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9:52French Montana Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
French Montana Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 887 ming6 kun oldin
12:49Fifth ComplexCon Is In The Books! - RECAP | #LIFEATCOMPLEX
8:55Kevin Gates Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Kevin Gates Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln13 kun oldin
4:48ASAP Ferg Test Drives a McLaren 720S | The Pit
ASAP Ferg Test Drives a McLaren 720S | The PitKo‘rishlar soni 203 ming13 kun oldin
9:24Aaron Paul Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Aaron Paul Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln20 kun oldin
10:43The Air Jordan 1 Fearless Collection! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX
The Air Jordan 1 Fearless Collection! | #LIFEATCOMPLEXKo‘rishlar soni 70 ming24 kun oldin
10:56PJ Tucker Returns For Sneaker Shopping With Complex
PJ Tucker Returns For Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln25 kun oldin
10:22Some Of The TOUGHEST Athletes In The World! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX
7:55Joji Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Joji Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 1.5 mlnOy oldin
WE FOUND THE SNEAKERS! | #LIFEATCOMPLEXKo‘rishlar soni 28 mingOy oldin
7:41Upcoming Harden Vol 4 Colorways! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX
Upcoming Harden Vol 4 Colorways! | #LIFEATCOMPLEXKo‘rishlar soni 22 mingOy oldin
9:58DaBaby Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
DaBaby Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 3.8 mlnOy oldin
8:35Combating Bullies, One Anime at a Time | Group Therapy
10:05Supreme Lacoste Predicting The Resell! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX
8:55Ninja Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Ninja Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 mlnOy oldin
9:09NLE Choppa Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
NLE Choppa Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 4 mlnOy oldin
7:45Nike Lebron 17 First Looks! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX
Nike Lebron 17 First Looks! | #LIFEATCOMPLEXKo‘rishlar soni 222 mingOy oldin
7:32Getting Stuck with Your Friend’s Friend | Group Therapy
10:23Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 3.6 mln2 oy oldin
8:20Two Air Jordan Unboxings! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX
Two Air Jordan Unboxings! | #LIFEATCOMPLEXKo‘rishlar soni 63 ming2 oy oldin


  • Him screaming “price check” and then “get it” is a life goal

  • Can someone tell me what kind of air forces on the thumbnail?

  • Y'all really disrespecting Jhene Aiko by saying H.E.R? H.E.R is good but she doesn't come no where close to Jhene.

  • Wow

  • She bought 3 pairs of shoes for 2000. I can get 30 pairs with that much money for real

  • Lmaooooo Wayno was hella tight.

  • What shop are they at ? Why was those last pair of Nikes so expensive on the list ?

  • Ak is right about the Ovo thing. It would be a Drake presents album.

  • It’s not hard to work a shift while high fam lol

  • You love your homies thats gay

  • They mentioned Eminem and Iggy and said Iggy had said some bad things so they forgot when Em before being famous had recording saying "nigger" and in a bad way but i digress. When making a point make sure you dont make a bad one lol

  • Game spitting facts. He hasn't lost a rap beef yet. He ended G-unit. 50 even admitted that himself. Look back at that beef, nobody heard from Olivia, young buck, Tony yayo, lloyd banks again. 50 had that album he dropped when kanye dropped and lost that battle then that was the end. 300 bars and runnin, stop snitchin stop lyin, that documentary he dropped ended all of them.

  • There's confirmed audio of Em rapping racist raps & well still have brothers diving over one another to uphold his honor...really nasty behavior let this chump defend himself

  • Slap stick silly snort is hilarious!

  • I hope the game know that playing golf doesn't involve no guns

  • Lil pump isn't even top 5

  • People hate when people rock with Jay Z. Akademics talks way more about Drake than Wayno even talks about Jay.

  • Is the rosacea part of the outfit or?

  • Lonzo sounds like blueface

  • that make up tho

  • Billie Eilish at 17: became a famous singer Me at 17: watching the windows to see which raindrop won the race

  • Kevin - *goes sneaker shopping. Also Kevin - *buys hats.

  • Nobody: Gunna: *completely unintelligible noises*

  • Drake is a blackface wearing silver spoon fuck boy. Culture vulture for sure smh

  • Young boy an odd fella

  • He didnt even need to pay for it. Nike can just give him any shoe he wants.

  • That laker jacket fire as fuck 🔥🔥🔥

  • Y’all whole argument is foolish, because Lord Jamar never said he was a culture vulture. He said he’s a guest in hip hop. AK you even got Dame Dash definition on culture vulture wrong. We don’t see Iggy, Em or Post in the hoods helping black ppl,,,but they are benefitting off black culture. That’s wrong!!!

  • Trip-$trip.ENT PRESENTS: 'The Great' VENNY PAYNE New Single(Former Boston Celtic/Brooklyn Nets) "Kyrie Irving" Click the link below CHECK IT OUT!!! Like,Comment,Share Thanks for the love and support Peace & Love

  • 8:55 Curve

  • NY dudes be wilding lol


  • Did yow heard what he said “could’ve independence and didn’t have to sign or be under no contract”

  • AK is the new Wayno in this one

  • Shorty ass ain’t even know the name of the Drake Kanye collab, G L O W

  • Track 18 Glow ft Kanye !!

  • Shopping while skies is high af

  • Nah, no cap maxo kream is. Look him up and his old videos and documentaries, even look at a documentary on the southwest , of houston. Kream fr the clique for gang shit and shoes, KICKS RULE EVERYTHING AROUND ME KREAM, RUN IN YO TURF LIKE A FVCKING FOOTBALL TEAM

  • don c aint got no saying in this he designed the 312 jordans

  • Forgot about this nigga.

  • I don't like French Montana

  • Thought he had on some Champion shoes on for a second! This show is getting kinda corny by the way!

  • French Look like drake 😅

  • TECH N9NE👑🤡🕶🐍🦇😈💀🔥🙏📀💿🎥🎞🎬🖥🔊📈🌡✌🌶🖌🎨🖋📕🎶🎹🎻🎵🎼🎙🤘🎺🎤🎸🎧🎷🎚🎙🥁🥇👆🆙☝💯

  • 👍🏿😍🎵🎶💖📱📺📽🎬

  • Drake should’ve hit em worst behavior before he walked off

  • He thought akademiks was his friend

  • Eminem wasn’t jacking the culture. He made great hip hop songs talking about the trailer park and poor white people shit, Not black culture. He was authentic that’s why we related to him

  • Bu ne birader codein bitti lean mi başladı. Bu ilaç sektörü de rapçiler de iyi yönetiyor piyasayı.

  • Fuck the internet that what I think when ppl come at me when I make my own opinions how I feel about something. We all human money don't make you real being real make you real remember that trolls. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Racks talkin that ish but wtf he got on. Foh 🥱

  • I’m an EM fan but he is a culture vulture

  • $246 for a regular 97 airmax what a fucking rip off. these goes on sale every month.


  • 1:42 *joe rogan would like to know your location*

  • *gave 50 grand to immigrant kids* Yeah, he gave the 50k from selling the yeezys to a *Colombian immigrants* for that *yayo* he’s clearly tweaking on 😂

  • Tech Royce Eminem my top top 3

  • Akademiks isn't one bit of a racist PFFFFFTTTTT

  • Tyga has one of the best style v asap Rocky... what do you guys reckon ?

  • Nedeska PC basic ass so fucking annoying she like the new Angela yee,

  • *tells story about refusing to sell gifted yeezys even after $50k offer* 2 seconds later “a day later they got stolen” 😂 yeah right buddy used that for 2 keys and by the looks of hit he’s been sniffing it ever since 😂

  • RZA was on Joe Rogan y’all should check it out

  • Heyo... Joji... 🙋

  • Cant make a lay up

  • #RIPNipseyHussle #TheMarathonContinues #ErmiasAsghedom #ATrueKing

  • AK is always trying to throw his co-hosts under the bus.. lol lol. His mouth gets him into alot of trouble.. lol

  • 6:08 the funniest shit I've seen

  • Tech is really weird. He is not cool to me

  • Harlem dresses nasty, Mal and Wayno

  • Damn Akademiks, you really do look like a chipmunk...

  • Post Malone is a culture vulture.

  • #OG life👍😉🔥

  • Imagine if you went to a concert to see Meek mills and they bought out Maroon 5🙄 We know who they are, we like their songs. But ummmmmm, we want Meek. Pleeez and tanks.

  • I feel what Wack said, but also feel like Victory Lap was Nip's best work.. Kind a torn on this aspect cause I feel if he hadn't died he was going to become a lot more popular for his music.

  • "That's life brother...trials and tribulations." ... "I quit."

  • Designer needs to go away

  • Not about the music. It's about the message

  • Such a special intro LOVE IT!

  • This country is such shit and its pieces of scum like this.

  • Show is dope but the Gia Chick sucks ass

  • colorado!!! yea!!!!!

  • 6:02 he don’t even need to carry cash

  • Is 40 glocc still after him? Did rosemo knock him out? Does he still talk with Jimmy henchman? What's his relation with big fase these days? Is him and Compton menace cool? Will he pay that bitch 7 million? Does he anymore unrealased raps of 4bent? Will him and 50 collab again?

  • Scott looks like the long lost Kings of Leon band member who broke off and tried to be hip.

  • Bruh. get the mic OFF that jacket... Damn

  • I want sneakers just like that tututtututu

  • Intro song pls?

  • I wanna see 50 cent run for president in 2024 too!

  • “Culture vulture” in a nutshell If you have less melanin in your skin you better not rhyme english words over a beat Fuck off

  • Holy fuck how can someone not box but be a heavy weight world champion. Deontay isn’t even that strong and fast compared to many heavy weight boxers, people really think he’s just strong and thats it.

  • Everyone sleeping on Justin Timberlake 🙃

  • 🇰🇪


  • Is wayno high all the time or his eyes just naturally low asf😂

  • You can't put Steven Seagal and Liam Neeson in the same category. You may not know it but Neeson used to do some amazing work and transitioned into action movies which is really hard to change up like that.

  • I bar papers backwoods an everything

  • I'm the best weed roller ever

  • Them vegans wasn’t ready for drake 😂

  • Put anyone up against eminem in a culture knowledge test about hip-hop em wins hands down and brand newban and Lord jamah have done fuck all for hip-hop Nick cannon has sold more records the brand newban

  • From 07:12, he went back to Shavoo from Next Day Air