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Tony Sims RELIEVED NIGEL BENN COMEBACK cancelledKo‘rishlar soni 2 ming10 kun oldin
2:08The FURYNATOR! Tommy wants to join Tyson Fury in WWE tag team
3:43Tony Sims: John Ryder is THE TANK now, like Mike Tyson
Tony Sims: John Ryder is THE TANK now, like Mike TysonKo‘rishlar soni 1.9 ming10 kun oldin
5:33KSI vs Logan Paul 2 THE AFTERMATH: ReFLEXions weekend review
6:01Charlie Frankham REVEALS CLOSEST FRIENDS & sparring partners
3:24(KSI trainer) Vidal EXCLUSIVE After VICTORY vs Logan Paul
3:27Badu Jack REACTION! After KSI BEATS vs Logan Paul
Badu Jack REACTION! After KSI BEATS vs Logan PaulKo‘rishlar soni 40 ming8 kun oldin
3:47EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Garcia After Logan Paul LOSS! vs KSI
EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Garcia After Logan Paul LOSS! vs KSIKo‘rishlar soni 239 ming8 kun oldin
1:52EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul on TOUGH LOSS vs KSI
EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul on TOUGH LOSS vs KSIKo‘rishlar soni 95 ming8 kun oldin
3:58EXCLUSIVE KSI After WIN! vs Logan Paul
EXCLUSIVE KSI After WIN! vs Logan PaulKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln8 kun oldin
15:08EDDIE HEARN: Logan Paul HAS GOTTEN in KSI 's HEAD!!
EDDIE HEARN: Logan Paul HAS GOTTEN in KSI 's HEAD!!Ko‘rishlar soni 80 ming9 kun oldin
BEHZINGA on KSI v Logan Paul FIGHT BREAKDOWNKo‘rishlar soni 29 ming9 kun oldin
5:04Jake Paul: DEJI Called & Wished Logan LUCK!
Jake Paul: DEJI Called & Wished Logan LUCK!Ko‘rishlar soni 12 ming10 kun oldin
3:23KSI SHOVES Logan Paul at TRASH TALKING Face Off!!  |  DAZN
13:52Joe Weller CONFRONTS Jake Paul BLOWS UP interview
Joe Weller CONFRONTS Jake Paul BLOWS UP interviewKo‘rishlar soni 464 ming10 kun oldin
5:52JOE WELLER Opens Up on DEPRESSION after KSI Fight
JOE WELLER Opens Up on DEPRESSION after KSI FightKo‘rishlar soni 29 ming10 kun oldin
5:50Devin Haney: KSI & Logan Paul talking CRAZY RECKLESS!
Devin Haney: KSI & Logan Paul talking CRAZY RECKLESS!Ko‘rishlar soni 50 ming12 kun oldin
5:14BJ Saunders: Moving UP 175 to FIGHT CANELO!
BJ Saunders: Moving UP 175 to FIGHT CANELO!Ko‘rishlar soni 26 ming12 kun oldin
11:30Eddie Hearn on KSI v Logan Paul INSIDE RUMORS & FIGHT PREDICTION
4:24KSI - FULL L.A PUBLIC WORKOUT ahead of Logan Paul Rematch Clash
20:11Logan Paul - FULL L.A PUBLIC WORKOUT ahead of KSI Rematch Clash
1:28Devin Haney DIGS POWER SHOTS! Public Beach Workout
Devin Haney DIGS POWER SHOTS! Public Beach WorkoutKo‘rishlar soni 10 ming12 kun oldin
5:08KSI: I SAVED Logan Paul Career to STEAL his FANS!
KSI: I SAVED Logan Paul Career to STEAL his FANS!Ko‘rishlar soni 117 ming13 kun oldin
4:29Logan Paul ADMITS Taking SUBSTANCE Before KSI Fight!
Logan Paul ADMITS Taking SUBSTANCE Before KSI Fight!Ko‘rishlar soni 229 ming13 kun oldin
7:31Canelo vs Sergey Kovalev THE VERDICT & the future | ReFLEXions


  • Tommy fury spying at 5:40 dressed as waiter haha

  • You said keep it 1000 , but you already studdered your first 4 words hoe ass nigga ! 9:00

  • The realest in the game

  • excellent overuse of the word n\\\\a by both!!!

  • This charlo is lame!

  • Emotional Youngster the new generation of

  • Jermell oxymoran Charlo 😁

  • Joshua will smash

  • Que anda ahí el piolín ,que chigados sabe de box !

  • “ d-d-do what y-you gotta do then” 😂 charlo sound scary

  • Charlo got robbed in the first fight...plain and simple. Now he has to knock Tony out cause he knows the judges ain't playing fair.

  • F this happen there Will be bigger pay per view.

  • 🙏🏽

  • Adversity don't look like that brah. Sometimes that ego could build you or destroy you. I think he tryna sell tickets, Because he doing wayyy too much.

  • he is passionate and didn't hide his emotions and I'd say that makes him pretty real. i can respect that. that said I'm picking superbad tony harrison

  • The best vibes and good luck in this fight....go get the "W" homie....

  • Tony going win

  • Jack Reese, Robert Bryd, worst refs in the sport you people on here obviously don't watch boxing. Should of been 1 point takeaway. KSI don't want rematch he felt that power

  • I respect one thing this cat said out the whole interview Tony Harris it's not the bigger fish to beat him he ain't the one wow that's deep 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 he knew the fight was rigged and because of politics and people protecting Canelo and so much more that real boxing fans understand and know the truth

  • Wilder 2.0 full.of shit this bloke

  • tony is weak but so is jermell

  • This man has not done anything in boxing. Just has the Fury name. Should stick to Trash TV if he's not going to try to move his career forward seriously.

  • His body language says he's still shook

  • I thought Charlo won the first time. It seems like Harrison snatched Charlo's soul from his chest. Charlo doesn't seem as confident this time around!

  • Tims not tied and BUFFS ON? Real D ish!!!!!!! Let's go!

  • Why is nobody pointing out the fashion nova X maverick collab 😂

  • Ortiz is good AJ 🦆 him only the man wilder will take him on because a true champion 💪🏽

  • Not the life of a champion. Drinking and driving. He’s obviously not living in the truth. Not only that but it’s extremely selfish given he has kids! They offered me a fight with him in 2013. We were both 4-0, he might’ve beat’n me but you won’t catch me drinking and driving when I got my kids waiting at home for me! Best of luck to him.

  • I guess NOBODY noticed that Tony was shaking.

  • Charlo wants to kill this dude. This time he will finish Harrison. This fight is more hype than bit. Harrison didn't do enough to win the last fight and Charlo didn't take him out. Charlo will take him out in dramatic fashion this time. This fight will not go the distance. If it does go the distance Charlo deserve to lose. Harrison is just not in the same class.

  • Tony our boxed him a few rounds but ran mostly.Htown all day #Charlo by Ko I believe the running Tony did will cost him this time if it goes full 12 but I see stoppage

  • Have your own Press Conference in Mexico and USA without Joshua!! Come to LA for a Conference!!

  • Who

  • Jermell is not humble at all I don’t like that he swears he a gangster lol 😂

  • Some of these comments are funny and pure hate..Why watch his interviews if you gonna hate? Close fight Tony didn’t win to me but #Charlo gonna KO him this time. Tony been KO’D twice and some people think he can beat him in rematch..He’ll run around the ring every time Charlo engages watch first fight

  • Misunderstood Bro: it's not Anger.. its Passion! Sometimes they even mistake Passion 4 Confidence ..

  • I Fuck wit Charlo....I think bro misunderstood...Bra just passionate.

  • He Maaaaaad now he want to fight Radio 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Good work Charlo. Keep your head up and don't listen to the haters. Stay blessed.

  • These red suit dummies are ruining everything after a match. Get rid of paying those 2 clown girls that stand in the back and do nothing and that dipshit delahoya.

  • I think. This going to be a good fight &?

  • The guy doing the interview favors errol spence jr.

  • So y'all all gonna act like Harrison didn't just admit to faking an injury?? And y'all siding with him?? Lmaoo

    • Zackeis Thejetpackhero Who gives a fuck. Harrison won the 1st fight. He can pick when Jermell can get his shot back at the title.😂😂😂

  • I can understand people not liking Charlo but the man didn’t lose the fight. If you truly believe he did I think you do t know boxing. And I watched the fight again. Tony only won round 4,7,&9. How you win unanimous off three with no KO? 🤔

  • you are a fuckin dick end of

  • I though 50 year old dudes weren’t worth his time...

  • whos here after part 2

  • Acting big time dickhead a bit hes done nothin boxing wise get ur head down tommy

  • Charlo is already beat

  • Best line in this whole exchange is when he said "You must have grown up w/yo brotha whoopin yo ass cuz you a hoe!" That shit had me ROTFL my ass off. Love the Charlo twins but that shit was funny (smh)

  • Charlo is a cocksucker. Hope he loses

  • I feel u should have won the fight Tony lost

  • The one intellectual thing he said that I really appreciated is that passion can be mistaken for emotion

  • logan gay fans crying buhu

  • This looks like the final fight in the first kung fu panda movie

  • Floyd would beat Tito the same way he beat Corrales.. Idk what weight class they would meet probably 146lbs. Imo Tito is not an elite boxer i don't think Tito would beat Cotto..

  • Fantastic interview!

  • Charlo gon ko this nigga look at his boots lol u see em ..put money up Charlo getting the W

  • Why does it sound like Shannon is choking on d**k

  • “if i go down im gonna go down im gonna go down falling..-trying sorry...” LMAOOOO 🤣🤣

  • I like charlo he been him self you pleasea eveyone in world be your self you pleases ppl coz wen ur self no 1 cant take away from be a men a lion a champ a respectful person

  • Charlo is not nervous, and definitely not scared... His adrenaline is pumping hard ready to knock that boy lights out. Harrison didn't "woop" Charlo. His face was clean after the fight. If anything Harrison scared to go toe to toe, he just scored, ran and hold scared to get knocked out. Nothing impressive about that style of fight. No respect. I would be mad ass hell if I lost to a fighter like that. Linguini legs MF 😂 Knock his lights out!!!

  • 0:26 LOL

  • Cheers Doc.. I'm Starting to feel better already!.

  • This guy is the lamest person on this rock called earth!!!

  • Dis is a super crybaby

  • Harrison literally crippin on Jermell lol

  • And they don't got champion that cry just like you lol

  • Crybaby Water

  • Got smacked anyways

  • This man really wants to 😥🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️


  • Next time zoom in on his crotch and butt!

  • Well this worked

  • Aj has been way more humble ever since the fat Mexican absolutely rocked him watch him be a total different fighter second time around

  • Usyk can domestically abuse me. He has a sexy body and an orphanage retard face.

  • Ooh Saudi Arabia don’t be caught holding hands with your gf you’ll end up in prison and damn if your caught kissing that’s Saudi Arabia wrap your woman’s hair up XD

  • Canelo would end his career

  • Worse move ricky burns made was moving down to matchroom gym

  • Hahaha fisrt question knocked him out

  • Stabbed in the back or just parted company?

  • Charlo should be a bit calmer. He lost he lost

  • Oh no shiver mi timbers he sneezed not 1 not 2 but 3 times

  • Why is jake such a dick its unreal😂🤨🤭

  • He just needs to stay humble this is not showing passion at all. Body language is key Charlo needs to do a better job and prove the public wrong. I watch the fight 3 times he did win the fight and was robbed of the decision but this is a sport in big moments like this when they wanna see you fall you can’t leave stuff to the judges period!!!

  • I'm sorry but jake made me laugh

  • 10oz gloves, no headguards, eddie hold the fuck up. ...go back

  • Man y'all can't talk like about Charlo unles you're a fighter. You don't understand the passion give him a brake

  • Harrison by decision

  • Charlo is hard to like but y’all bet not hide if he wins all the trash y’all talked about him. I think he won the first fight so let’s see how it goes.

  • If KSI lost to someone who went on love island I’d kill myself

  • This bum was gifted a full year with that robbery... No more running now Harrison

  • This didn’t age well!:/

  • He already in Charlos head...smh

  • “shut yo bitch ass up” LOL

  • Oh man !! He almost cried again when he asked the crying question. 99% of fighters definitely don’t cry in front of press. He’s definitely full of estrogen.

  • He’s a fat cunt inne. But seems to have morals which is rare in boxing

  • He probably cries when picking out a shirt for the day,😂.

  • All I see is a determinant fighter that’s coming forward his!

  • He’s a boxer! He fights for a living how the fuck is supposed to look!