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4:53Every Single Tagline From The Champions So Far
Every Single Tagline From The Champions So FarKo‘rishlar soni 3.8 mingKun oldin
12:33NFL Week 11 Betting Advice | B/R Betting Show
NFL Week 11 Betting Advice | B/R Betting ShowKo‘rishlar soni 9 ming3 kun oldin
0:33LeBron James Posterizes Nemanja Bjelica With Unreal Slam
0:34Malik Monk Hits Game-Winning Buzzer-Beater To Stun Pistons
0:31Trae Young Nutmegged Ricky Rubio For A Wild Bucket
Trae Young Nutmegged Ricky Rubio For A Wild BucketKo‘rishlar soni 77 ming5 kun oldin
59:22Burrow Takes Over As No. 1 Pick; Fixing The New York Giants
1:19Draymond Green Ejected in First Game Back From Injury
Draymond Green Ejected in First Game Back From InjuryKo‘rishlar soni 163 ming8 kun oldin
7:47Tony Parker's Full Spurs Retirement Ceremony Highlights
Tony Parker's Full Spurs Retirement Ceremony HighlightsKo‘rishlar soni 364 ming8 kun oldin
14:15NFL Week 10 Betting Advice | B/R Betting Show
NFL Week 10 Betting Advice | B/R Betting ShowKo‘rishlar soni 14 ming10 kun oldin
1:34Nikola Jokic Hits Game Winner Vs. 76ers | Denver Nuggets Win
0:52Kawhi Leonard Took Over 4Q vs. Portland Trail Blazers
Kawhi Leonard Took Over 4Q vs. Portland Trail BlazersKo‘rishlar soni 26 ming12 kun oldin
1:22Kemba Walker Reflects On Emotional Return To Charlotte
Kemba Walker Reflects On Emotional Return To CharlotteKo‘rishlar soni 13 ming12 kun oldin
2:10We Gave Censor $15 To Build His Ultimate 21st Century NBA Squad
0:46Eric Bledsoe Makes Hilarious Inbounds Error
Eric Bledsoe Makes Hilarious Inbounds ErrorKo‘rishlar soni 303 ming13 kun oldin
1:14Tottenham Scores Wild FIFA-Like Goal In The Champions League
1:00:09Fixing the Cleveland Browns; Major NFL Draft Stock Update
Fixing the Cleveland Browns; Major NFL Draft Stock UpdateKo‘rishlar soni 3.5 ming13 kun oldin
5:17Chelsea 4-4 Ajax FULL Champions League Highlights
Chelsea 4-4 Ajax FULL Champions League HighlightsKo‘rishlar soni 21 ming14 kun oldin
1:07:12Coaching Carousel in CFB and NFL; Full Round 1 Mock Draft
Coaching Carousel in CFB and NFL; Full Round 1 Mock DraftKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 ming15 kun oldin
3:00Snoop Dogg Commentates Lakers vs. Spurs and It's Hilarious
0:56Sixers vs. Blazers Final Minute of Game (Wild Finish)
Sixers vs. Blazers Final Minute of Game (Wild Finish)Ko‘rishlar soni 49 ming17 kun oldin
0:53TWO 97-Yard Kick Return Touchdowns in Michigan vs. Maryland
1:16LeBron James Dominates Mavericks In 4th Qtr/OT
LeBron James Dominates Mavericks In 4th Qtr/OTKo‘rishlar soni 44 ming18 kun oldin
0:29Alex Caruso Poster Dunk vs. Mavericks | Lakers Win
Alex Caruso Poster Dunk vs. Mavericks | Lakers WinKo‘rishlar soni 37 ming18 kun oldin


  • Did anyone else see how high Richaun Holmes got when he contested that shot?

  • Guess who has more rings Shaq 😜

  • If you guys played anyone with talent you would immediately get wrecked lol. This works against trash teams only.

  • Me and they boys in madden we go for it no matter what the circumstances are

  • Nasayang ang karera nitong manlalaro na to

  • Me name is gronk and I love eating belts- dude for real get this buff dude on JJ.Watt

  • TJAY!

  • kobe is good at fade dirk is good at one foot fade

  • The smell in my house made that worms cooking actually not look too bad

  • You would of thought this was a playoff game the way SAC was turnt lol

  • At least Vince Carter isn't being booed at like the last time.

  • I can't choose a favourite.

  • Pg Derrick rose $1 SG tracy mcgrady $1 Sf kawhi $3 Pf Dirk $5 C shaq $5 Equals $13 👇 Like if this a good squad

  • This girl in my class say lil tjay her cousin everyone in the class was dead

  • They do jay cutler so dirty lol

  • 1:03 Does anyone know if that guy looking through the window is a reference to something?

  • You know they were screen looking

  • The special Olympics is always an option

  • Probably one of my top 10 players all time - a colts fan

  • At 6:30 he looked exactly like LeBron!

  • Succeeding you father

  • Chris Hogan can rap

  • 6.2 for him

  • Serge funny AF. So African lol

  • Game of zones please

  • Austin Rivers is now on the Rockets lol

  • 5:24 donovan mitchell has a beard but a few seconds later he dosen't.

  • I'm now in my 49th season as a Viking, however, if I could back into time, I would so be a Raider! Why? I absolutely love the complete history of the American Football League. Al Davis was such a great Team Owner, & he alone gave players the chance that they needed. Lots of Respect for Al Davis. I've had the opportunity to attend 1 Raiders game, & I sat in the Black Hole. I had the time of my Life!!! Now, in 2019 season, I've yet to miss ONE Raider Home game because I'm saying good bye to true Football starting with the field of play. Love Love Love the dirt part of the field when baseball is in full swing. I miss the Snake.... Long Live Raider Nation. U guys will NOT be the same team with all the past mystique once you move to Las Vegas. Picture this: You're a Raider with lots of money, it's Friday/Sat Night in Las Vegas, home game tomorrow, U actually think that the players are going to be studying?!!? There's your mistake. & FUCK the City of Oakland for NOT approving the funding for a new stadium...

  • I thought he was Offset from the Migos...

  • Basically they got rid of Andy Reid to bring in chip because Andy let Vick play.. He league sabotaged kick..hopefully they don't go after Lamar

  • MCW is being salty because he's trash after being a ROY

  • "Good job, Now bring me more heads boys!" lol

  • "Pass me the ball I'm a super hot elf!" Yes Danny, We shall.

  • Wilder a beast!

  • Fitzgerald looks like Leonard

  • 83 to 156-- Moss. Not even really that close.

  • 2:00

  • That shit gotta feel amazing ! You retired and you still getting the same love as you were when you were playing

  • Punt returner is the hardest position in special teams.

  • "half a season with boogie cousins" 😂😂

  • indubitably hahahaha

  • 2:23 😂 savages

  • "the goat popped the floor" LeBron: "excuse me?" "No not you" 💀💀💀

  • I personally don't break down people by their skin color I don't categorize them by their race that is the definition of racism you racist!

  • Someone pushed LeBron????

  • 'Clearly my defense has yet to earn your respect' Who's here after Russ said Beverly is a lie?

  • Kd only ate a piece

  • So much respect for the courage this kid possesses


  • Ingram's arm LOOOOL

  • "ok Knicks nvm" 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂

  • God bless you kid 💪

  • Maybe only 6 seasons 😅😂

  • Steven A Smith : day off the weed

  • Josh Hart is so cool 😎

  • “Bring out your busts” lmaooooooooooo

  • Nigga u just can’t do whatever at work. Gonna tell the executives fuck u. No fuck u. Gimme that playbook

  • He was very intelligent in school

  • I miss Kobe being on that floor 😭😭😭😭😭

  • One of the greats def top ten of all time big Vince uuffff

  • 4:21 my favorite

  • they shoulda pulled out the Kanye runaway scene

  • Smart:”it’s going in it’s going in!!!” Kawhi:”in your dreams son..”

  • Where is the 5 cent Smush Parker

  • Who is the dark and lovely next to beer chugging dude😍


    • Macabre Xyl you’re right, could’ve rolled in. I was just trolling hehe props to both teams 💯

    • Definitely not "choked". Actually good shot but it rolled out. Choked is like if he made an airball etc

  • Bleacher Report + Doug “Censor” Martin's Game'n content > Complex + Akademiks Trash Gaming Content ..

  • Bleacher Report + Doug “Censor” Martin's Game'n content > Complex + Akademiks Trash Gaming Content .. Don't @ ME

  • 1:57 Bleacher Report thanks for including shamgod cross over of Terrence Romeo somehow I feel proud for this best ball handler in the Philippines

  • Now have a defensive player charging at them ready to level them

  • My man was literally on the Pistons logo 😂. Why only shots from this year though? He had a lot more even better than a lot of these.

  • José was right lol. No episodes lol

  • It's literally the opposite of Kawhi's game winner in Toronto.

    • Yeah literally. Can't believe it did that

  • This is what I was missing today

  • Good jab at the saints, McEvay.. I love it!!

  • Nice rams nfc championship

  • Adonis ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽💜💜

  • Lmfaoooo like how his suppose to know all of them shits 😐 ya be beasting getting mad at him like

  • pigeons are pretty common dish in Jakarta, Indonesia , I ate it once

  • Why ? You ask..... Because We Bleed Silver & Black !! ☠RAIDER NATION☠ RULES !!!!! -Wulfy -Bleedin Silver & Black since '71

  • CJ2K was a big influence growing up for us in 08-10 , especially in the south. We felt like Chris Johnson was close to passing LT at any moment when it comes to influence

  • Twist: MJ is there somewhere

  • Just think about getting juked by a blind person 🤦🏾‍♂️ you would have to suck at football

  • He bouta be the first blind running back in the NFL

  • Lil that sooo cuteee😫aw omg

  • :55 Thai food release jutsu

  • "It wasn't rape, just hard sex." ---Kobe Bryant's public response to being indicted for rape. He then turned an army of lawyers loose to repeatedly use the name his victim in public in violation of the rape shield law that was supposed to protect rape victims from being re-victimize by their rapist. That army of lawyers promised to "drag her name through the mud in the international press if she persisted to trial." Why do any of you dumbasses regard this man as respectable?

  • Thats about $150 worth of beer they drank. 7

  • Gettleman may not be good at FA signing, but he is a hell of a drafter

  • Lol thats crazy how he tapped the bottom of the can...i used to do that same thing in college. And geezus...the music kills this whole video. 187

  • You know Kobe is great when he gets his own highlight reel even after retirement

  • These are probably the best part of the episodes

  • Bleacher report keep these going!

  • I don’t even watch soccer but I love these.

    • I have to watch basketball and football. Too many sports for me to handle.

    • you sadly miss half of the meanings and reasons behind some unique behaviours on some episodes . for exemple in next episode pep guardiola (manager of man city ) might say number "2" or "twice" many times but will you know why if you dont watch football ?

  • Eyyy

  • "Please drop No Gooo" 😂😂

  • Yeah right....

  • i wonder if KOBE has to pay for Tickets to see the game ??

  • Celtics players faces after the ball didn't go in is perfect for dying inside meme.

  • the jokes are actually great jajajajajajaja