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1:27UK: Galar Research Recap | #PokemonSwordShield ⚔️🛡️
1:27Galar Research Recap | #PokemonSwordShield ⚔️🛡️
0:21Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon-Cosmic Eclipse has landed!
Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon-Cosmic Eclipse has landed!Ko‘rishlar soni 200 ming13 kun oldin
0:28Pokémon GO Community Day Featuring Chimchar! 🔥🔥🔥
0:28UK: Pokémon GO Community Day Featuring Chimchar
UK: Pokémon GO Community Day Featuring ChimcharKo‘rishlar soni 77 ming28 kun oldin
0:26UK: Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield!
UK: Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield!Ko‘rishlar soni 161 mingOy oldin
0:26Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️
Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️Ko‘rishlar soni 2.1 mlnOy oldin
1:33:002019 Pokémon World Championships | TCG Masters Top 8
1:03:522019 Pokémon World Championships | TCG Masters Top 4
43:302019 Pokémon World Championships | VGC Masters Top 4
27:232019 Pokémon World Championships | VGC Masters Top 8
0:37UK: Meet Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Sword!
UK: Meet Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Sword!Ko‘rishlar soni 222 mingOy oldin
0:37Meet Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Sword! ⚔️
Meet Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Sword! ⚔️Ko‘rishlar soni 3.6 mlnOy oldin
0:31Pokémon Masters is available now!
Pokémon Masters is available now!Ko‘rishlar soni 2.2 mln2 oy oldin
7:20:412019 Pokémon World Championships-FINALS
2019 Pokémon World Championships-FINALSKo‘rishlar soni 308 ming3 oy oldin
1:292019 Pokémon World Championships: Event Experience
2019 Pokémon World Championships: Event ExperienceKo‘rishlar soni 14 ming2 oy oldin
11:55:012019 Pokémon World Championships-Day 2
2019 Pokémon World Championships-Day 2Ko‘rishlar soni 154 ming3 oy oldin
33:282019 Pokémon World Championships: VGC Senior Division Finals
37:582019 Pokémon World Championships: VGC Junior Division Finals
1:172019 Pokémon Worlds Welcome Kit Highlights
2019 Pokémon Worlds Welcome Kit HighlightsKo‘rishlar soni 16 ming2 oy oldin
1:18Pokémon GO Invitational Recap
Pokémon GO Invitational RecapKo‘rishlar soni 17 ming2 oy oldin
11:44:172019 Pokémon World Championships-Day 1
2019 Pokémon World Championships-Day 1Ko‘rishlar soni 333 ming3 oy oldin
0:23Get Ready for a Pokémon GO Community Day Featuring Turtwig!
0:32Spread summer cheer with Gifts!
Spread summer cheer with Gifts!Ko‘rishlar soni 131 ming3 oy oldin
0:31UK: Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon-Unified Minds Is Here!
UK: Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon-Unified Minds Is Here!Ko‘rishlar soni 523 ming3 oy oldin
0:16Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon-Unified Minds, Available Now!
0:15Explore the 2019 World Championships with Pikachu
Explore the 2019 World Championships with PikachuKo‘rishlar soni 63 ming3 oy oldin
4:25Pikachu vs. Espeon! | Pokémon: Battle Frontier
Pikachu vs. Espeon! | Pokémon: Battle FrontierKo‘rishlar soni 859 ming3 oy oldin
0:16The Legendary Rayquaza Returns to Pokémon GO!
The Legendary Rayquaza Returns to Pokémon GO!Ko‘rishlar soni 340 ming3 oy oldin
0:29Snap the perfect picture with Pokémon GO!
Snap the perfect picture with Pokémon GO!Ko‘rishlar soni 76 ming3 oy oldin
0:36They’re in our world now…
They’re in our world now…Ko‘rishlar soni 318 ming3 oy oldin
0:24Pokémon GO Community Day-Featuring Ralts!
Pokémon GO Community Day-Featuring Ralts!Ko‘rishlar soni 389 ming3 oy oldin
0:29Dance in the rain with Pokémon GO!
Dance in the rain with Pokémon GO!Ko‘rishlar soni 160 ming3 oy oldin
0:48Time to start exploring in Pokémon Rumble Rush!
Time to start exploring in Pokémon Rumble Rush!Ko‘rishlar soni 216 ming3 oy oldin
1:02Mudkip, use Water Gun! | Pokémon: Advanced
Mudkip, use Water Gun! | Pokémon: AdvancedKo‘rishlar soni 203 ming3 oy oldin
4:09Pokémon Masters | Trailer
Pokémon Masters | TrailerKo‘rishlar soni 3.3 mln4 oy oldin
0:21Pokémon GO Community Day: Mudkip Everywhere!
Pokémon GO Community Day: Mudkip Everywhere!Ko‘rishlar soni 807 ming4 oy oldin


  • Grookey is soo cute :)

  • Silver: NOT AVAILABLE Lance: NOT AVAILABLE Cynthia: NOT AVAILABLE Steven: NOT AVAILABLE Diantha: NOT AVAILABLE Kukui: NOT AVAILABLE Tobias: NOT AVAILABLE (PLEASE GIVE HIM DARKRAI OR LATIOS) Oak: NOT AVAILABLE All Strong Characters not available.😭 But I love this Game and I'm mad for not Find Fannie.😂😭

  • Toby had his undertale theme songs used in 2 big wrestling events, and now he he made a ost for the new pokemon game. Damn Toby.

  • the pokémon is you

  • Imagine removing this awesome new mechanic...MEGA EVOLUTION!

  • This is what put me over the edge into buying this game

  • At least I could change the shitty gnetle nature of my Diancie... wait... can I even transfer Daincie in gen 8? Glad I see vitamins now do have sense

  • Yo ya lo voy q terminar

  • Kinda sounds like smash bros theme song, I like it😍

  • I wanted to see mega chazard vs giga max charzard. Also giga butterfree vs mega bedrill would have been cool


  • Can we please get a fully fledged Pokémon anime in this style?

  • I mean the voice fits, but I was expecting a better voice for Primarina, sounds like an opera fat woman.

  • 0:18 Galarian Cofaguris?

  • You know its good when it has the graphics of a shovelware title

  • There's a scary Theory about the old Chateau and explains why there is a ghost girl and ghost Butler and why gardenia showed up in front of the old Chateau in Platinum The Story Goes that the old Butler the little girl and gardenia are family that lived in the old chateau the father was the gym leader of Eterna City and was going to pass down his gym leader title to his daughter and once gardenia found out about she wasn't going to be the gym leader she killed both her father and sister by poisoning them with food she then regretted what she did and tried to save them but it was too late that's why in the kitchen you find an antidote in the trash can she threw away the evidence

  • Keep your game. It is my first Pokemon game i am not buying. It is terrible. It contains terrible stuff like Dynamaxing and i cannot catch them all. Not even all fan favourites. And then these new pokemon are horrible. Yuck

  • 👍

  • SWORD or SHIELD . Whichi Your Choice?

  • Better than anything else I've heard from the game.

  • I like magikarp

  • Wait what’s going on

  • Gotta catch em all

  • Spotify when? :3 <3

  • In my opinion gen8 Pokemon is the worst evolution design for their starter,it's turn out to be come more humanoid or like Digimon evolution! sorry not sorry

  • I bought eevee... damn it

  • the baby is 2

  • Nice

  • Seeing this reminds me of when I obliterared Dr. Xerosic in the Looker Aftermath Story in Pokemon Y. He was evilly speaking to me saying he had a lot of Pokemon with him. My reaction was "Is this all ya got? I've got a whole Pokemon army!" Speaking of which, I already figured it out. After Dr. Xerosic reached Galarian prison with Detective Looker, he was battered and sent adrift in the ocean while Xerosic created Team Yell. He eventually washed ashore in the Hoenn Region Battle Island Resort and in time he grew better and came back in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Moon, and Ultra Sun. And I think I already know that Xerosic is Team Yell's leader. And mark my words, Trainers. I'm gonna hunt down and kill that fat ugly warlock.

  • I can't believe you mouth breathers dawn over this like a fly to a turd.

  • You got to admit, Toby knows how to make a good fight song.

  • I think this is going to be some sort of battle frontier boss

  • Mais qu'est que c'est que ce truc ?

  • I think Cheryl is Clemont's mom as well as Korrina's.

  • Just realized the singer is probably the protagonist from Magikarp jump

  • **cries cause it’s not on Netflix no more**

  • New Pokemon 0:18

  • 0:59 the best

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅅㅂ 이건 진짜 변신해서 못알아봐도 인정

  • These games... RIP old school Pokémon

  • @

  • @

  • Oh my gosh for a second that was glitter force

  • 0:11 Okay, I did NOT expect a fisherman Pokemon to appear in the game. I read no leaks about it, and I’m serious.

  • Naw fam, gimme that sweet sweet DYNAMAX. 😑

  • And lucario?

  • Where is mega gardevoir

  • Toby's great af

  • Lol I bot the magikarp

  • Its rewind time

  • I saw this in tokyo japan

  • 1 day

  • all I hear is the boy is baby 2 ost

  • Green Dio Green Dio

  • Pokemon loser sailor moon?

  • It feels like a Toby fox song as well!

  • Toby is slowly but surely taking over Nintendo

  • Sans is the rival I guess.

  • Tomorrows Christmas! I mean... it might as well be, right? Lol so hyped!

  • SANS?!?!

  • Ah the memories

  • Goodbye generation 7, you weren’t my absolute favorite games in the series (bw2 will prob hold that forever), but you were certainly one of the better Pokemon games I’ve ever played in my life, and I’ve put way more hours than I’d like to admit into it and the ultra games. Goodbye Alola, it’s time for Galar.


  • the fact is you don't have a switch to play this 😂 thats me

  • I hate pegendaries in the vgc

  • It's funny how in 2019 they really spoiled to much in Sun and moon

  • Some nice stuff. Still no national dex so not buying it though.

  • Wait was this reuploaded?

  • Can i catch annoying dog in pokemon sword and shield?

  • He did not have to use so many trumpets. But he did... he did that for us.

  • สำหรับไพ่เป็นชั่วโมง

  • So how are IVs going to work? As I understand the Vitamins etc are only meant for EVs or has that changes aswell?

  • imagine megalovania playing in the game

  • Love you toby! This is amazing

  • No one is gonna ask why that Charizard at 4:24 is so small?

  • Seibah doggo used EXCALIBAHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • I'm hyped for this! I just wish certain Pokemon have a good chance of being in tho

  • Toby is the best, legend!

  • the theme songs sucked after hoenn js

  • It's a whole new place with a brand new attitude. But you still gotta catch em all~ That aged quite terribly to be honest.


  • Can't wait to battle Queen Elizabeth

  • 0:23 look at meowth xD

  • i think this is a opening song in game(i think...)

  • i magikarp is only weak when it has a everstone

  • Gamefreak your amazing and all but you've gotta admit you took an L with this one

  • Release that song!

  • it's so weird seeing everybody hyped up about the game back then meanwhile Pokemon Master players I'm getting really tired of using Blue that's all I ever use

  • Homestuck did this... AND IT’S GREAT!

  • Wow! I can't wait to bring all the cool Pokemon I caught in this game like Swampert and Groudon into Pokemon Sword™️ and Pokemon Shield™️

  • I absolutely love how you can hear Toby's intense style but you can recognize it as a Pokémon battle theme. If no one listened to any of Toby's original works, they probably wouldn't tell the difference so props to Toby Fox for once again blowing my mind with his outstanding music!

  • All i can hear is undertale

  • are there shines?

  • Why the trainers or pokemon aint dying after those dynamax moves?

  • Tomorrow sword and shield!!!!!!

  • What next earthbound 3 mother 4 is undertale

  • I can't wait to challenge sans in a pokemon battle

  • Gameplay leaks are everywhere Eternatus boss raid, Gym Leaders battle and walkthrough

  • I now have 2 reasons to buy the game: Sir Fetch’d and Toby

  • when the heck did this happen. geez, pokemon movies these day, sprouting out of nowhere