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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.
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3:48Colin O'Brady on His Historic Solo Crossing of Antarctica
4:46Hashtags: #ThatWasCold
Hashtags: #ThatWasColdKo‘rishlar soni 243 ming2 kun oldin
3:14Trump Impeachment Hearings Are Underway
Trump Impeachment Hearings Are UnderwayKo‘rishlar soni 19 ming2 kun oldin
7:54Céline Dion Settles the Jack and Rose Titanic Door Debate
5:43Ian Lara Stand-Up
Ian Lara Stand-UpKo‘rishlar soni 31 ming3 kun oldin
6:49Thank You Notes: Live-Action Lady and the Tramp, Cough Drops
5:03Donald Trump Jr.'s Book Tops New York Times Best Sellers List
4:00Teleprompter Tango with Alex Rodriguez
Teleprompter Tango with Alex RodriguezKo‘rishlar soni 62 ming3 kun oldin
3:03Dominic Fike: Phone Numbers (TV Debut)
Dominic Fike: Phone Numbers (TV Debut)Ko‘rishlar soni 93 ming4 kun oldin
3:23Tony Hale and Jimmy Swap Zipline Horror Stories
Tony Hale and Jimmy Swap Zipline Horror StoriesKo‘rishlar soni 18 ming4 kun oldin
4:16Key Moments from the First Public Trump Impeachment Hearing
3:05Danny Brown: Best Life
Danny Brown: Best LifeKo‘rishlar soni 71 ming5 kun oldin
3:06Judd Apatow Almost Got Arrested for a Candy Fight with Jimmy
7:11Kristen Bell Shares Frozen 2 Spoilers and Animation Secrets
4:47Disney Launches Streaming Service
Disney Launches Streaming ServiceKo‘rishlar soni 94 ming5 kun oldin
5:07History of Disney Songs with Kristen Bell
History of Disney Songs with Kristen BellKo‘rishlar soni 5 mln5 kun oldin
4:03Pete Yorn: Calm Down
Pete Yorn: Calm DownKo‘rishlar soni 23 ming6 kun oldin
1:35Jimmy Fallon Remembers Rick Ludwin
Jimmy Fallon Remembers Rick LudwinKo‘rishlar soni 26 ming6 kun oldin
3:54Go On, Git: Button-Fly Jeans, Biscotti
Go On, Git: Button-Fly Jeans, BiscottiKo‘rishlar soni 65 ming6 kun oldin
5:48Jimmy Celebrates Veterans Day with a Military Audience
Jimmy Celebrates Veterans Day with a Military AudienceKo‘rishlar soni 70 ming6 kun oldin
3:20Gucci Mane: Move Me
Gucci Mane: Move MeKo‘rishlar soni 91 ming10 kun oldin
3:43Gucci Mane Performs a Trap Version of "The Eyes of Texas"
Gucci Mane Performs a Trap Version of "The Eyes of Texas"Ko‘rishlar soni 278 ming10 kun oldin
6:12Chip and Joanna Gaines Teach Jimmy How to Two-Step
Chip and Joanna Gaines Teach Jimmy How to Two-StepKo‘rishlar soni 492 ming9 kun oldin
3:27Jimmy's Monologue from the University of Texas at Austin
Jimmy's Monologue from the University of Texas at AustinKo‘rishlar soni 171 ming10 kun oldin
4:12Noomi Rapace and Jimmy Struggle to Keep Serious in Wild Wigs
5:21Henry Golding Is a Bad Instagram Husband
Henry Golding Is a Bad Instagram HusbandKo‘rishlar soni 308 ming11 kun oldin
1:39Picture This: Tom Brady, Eric Trump
Picture This: Tom Brady, Eric TrumpKo‘rishlar soni 18 ming11 kun oldin
4:42Tyler Perry Studios to Host Democratic Debate
Tyler Perry Studios to Host Democratic DebateKo‘rishlar soni 29 ming11 kun oldin
5:18Megan Gailey Stand-Up
Megan Gailey Stand-UpKo‘rishlar soni 56 ming12 kun oldin
2:26News & Improved: Giuliani Named Cybersecurity Adviser
News & Improved: Giuliani Named Cybersecurity AdviserKo‘rishlar soni 53 ming12 kun oldin
10:09Donald Trump Jr. Releases a New Book
Donald Trump Jr. Releases a New BookKo‘rishlar soni 390 ming12 kun oldin
4:49EarthGang: This Side/Bank Medley
EarthGang: This Side/Bank MedleyKo‘rishlar soni 131 ming13 kun oldin
9:45Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans
Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott EvansKo‘rishlar soni 4.8 mln13 kun oldin
6:05Pete Lee Stand-Up
Pete Lee Stand-UpKo‘rishlar soni 92 ming17 kun oldin
1:57Thank You Notes: Trick-or-Treating, Click Pens
Thank You Notes: Trick-or-Treating, Click PensKo‘rishlar soni 76 ming17 kun oldin
3:55House Representatives Pass Rules for Trump Impeachment Probe
5:11Gaten Matarazzo Floats Ideas for Stranger Things Season 4
Gaten Matarazzo Floats Ideas for Stranger Things Season 4Ko‘rishlar soni 591 ming17 kun oldin
3:59President Trump to Attend UFC Match in New York
President Trump to Attend UFC Match in New YorkKo‘rishlar soni 106 ming18 kun oldin
6:04Box of Lies with Emilia Clarke
Box of Lies with Emilia ClarkeKo‘rishlar soni 1.8 mln18 kun oldin
5:34FKA twigs: Cellophane
FKA twigs: CellophaneKo‘rishlar soni 415 ming18 kun oldin
5:25Ultimate Minute Meal with Chef Daniel Humm
Ultimate Minute Meal with Chef Daniel HummKo‘rishlar soni 63 ming19 kun oldin
6:46Reese Witherspoon Teaches Jimmy to Hit the Woah
Reese Witherspoon Teaches Jimmy to Hit the WoahKo‘rishlar soni 475 ming19 kun oldin
6:47Can You Feel It? with Reese Witherspoon
Can You Feel It? with Reese WitherspoonKo‘rishlar soni 909 ming19 kun oldin
4:01Liam Gallagher: Once
Liam Gallagher: OnceKo‘rishlar soni 367 ming20 kun oldin
2:54Trump Gets Booed at the World Series
Trump Gets Booed at the World SeriesKo‘rishlar soni 279 ming20 kun oldin
3:55Go On, Git: People Who Give Out Raisins on Halloween
Go On, Git: People Who Give Out Raisins on HalloweenKo‘rishlar soni 81 ming20 kun oldin
8:19Random Instrument Challenge with Emma Thompson
Random Instrument Challenge with Emma ThompsonKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln20 kun oldin
3:35Luke Bryan: What She Wants Tonight
Luke Bryan: What She Wants TonightKo‘rishlar soni 61 ming21 kun oldin
2:53Tonight Show Superlatives: 2019 NFL Season - Packers and Chiefs
4:47Trump Makes a "Very Big" Announcement
Trump Makes a "Very Big" AnnouncementKo‘rishlar soni 236 ming21 kun oldin
5:08Fish Slap with John Cena
Fish Slap with John CenaKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln21 kun oldin
BROCKHAMPTON: SUGARKo‘rishlar soni 317 ming24 kun oldin
3:05BROCKHAMPTON Freestyles About Jimmy's Movie, Taxi
BROCKHAMPTON Freestyles About Jimmy's Movie, TaxiKo‘rishlar soni 371 ming24 kun oldin
4:16Trump Wants to Build a Wall on the Colorado-Mexico Border
Trump Wants to Build a Wall on the Colorado-Mexico BorderKo‘rishlar soni 239 ming24 kun oldin
6:51Wheel of Musical Impressions with Keegan-Michael Key
Wheel of Musical Impressions with Keegan-Michael KeyKo‘rishlar soni 3.3 mln24 kun oldin


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  • If Jack got on that door without an invitation, it would have been the first #Metoo moment.

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  • She looks fabulous a true diva and I mean it in the most loving way

  • I loved it. But..... hello you forgot Mullen!!!!!

  • It sure seems to me, Money and Fame make people Greedy, Selfish and Dress like an ABSOLUTE IDIOT for attention!? These "people" are just entertainers, not Gods!!? WTF!!

  • So my 40+ Bestie gets a super-sized flu, down for days in the bed - and only after any danger of contamination has been eliminated, her Mom elegantly casuals on in, and observes with considered elan: “Really. You do SUCH a good job with your makeup, I didn’t know...”

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  • "Ill always have a special place for you, in my butt" - Natalie Portman

  • I just love this lady...she will explain any subject to anyone's understanding regardless of whether you agree with her or not but her explanations are just articulate.

  • Hey this is the real Jeff actually it's too late for my alcoholic family in Florida I got lawsuit against them. And I have them by the balls so yes it is too late for them

  • For Ghostbusters should’ve said “Who you gonna call?”

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  • Read the transcripts Rachel, you're a fucking idiot he didn't get help for any campaign he wanted an investigation.

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  • Kiven hart try ribbet stuv its Very godt

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  • do people know that this is fake

  • .......this is witchcraft

  • black man was confused/annoyed

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  • I used to think that everytime someone was shot in a movie,I thought the celebrities really died.

  • It must really be wired to chase fame while you is still famous

  • This tv personality is a hack, Jimmy! She hides the truth and spins the stories she covers. Why are you treating her as if she is an honest and fair-minded journalist? Someone with her job and visibility should be more responsible with the programming that she puts out there. Integrity is an honorable trait. She could do so much better than she does out there programming the masses.

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  • Sometimes he monopolizes the singing too much.

  • 0:43 how the hell does she do that!! I was laughing until I heard that and I went😧

  • Cringe.

  • My family sat at a restaurant right in front of it thinking about how there is nets were it curves wondering how many people fell out before they installed them

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  • Jimmy Fallon of corrupt scumbag communist socialist piece of trash a lion disgusting cancer in America you're a disgrace to Americans you're a disgrace to humanity you corrupt scumbag why don't you try pushing your socialism to Venezuela corrupt scumbag piece of trash

  • I love it and I don’t know why

  • Anytime Adam Sandler has a movie out, he ALWAYS has the best soundtracks. The Wedding Singer almost mirrored my life( except wedding part) lol. Going into my freshman year, Journey, Van Halen, The Knack, Billy Idol, all went along with me courteous of my boombox. I know it might sound corny to some of you, but I don't give a flying fuck when I say that it's almost like I was in his movies whenever he was making one. When he filmed the scene in Billy Madison, where he was pulling up in the black TA while " The Stroke" by Billy Squire, is what I actually did, but it was my mom's 1971 Ford I'm sure Adam, as well as a lot of you will agree, when I say The 1980s was, and still is, The Best decade ever! What a Great actor. And when he uses the same actors in each and every movie he does, it makes it even that much better. Such an Amazing man. Thank You Adam for all of the memories and laughter you share through your body of work. 👍👍

  • 30-40 foot WAVES? You're a fawkin MAD LAD. Dude that is stuff of nightmares...

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  • Medicare for all who want it isn't a proving ground for Medicare For All. It inherently ruins that public option because only poor and sick people would be on that plan and only rich, healthy people will have private insurance.

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