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23:07CBSN Originals presents "Speaking Frankly: Porn"
4:08Turkish President Erdoğan visits White House
Turkish President Erdoğan visits White HouseKo‘rishlar soni 9 mingKun oldin
19:40First day of public impeachment hearings conclude
First day of public impeachment hearings concludeKo‘rishlar soni 3.2 mingKun oldin
6:12Lesley Stahl compares impeachment to Watergate hearings
51:23Questioning of impeachment witnesses gets heated
Questioning of impeachment witnesses gets heatedKo‘rishlar soni 47 mingKun oldin
3:20Taylor pushes back against being called "star witness"
7:31Schiff, Republicans clash over "facts not in evidence"
0:23Greta Thunberg sailing back to Europe
Greta Thunberg sailing back to EuropeKo‘rishlar soni 2.6 mingKun oldin
1:199 USC students have died since late August
9 USC students have died since late AugustKo‘rishlar soni 24 mingKun oldin
2:16Australia's high court to hear Cardinal George Pell's appeal
0:42NASA shows rare images of Mercury in transit
NASA shows rare images of Mercury in transitKo‘rishlar soni 7 ming2 kun oldin
0:38Bode and Morgan Miller announce birth of twin boys
Bode and Morgan Miller announce birth of twin boysKo‘rishlar soni 4 ming2 kun oldin
0:29Disney+ users report errors as streaming service kicks off
0:28Hate crime murders reached 27-year high in 2018, FBI says
8:07Deval Patrick considering running for president
Deval Patrick considering running for presidentKo‘rishlar soni 2.8 ming2 kun oldin
13:45How will impeachment hearings impact the 2020 race?
How will impeachment hearings impact the 2020 race?Ko‘rishlar soni 4.5 ming2 kun oldin
4:06CBS News poll: Americans remain divided on Trump impeachment
7:42Michael Bloomberg files for Democratic primary in Arkansas
12:41Lawmakers prepare strategy for public impeachment hearings
7:06Gen Z voters in Iowa size up the 2020 presidential candidates
45:07Trump speaks at the Economic Club of New York
Trump speaks at the Economic Club of New YorkKo‘rishlar soni 11 ming2 kun oldin
5:23Supreme Court hears arguments on "Dreamers" in DACA case
2:03Arctic blast threatens millions of Americans
Arctic blast threatens millions of AmericansKo‘rishlar soni 189 ming2 kun oldin
5:39Instagram hiding "likes" on some posts in the U.S.
Instagram hiding "likes" on some posts in the U.S.Ko‘rishlar soni 2.3 ming2 kun oldin
1:47College gymnast dies in training accident
College gymnast dies in training accidentKo‘rishlar soni 26 ming2 kun oldin
4:08How your paycheck may impact your heart health
How your paycheck may impact your heart healthKo‘rishlar soni 1.7 ming2 kun oldin
0:31Meteor streaks through sky over St. Louis
Meteor streaks through sky over St. LouisKo‘rishlar soni 40 ming2 kun oldin
6:48Supreme Court considers Trump's DACA rejection
Supreme Court considers Trump's DACA rejectionKo‘rishlar soni 35 ming2 kun oldin
0:25Star college gymnast dies after training accident
Star college gymnast dies after training accidentKo‘rishlar soni 22 ming2 kun oldin
5:53Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized
Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalizedKo‘rishlar soni 116 ming3 kun oldin
19:29Dems, GOP prepare for public impeachment hearings Wednesday
9:29Warren and Sanders aim attacks at Michael Bloomberg
Warren and Sanders aim attacks at Michael BloombergKo‘rishlar soni 23 ming3 kun oldin
0:5613-year-old Broadway star Laurel Griggs has died
13-year-old Broadway star Laurel Griggs has diedKo‘rishlar soni 52 ming3 kun oldin
6:50Supreme Court to tackle Trump's DACA termination
Supreme Court to tackle Trump's DACA terminationKo‘rishlar soni 21 ming3 kun oldin
1:27Where the low unemployment rate is creating headaches
Where the low unemployment rate is creating headachesKo‘rishlar soni 26 ming3 kun oldin
10:07Paralyzed veteran completes NYC marathon in robotic exoskeleton
6:37How Michael Bloomberg's candidacy could shake up 2020 race
3:06Trump honors veterans in New York City
Trump honors veterans in New York CityKo‘rishlar soni 10 ming3 kun oldin
5:21Instagram to hide "likes" for some U.S. users
Instagram to hide "likes" for some U.S. usersKo‘rishlar soni 5 ming3 kun oldin
1:572 killed in car that crashed into office building's 2nd floor
2:32Woman selling churros at NYC subway station arrested
Woman selling churros at NYC subway station arrestedKo‘rishlar soni 106 ming4 kun oldin
5:46Admissions scandal unfolding at Harvard University
Admissions scandal unfolding at Harvard UniversityKo‘rishlar soni 32 ming4 kun oldin
7:38John Bolton's lawyer says he has "relevant information"
John Bolton's lawyer says he has "relevant information"Ko‘rishlar soni 119 ming5 kun oldin
5:51Germany marks 30 years since fall of Berlin Wall
Germany marks 30 years since fall of Berlin WallKo‘rishlar soni 17 ming5 kun oldin


  • It just proves that you can import 20 million illegals, give them ID's & let them vote; but they'll always end up on Coasts in same cities making their nos. Irrelevant because there are 50 states.

  • You Adam Schiff are abusing your power right now you should be thrown out of Congress!

  • You Adam Schiff are abusing your power right now you should be thrown out of Congress!

  • Whilst blower just broke the law went go fund me he,s been referred to for criminal investigation by ig Schiff your going to testify sorry

  • She sent him to prison for all those years and he was innocent!

  • Adam Schiff you are judge ,jury and a POS. What about Joe Biden blackmailing Ukraine to get his son off the hook and it's on video you should watch it Adam Schiff I'm sure you have not! Because you only care about the Coup on our President! This Impeachment is a sham and Bullcrap! And you keep making stuff up just like your made up crap on the phone call transcript none of what you said was true you lied on the President! You should be ashamed of yourself for this sham impeachment!!!

  • our tax dollars at work, shameful BS.

  • Fake news is about the true, look at your dislike do that tell you something? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nunes is awesome. Future president possibly.

  • TV ratings Tanked nobody cares😂

  • Maybe someone can answer this for me. Has there ever been criminal cases that have been as public as this one has? I’m not talking about the home videos. I’m talk about the the evidence, the discovery, and the aftermath interview. Thanks for any feedback.

  • This sound is a complete mindfkc

  • COMING BACK FROM ONE OF HIS SEXUAL rendezvous ! 11/14/19

  • We need facts and evidence

  • Turkish president is my favourite.


  • Stupid is as stupid does

  • She was roasted first so she cannot roast him back! hahah

  • NASTY hunkey

  • Schiff is mental! Deranged!

  • Stephen castor look like he as too much to drink

  • Unbelievable for drug trafficking? That does not warrant death. This is shameful.

  • That's wht's wrong these policies abuse their power and not held accountable for their actions smh


  • Ore you momo

  • This cl He thinks people believe this,unfortunately a lot of uniformed do

  • Stay strong Israel respect from Norway

  • If Democrats can't respect our CURRENT President, what makes you think they're going to respect the people?????????

  • The times, they are a changin My balls, they are a swangin

  • Hope this warrior has a good support structure at home.

  • They friends alright he paying him for trump to remove troops,,try to get his man out federal prison and trying to send back his political opponents and trump's business in Turkey.

  • Rain of Roses

  • This Taylor guy is full of crap.

  • After congress approved and released the aid,show me the document that said Trump/Giuliani .....needed to investigate the gov.of Ukraine.....I guess not.

  • Drink your milk.

  • Republicans suck

  • How many people?

  • Law enforcement has not changed, they're still LIARS,murderers,rapist,child,animals,sister and brother rapest,they shouldn't even be on this Earth.

  • Bradley Cooper was a whistle blower and so was Edward Snowden and Obama wanted them jailed, Cooper was jailed but this guy no he just disappears and there is no proof of the allegations against Trump this is sad.

  • yes mr castro, Obama is the president who along with his side kick hillary established a green light to spy on americans and not have any consequences to their dastardly actions!

  • Wasn't Tibbetts pro-immigration and anti-white?


  • he didn't resign. The people kicked him out!

  • H.K. Police Violence Database Eng Hong Kong current situation is worth international attention as police brutality has gone out of control. And it all started with a government that would not listen to her people where it was also backed by CCP, acting policies that favours mainland and diminishing hong kong freedom of speech, freedom of demonstration, freedom of press and more. Thousands has fell victim to the police excessive force/ brutality/ inappropriateness/ sexual harassment and even bullets, including medics and journalist. Please help report this #standwithhk

  • When the ventriloquist removes his hand from your back

  • From Hong Kong! Happy Thanksgiving to the most wonderful American people in the World. I wish the Turkish President can stay in the US for just a few more days so he can watch some of the TURKEYS being Slaughtered, just like he did to those of the innocent Women and Children in Syria a few days ago. God Bless America.

  • Nunes is very bad at spin, very bad. But the brain dead zombie followers will wat it up with a very big spoon.

  • #cbsisprotectingpedosandmurders

  • This beautiful Black child helped another White child to be comforted....these children are what humanity should emulate, LOVE, unconditional LOVE.... Presently there is an Old Orange Hating Liar in the White House who should take lessons from these 5yr old children....👏👏👏

  • I can understand that William Taylor wants to go with the Regular Channel, but I'm curious to know what Irregular Channel is and what policy does it hold.

  • Turkey illegally occupies all of WESTERN ARMENIA to this day and kills Armenians every now and then. Nothing has changed since the beginning of the TURKISH GENOCIDE OF THE ARMENIANS a century ago. That's why Armenians will continue fighting till the end with utmost dedication and dignity.

  • God bless his family

  • How much is this costing taxpayers? 2- 4 trillion

    • I guess just as much tRump is wasting on himself.

  • Man....hindsight watching, even though I watched it in July 2018, I am reminded how these Democrats are unhinged, unruly, clearly all over the place in thought, that they can't keep respect for each other and unable to accept reality. Such clown- manship. We HAVE to do better in electing our Congressmaen & women.

  • This is the ugly, foul mouthed mother of the year congresswoman. Sick!!

  • Look all you males with your violence! women want to be held and their hair brushed not have sex, you got that!

  • @ E R IC ciar ame lla

  • Democrats push the idea that President Trump did something wrong FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT, to help the 2020 election. The new president of Ukraine wants to end the corruption his country has had; President Trump knows that much evidence is in the case of the energy company that hired Joe Biden's son; and the investigation against them was dropped, according to a "quid pro quo" threat ADMITTED by Joe Biden on television. Democrats wanted to impeach President Trump from the time he was elected in 2016.,FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT. During the Impeachment testimony on 11/13/19, both Mr. Kent and Mr. Taylor answered the Democrat question inferring there was no evidence against the Bidens, in agreement no evidence, even though Joe Biden admitted it. President Trump offered help to investigate corruption, he was familiar with in an illegal act by Joe Biden in 2016 and interference in our 2016 elections by deceitful actions; and it is his responsibility to be sure anyone our nation supports by military, money or a White House visit to give them credibility be willing to fight the massive corruption in their nation. It is also his responsibility as president to bring attention to illegal acts of a fellow candidate for president if they manipulate other nations for their personal gain, such as dropping an investigation of Joe Biden's son and the energy company he worked for, if it is done by withholding or paying another nation.

  • Schiff looks possessed.

  • Is She Ok At 3:30:48 He Exposed Her.

  • Trump just won 2020 thx for showing the real news unlike fake CNN. Trump haters QQ more Jim Jordan destroyed this star witness

  • Democrats suck!

  • I'll tell you why Jim Jordan because you go run to trump and tell him what's going on

  • look up the 2 words terrorist and dictator and then ask yourself who they realy imply?

  • erdogans video for trump

  • Mueller dodging questions like Neo from the Matrix

  • Steyer may be the dumbest billionaire of all time.

  • Who cares they tried to sink the uss liberty and were dancing on 911

  • May Allah bless him

  • daaayyyyuuuummmmmnnnn

  • 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • These two parties will never serve the people before themselves. The only sensible course of action is to not vote for either and surprise them with a third option. Voting for the lesser of two evils is a stupid system.

  • "Her body her choice" "No, means no" "Don't let the society decide what you can and can't do"

  • Thank you for your honorable work Mr. Nunez. People got use to trust AIR MEDIA and worship Talk Shows Hosts of Celebrities (Hollywood), YET MOST PEOPLE are WISER and MORE TALENTED, as you can see on: accomplishments of honest president Trump, his honorable kids, their trustworthy supporters, and look in the mirror: you are one of them (most likely).

  • Bukkaki ruined my carpet

  • I just think a good global pandemic of disease would cure a lot of people's issues with each other 🙂

  • They have nothing and they know that, the american people know that. WHAT A JOKE!

  • I watched the whole questioning yesterday, and while the democRATS and the people they asked to inquire for them were asking Kent and Taylor solid questions about the events, the RepubliCANS were holed up (like Nunes in this excerpt) accusing Dems of this and Dems of that, avoiding to ask the subpoenaed gentlemen any pertinent questions with regard to the events in question. I do not like Trump, I do not like Clinton (her), and although I did vote, I did not vote for either of them. Trump has been clearly abusing his power ever since he got the job as prez and needs to be stopped before he brings our country down both politically and economically.

  • Really, tell that to Clinton. All he got was some head. I dont see what the problem was with that but he went through the due process and was acquitted. Complaining about it and abusing power to keep everyone silenced does not set a good example for anyone and only sets a precedent for other Presidents to abuse power. There are many reasons he should be impeached but they chose this. It is what it is now all should be cooperating and let the process be done. If he is not guilty then he should have nothing to worry about yet he is treating the administration like a mafia with a code of silence. To me that just proves he has plenty to hide plain and simple! If that was Obama up there for the same accusations Republicans would be doing the exact same thing and would push for his resignation.

  • All I'm gonna say is this: For the sake of the Democratic Party, this whole thing better not be a sham. Because after Russia-gate, and the ridiculous Kavanaugh fiasco; if THIS blows up in their faces as well, a Democrat won't be elected into office for the next 30 years.

  • So 43% of Americans are indescribably stupid? Yeah, I already knew that.

  • Wonder what it is that they would owe Trump? He felt like they owed him what ?

  • Super common, asymptomatic, 90% of cases clear the body on their own. Yet, they want to mandate the vaccine, known for devastating side effects, citing a “public health crisis.” Big Pharma’s greed knows no bound$.

  • If you’re a working American and having financial hardship. There goes your tax dollar.

  • Jim Jordan thank you but being honest, and for how you are representing the truth

  • cummins does`nt want her to talk because he was part of it !!!


  • Getting the polls is like watching jimmy kimmbel and saying he funny. That’s the real joke.

  • About time WE THE PEOPLE invade D.C. and impeach a whole lot of these worthless, arrogant epilepsy occupying the people’s capital and elect some individuals with integrity and common sense.

  • Başınızda parçalansın

  • 3:40

  • DemocRats are wasting the taxpayers ‘ money for that nonsense impeachment inquiry again and again.😈 Don’t the democrats have nothing to do for the country except the impeachment ⁉️ Enough should be enough DemonRats ‼️😈😈😈😈

  • Is this what we should expect from the House with further fals impeachment processes with every President in the future??

  • A group defined by identity politics chooses to back Warren, a straight, rich, white ciswoman over Kamala?🤔🤣 **chef's kiss to irony**

  • Taylor and Kent likely committed treason. They were told specifically this was NOT a quid pro quo... but in their own mind it was... and likely communicated this to counter parts in Ukraine. So these so called witnesses admitting to doing what they claim Trump did... communicated a quid pro quo to Ukraine. I believe ALL people in the Executive Branch need to resign their OATH OF OFFICE. Because this guy and many others have clearly violated their oath of office.

  • All these speculations with no first hand knowledge?? No case. besides that, if there is corruption it should be investigated regardless if its biden or anyone.

  • Can we trade our “leader” for the Turkish one? Please?

  • When you focus on the negative, sometimes that is all you see. I’m not AA but you just described my struggle to work nearly full time, take care of my sick mother & cook & clean in mt childhood home. I was followed in Dept stores too; I expect my youth and non-expensive attire were the reason. I had to prove myself too & every day as a woman in the workforce. Maybe MO us talking about her past but there has been progress since then & she needs to acknowledge that. Sometimes injustices are classist that is rich disrespecting those who are of lower economic status. It us not all about race anymore. Look at our laws. When U believe racism has occurred, you have legal rights to complain & sue. U could not do that 50 years ago! Now you can. Be encouraged all young people.

  • Fix the mic next time

  • Not anything new, prisons in America are a joke. We incarnate so many people we can’t keep up with the prison costs and overpopulation