin
12:04Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Bodywork Complete!
Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Bodywork Complete!Ko‘rishlar soni 388 mingOy oldin
16:55My 700HP Supra FIRST DRIVE!
My 700HP Supra FIRST DRIVE!Ko‘rishlar soni 572 mingOy oldin
16:29Tuned 2020 Supra gives Unexpected Results!
Tuned 2020 Supra gives Unexpected Results!Ko‘rishlar soni 409 mingOy oldin
20:222020 Supra NEW Wheels! Insane Fitment!
2020 Supra NEW Wheels! Insane Fitment!Ko‘rishlar soni 760 mingOy oldin
19:08Bagged my 2020 Toyota Supra!
Bagged my 2020 Toyota Supra!Ko‘rishlar soni 666 mingOy oldin
14:01Painting the Ferrari GT3 458!
Painting the Ferrari GT3 458!Ko‘rishlar soni 547 mingOy oldin
14:46Calvin Bought a 2020 Toyota Supra!!
Calvin Bought a 2020 Toyota Supra!!Ko‘rishlar soni 600 mingOy oldin
16:12Completed Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody!
Completed Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody!Ko‘rishlar soni 656 ming2 oy oldin
15:44Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 4]
Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 4]Ko‘rishlar soni 495 ming2 oy oldin
20:15Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 3]
Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 3]Ko‘rishlar soni 523 ming2 oy oldin
20:24Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 2]
Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 2]Ko‘rishlar soni 566 ming2 oy oldin
21:34Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 1]
Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 1]Ko‘rishlar soni 618 ming2 oy oldin
18:50I Bought a Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Kit!
I Bought a Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Kit!Ko‘rishlar soni 818 ming2 oy oldin
I MADE THE LOUDEST SUPRA IN THE WORLD!Ko‘rishlar soni 565 ming2 oy oldin
17:32My 2020 Supra Prototype Catback Exhaust!
My 2020 Supra Prototype Catback Exhaust!Ko‘rishlar soni 382 ming2 oy oldin
10:07Building a Nissan 350z in 10 Minutes!
Building a Nissan 350z in 10 Minutes!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln2 oy oldin
16:08+100HP TUNE FOR MY 2020 SUPRA!
+100HP TUNE FOR MY 2020 SUPRA!Ko‘rishlar soni 630 ming2 oy oldin
I'M GIVING AWAY ONE OF MY CARS TO YOU!!!Ko‘rishlar soni 397 ming2 oy oldin
FINALLY REVEALING THE SECRET!Ko‘rishlar soni 472 ming2 oy oldin
14:552020 Supra 'Blackout' Mods!! (First ever!)
2020 Supra 'Blackout' Mods!! (First ever!)Ko‘rishlar soni 515 ming3 oy oldin
20:412020 Supra Downpipe Exhaust Install!
2020 Supra Downpipe Exhaust Install!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln3 oy oldin
MAKING THE LOUDEST SUPRA 2 STEP EVER!Ko‘rishlar soni 577 ming3 oy oldin
10:21ALL the Differences between MK4 & MK5 Supra!
ALL the Differences between MK4 & MK5 Supra!Ko‘rishlar soni 322 ming3 oy oldin
13:22NEW wheels for my 2020 Supra!
NEW wheels for my 2020 Supra!Ko‘rishlar soni 541 ming3 oy oldin
17:18My C8 Corvette is Officially ORDERED!
My C8 Corvette is Officially ORDERED!Ko‘rishlar soni 625 ming3 oy oldin
14:25My 2020 Toyota Supra gets BAGGED!
My 2020 Toyota Supra gets BAGGED!Ko‘rishlar soni 747 ming3 oy oldin
TAKING DELIVERY OF MY 2020 TOYOTA SUPRA!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln3 oy oldin
18:34Heavily Modified Toyota Supra POWER RESULTS!
Heavily Modified Toyota Supra POWER RESULTS!Ko‘rishlar soni 416 ming3 oy oldin
18:37Heavily Modified Toyota Supra is COMPLETE!
Heavily Modified Toyota Supra is COMPLETE!Ko‘rishlar soni 492 ming3 oy oldin
20:08Heavily Modified 2JZ FIRST Start Up! Toyota Supra Mk4
Heavily Modified 2JZ FIRST Start Up! Toyota Supra Mk4Ko‘rishlar soni 440 ming3 oy oldin
WE BROUGHT A SURPRISE!Ko‘rishlar soni 287 ming3 oy oldin
10:47Rebuilding a Wrecked Ferrari 458 in 10 Minutes!
Rebuilding a Wrecked Ferrari 458 in 10 Minutes!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln3 oy oldin
6:15Where is my 2020 Toyota Supra...
Where is my 2020 Toyota Supra...Ko‘rishlar soni 361 ming3 oy oldin
19:16Here’s Why I’ve been Quiet about my 700HP Mustang GT...
13:32My Biggest flaw...
My Biggest flaw...Ko‘rishlar soni 319 ming3 oy oldin
8:26Buying a 2020 Corvette OVER a 2020 Toyota Supra!
Buying a 2020 Corvette OVER a 2020 Toyota Supra!Ko‘rishlar soni 526 ming3 oy oldin
11:14SHE'S FINALLY BACK!! (and not for sale)
SHE'S FINALLY BACK!! (and not for sale)Ko‘rishlar soni 386 ming3 oy oldin
7:52Officially got the FIRST 2020 Toyota Supra in California!!!!
11:51Tokyo Drift Meet in Real Life!
Tokyo Drift Meet in Real Life!Ko‘rishlar soni 320 ming4 oy oldin
8:22Toyota Called Me Back Regarding the 2020 Supra!
Toyota Called Me Back Regarding the 2020 Supra!Ko‘rishlar soni 440 ming4 oy oldin
17:04Trying to Buy the FIRST 2020 Supra in California!
Trying to Buy the FIRST 2020 Supra in California!Ko‘rishlar soni 748 ming4 oy oldin
WORLD’S LOUDEST BRZ EXHAUST GETS UPDATED!Ko‘rishlar soni 301 ming4 oy oldin
19:21I’m going to Rebuild my FULLY BUILT 1994 Mazda RX-7!
I’m going to Rebuild my FULLY BUILT 1994 Mazda RX-7!Ko‘rishlar soni 318 ming4 oy oldin
18:00We Installed Lambo Doors on a Subaru BRZ!
We Installed Lambo Doors on a Subaru BRZ!Ko‘rishlar soni 571 ming4 oy oldin
10:20Toyota Supra Intercooler + Bumper MOUNTED! (update)
Toyota Supra Intercooler + Bumper MOUNTED! (update)Ko‘rishlar soni 262 ming4 oy oldin
11:48Buying a 350z from a junkyard!
Buying a 350z from a junkyard!Ko‘rishlar soni 268 ming4 oy oldin
13:35Making an Offer on a Junkyard 350z... (HIDDEN MODS!)
Making an Offer on a Junkyard 350z... (HIDDEN MODS!)Ko‘rishlar soni 352 ming4 oy oldin
11:32She’s fallen in love with something else
She’s fallen in love with something elseKo‘rishlar soni 307 ming4 oy oldin
I WENT TO A CAR MEET WITH NO LAWS!!Ko‘rishlar soni 469 ming4 oy oldin
10:45How hertlife blew up my Rx-7...Rest in Peace
How hertlife blew up my Rx-7...Rest in PeaceKo‘rishlar soni 273 ming4 oy oldin
MAKING AN OFFER ON HIS OLD 240SX...Ko‘rishlar soni 401 ming4 oy oldin
MY SUPERCHARGED MUSTANG FIGHTS A BLOWN MOTOR?Ko‘rishlar soni 225 ming4 oy oldin
ADDRESSING THE RUMORS...Ko‘rishlar soni 311 ming4 oy oldin
WIDEBODY RX-7 TAKES ON MY FERRARI...Ko‘rishlar soni 240 ming4 oy oldin
MY NEW RACECAR REVEAL!!Ko‘rishlar soni 411 ming4 oy oldin
16:34Cops will HATE my Ferrari 458 Now....
Cops will HATE my Ferrari 458 Now....Ko‘rishlar soni 346 ming4 oy oldin
MUSTANG GT + NOS = GREAT IDEA?Ko‘rishlar soni 260 ming4 oy oldin
10:06Buying Ridiculously CHEAP Car Parts from Wish!
Buying Ridiculously CHEAP Car Parts from Wish!Ko‘rishlar soni 336 ming5 oy oldin
CAR GUYS BE LIKEKo‘rishlar soni 237 ming4 oy oldin
15:58I owe an apology....
I owe an apology....Ko‘rishlar soni 349 ming4 oy oldin
TUNED FERRARI 458 HAS A CRAZY SURPRISE...Ko‘rishlar soni 454 ming5 oy oldin
MY WRECKED FERRARI 458 IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!!!Ko‘rishlar soni 406 ming5 oy oldin
11:53Mustang GT NEW Wheel Reveal!
Mustang GT NEW Wheel Reveal!Ko‘rishlar soni 300 ming5 oy oldin
11:21Rebuilding my Wrecked Ferrari - FINAL PART
Rebuilding my Wrecked Ferrari - FINAL PARTKo‘rishlar soni 265 ming5 oy oldin
MAKING MY BRZ BACKFIRE EVEN LOUDER!Ko‘rishlar soni 273 ming5 oy oldin
16:42My Wrecked Ferrari 458 is getting PAINTED!
My Wrecked Ferrari 458 is getting PAINTED!Ko‘rishlar soni 306 ming5 oy oldin
7:34Saying Goodbye to my Red Ferrari...
Saying Goodbye to my Red Ferrari...Ko‘rishlar soni 368 ming5 oy oldin
TWIN TURBO'ING MY FERRARI 458?!?!Ko‘rishlar soni 317 ming5 oy oldin
FERRARIS & YOGA PANTSKo‘rishlar soni 356 ming5 oy oldin
BRZ NEW WHEEL SETUP REVEAL!Ko‘rishlar soni 355 ming5 oy oldin
17:51Big Turbo Supra is “UP TO SPEED"
Big Turbo Supra is “UP TO SPEED"Ko‘rishlar soni 303 ming5 oy oldin
DRIVING THE LOUDEST FERRARI 458 IN THE WORLDKo‘rishlar soni 456 ming5 oy oldin
10:03You won't believe what this Warthog can do...
You won't believe what this Warthog can do...Ko‘rishlar soni 276 ming5 oy oldin
I MADE THE LOUDEST FERRARI 458 IN THE WORLDKo‘rishlar soni 799 ming5 oy oldin
10:41Driving the SUPERCHARED Mustang GT for the First Time!
Driving the SUPERCHARED Mustang GT for the First Time!Ko‘rishlar soni 409 ming5 oy oldin
14:56Mustang GT gets LOW & STIFF! (Full Roush kit!)
Mustang GT gets LOW & STIFF! (Full Roush kit!)Ko‘rishlar soni 286 ming5 oy oldin
15:245 things I HATE about my Ferrari 458
5 things I HATE about my Ferrari 458Ko‘rishlar soni 321 ming5 oy oldin
9:40Calvin’s HINTS his NEW Car in this video....
Calvin’s HINTS his NEW Car in this video....Ko‘rishlar soni 233 ming5 oy oldin
15:17Supercharged Mustang GT FIRST START UP!!!
Supercharged Mustang GT FIRST START UP!!!Ko‘rishlar soni 368 ming6 oy oldin
14:13Our Supra's 2JZ Engine is almost READY!
Our Supra's 2JZ Engine is almost READY!Ko‘rishlar soni 281 ming6 oy oldin


  • insane 😎👏

  • Not to say this kid doesn’t deserve it, but I’m almost certain it’s going to get totaled. Learning stick in a 700hp MUSTANG, that’s a no no.

  • Prove all of the haters wrong Nick, respect the beast and don't get overconfident. Have fun but not TOO much yet :)

  • I’m from fucking Houston

  • Great results, this new platform is great with great tuning capabilities all around! We can't wait to get our hands on one!! ;)

  • This is gonna be a wicked build, tuning capabilities are immense! ;)

  • Awesome builds, congrats on your success!! NVM :)

  • I want vlogmas but after Sema I think you deserve a break man

  • supra all day everyday bro! insta - aaron.a5

  • Sick AF

  • As an amateur guy doing soundproofing stuff to my car you need combo - Butyl to reduce vibrations, Sound barrier like MLV material's "rubbery" but HEAVY and finally sound absorption. A combo of these three gives you the best result, done trunk, roof, engine bay, doors and I left floor the last as it's hard to be done, need to remove almost everything from inside

  • I simple man.i see rice,i dislike

  • What kind kit do u use?

  • Please yess daily uploads for Christmas

  • TJ I think we should compromise as fans. How about every other day you upload a video for Vlogmas? And an idea for the next give away, 370Z?

  • Car isn't gonna last long

  • When did the mk4 get a recaro

  • How much money does it usually take to make a car like this? I would like to do one but idk how much it costs

  • i would love to have that car man. My mom loved 350s and i wanted to get her one one day but i lost her back in February. Wish i could have gotten one for her eventually.

  • 458/Supra: hold my beer

  • lawn mower bmw

  • I cannot begin to imagine what his insurance would be

  • Broooo rear wiper delete on the Supra!🙏🏻

  • Bruh the doors have no handles

  • Supra! @tmann_18

  • Tj, huge fan but listen man and even if you don't see this I gotta say it, you are such a big inspiration in my life, Ive been watching you for years now and I still get so hyped when you upload something, some of my close buddies of mine are starting a channel in the new year and you inspired us to step out of our comfort zones and start one, thank you for everything you do for us viewers, we live up in Canada sop you should come visit sometime!!!

  • Texas is screwed lol

  • Cute nails - my girlfriend said

  • Pretty sure Texas speed doesn't make coyote headers

  • 19, can't work a manual transmission and has a 700hp car. What could go wrong 😂

  • Food for thought: if your going to mash the acceleration, make sure there isn’t a crowd.

  • He gnna fuck up the transmission in less than a week

  • Cheers for the Fixd heads up. Didn't use you're code as wasn't sure how to do it. looking forward to receiving the item this week :)

  • Everyone saying his clutch will go out. Yes that's true, but what if he goes and learns to drive manual in a easier car. I'm sure he'll do that because of how intimidating the car is.

  • Haters will always be haters. People are only rude when they are jealous. Get over yourself. Congratulations on the car Nick.

  • This boi looks scary similar to the guy who won Adam lz’s r33 skyline 👀

  • What parts did you use

  • yayuh

  • Super sweet car

  • Teej your street hunter kit came out FULL SEND

  • We want vVLOGMAS

  • Huge respect for you bro for giving Nick sucha cool kick start with that sick ride .. Im all the way down in South Africa ... what are the chances of someone from this neck of the woods winning sumthin like that ... would u ship it? Always wondered about that ....

  • After ride he change oil what a fuck is that?

  • ig : candywhite.ed30 Definitely the Supra👌🏼

  • I wish I won Ik we all wish we won

  • Once i heard auto I thought oh fuck LOL

  • BMW M3 RIP Giorgi Tevzadzi

  • Red wheels don't get along with red brake calipers. If you want to show off your brakes, be sure the wheel color contrasts with the caliper color.

  • Great job on this kit! Absolutely love it!

  • I wonder how much this kids insurance is gonna be lol

  • Damn it, I would love this car, could eliminate all my enemies

  • This stupid mustang is finaly off of the channel💥🔥🙈

  • I love daily uploads but I also like to see TJ health so do what you want 🙌🏾

  • Tj after watching your videos I can only say I just wanted to work with you, can I ?

  • Oh man i remember leaving the lot for the first time with stick and i was scared shitless 😂 but if he's careful he'll be rev matching and smooth driving in a week

  • Get a bike tj, we need that on the channel

  • What a lucky guy , s550 mustangs already feel amazing I can only imagine with a supercharger 🤤

  • Clutch will be fine, kid will be fine. Good for him 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Эмоции не передать!!! Я в охуе с выхлопа!!!

  • 10 мин это хорошо , а вот сколько сотен тысяч потрачено за восстановление!)?

  • I‘m happy for him, but I‘m concerned that he doesnt know how to drive stick. Driving 700 horsepower when you come from a car with under 200hp is crazy and when its even manual is just way to dangerous for him.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • TJ being that father figure for all the young car guys 😂

  • we all know the DAD will be using that Mustang...

  • What motor did y’all put in.

  • Couldn't think of a better candidate for that car man!! I nearly wet the bed once I jumped from my '99 Eclipse GS and my 1JZ boosted 400hp IS300. It was just nothing short of the most amazing feelings to see the throttle response and what a "real" car felt like. Not a supercar but was super fun. BUUUTTT..... he needs to go ahead and order a clutch or two and get ready to get dirty as it's not gonna hold up due to the experience of the drive and inexperience of the driver!! 🤣👍

  • hey im new to your chanel but what does tj do for a living?

  • Update: Nick is still alive but he lost to a Corvette. 👊

  • Vlogmas!!!!

  • So no one is gonna say anything about Calvin getting hurt his beautiful face is now ruined

  • Thumb up for video, thumb down for fucking around too much.

  • New BBK and tires for the MK4!!!

  • anyone know where tj bought his 2step from?

  • What was the total cost of build this?

  • Hey how u guys got those cars mans i really want one

  • Definitely the 458, one of my favorite cars of all time. Check out my IG at Teggymike97

  • Congrats nick! Seems like a good guy to win it🤙🏼

  • I bet his dad has been driving that thing to work talking about we will teach you next weekend 😂😂😂

  • The car I was most excited for sema was your 458 GT3 build well-done doctor! #mvmt

  • He looked like he wanted the supra more😂😂😂

  • anyone know where to but the poncho that Calvin was wearing??

  • Why do their giveaway "winners" never look excited ?

  • 179hp in a tc ? he means 129 & no im not gonna google check my facts

  • 458 broski! That green is on point! @ mccage17

  • Has this kid ever driven a car? 😂😂😂

  • Hispanic people working on Tj's hunt supra👌💯

  • VLOGMAS 2019! Even if it's short vids would love to see it <3

  • those last rims were on point

  • Congrats but I still don't know who the hell you are?

  • damn it woulda been dope if someone who’s not a total fucking goober won the car😂

  • What a lucky man.

  • Made the cut at 22:47-22:50. Lol. Thanks TJ for the autograph. Keep it dope my brother.

  • Dam Nick save some pu##y for the rest of us!

  • Damn that's shit there that shit there straight killed it sick man

  • Hope he gets insurance pretty quick, because I think he might wrap it into a curb or a tree if he's not careful.

  • this is going to be me one day

  • He’s a BOT😂

  • Definitely do vlogmas! Just don't push yourself to make a 20 min video, random 5 minute vlogs about nothing can be the best ones 👌

  • All of a sudden everyone knows how to handle 700hp🤣