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Obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race? "COSMO Queens" will give you an inside look at how the queens accomplish their incredible looks.
Need some beauty inspo? Check out the literal magic of Stasha Harris (@magicfingersstudio) in "The Braid Up."
Did you fall a little behind on pop culture, or just need a laugh? Adam Rippon is HERE for you in "Adam Rippon Riffs On."

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10:08Fast and Lazy Halloween Makeup Looks 🎃| Cosmopolitan
10:05I Went on 30 Dates in 3 Days | Cosmo Video Diaries
14:59The Haus of Aja Is Here, and They Came to Slay | Cosmo Queens
4:23Emma Roberts Has Guilty Pleasures, Too | Under the Covers
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4:01What Keeps Amanda Steele Up At Night? | Under The Covers
3:16She's Too Fast for MONSTA X! | Beat Your Superfan
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4:51We Know What James Charles Wears In Bed | Under the Covers
3:43Anita Kiss | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
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3:01Peppermint | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
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3:05Alexis Michelle | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
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3:06Shea Couleé | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
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3:22Box Braids with Wavy Ends | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
10:14Gorgeous Eyes | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
Gorgeous Eyes | Cosmo Drag Queens | CosmopolitanKo‘rishlar soni 141 ming11 oy oldin
7:30Epic Contours | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
Epic Contours | Cosmo Drag Queens | CosmopolitanKo‘rishlar soni 52 ming11 oy oldin
3:23Braided Stitch Bun with Weave | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
4:07Harajuku | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
Harajuku | Cosmo Drag Queens | CosmopolitanKo‘rishlar soni 109 ming11 oy oldin
3:43Flat Twist Bun | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
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4:11Blair Bitch | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
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3:04Bloopers | Adam Rippon Riffs On | Cosmopolitan
Bloopers | Adam Rippon Riffs On | CosmopolitanKo‘rishlar soni 27 mingYil oldin
3:49Golden Braided Bun | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
Golden Braided Bun | The Braid Up | CosmopolitanKo‘rishlar soni 96 mingYil oldin
3:13Soju | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
Soju | Cosmo Drag Queens | CosmopolitanKo‘rishlar soni 152 mingYil oldin


  • Fit

  • Love her natural hair

  • She must have a pet giraffe.

  • i read the title wrong

  • I'm not sure this is a fair test. Some food cost more just bcoz they spend more on marketing, branding & packaging. Some costs more coz they're imported..duh!

  • I LOVE watching her! She is an amazing artist!

  • *Atleast you were honest with what you did to Gaten*

  • Não sabia que demorava tanto 😱👏🤘

  • These women look better with out all that make up.

  • Gorgeous Darling ❤️

  • I like this . It's something different and unique and not on your day to day drag. But I love it!!!

  • Girl you so cute

  • The really tiny lady of what I am assuming is Asian or islander heritage is beautiful but I didnt see where it did anything for her. I dont know if its because she has a really low bmi or what but I just couldnt see a difference there.

  • Always thought Sophie was a lovely girl. Couldn't quite work out how the man/monster rock star I saw performing on stage when I was a teenager produced such a lovely well bred sophisticated daughter. Also really like his son. Must have been the mother's influence.

  • Did these guys do their own make up when they were performing? . I always assumed it was done by make up artists.

  • conocen a iggy azalea

  • Kiss no Brasil....🤗😍


  • Que horror, pierden la naturalidad

  • Can you do a review of gym sharks and SHEIN

  • That one chick had a pill addiction that she wasn’t trying to reveal to condo. That’s why she freaked out when Marie lindo made her open up her smaller bag.

  • 0:00 I bet their upset because they are going through a hard time in their life and feel like the addition will just make the already hard situation worse.

  • The “with” and “without” shapewear images look the exact same

  • Liza doing Lizzo killed me

  • They look even more beautiful without makeup

  • “Why u smiling like that?? Where do I put this?!”

  • Bless him

  • The first story about the ring appearing after being placed in the casket ..something similar to that happened to me the night I saw my mother in the hall way 2 days after she had passed away

  • That looks painful.

  • Is she a JoJo reference ???

  • She looks the same xd

  • Can I just ask, why do americans and other people not drink tap water? Is it because its bacteria in the water in these countrys? I know that when I was in Spain and Italia, If you were a tourist, you couldnt drink the tap water, because its bacteria in the water in different countrys that your body isnt used to so you get sick when you drink it. But people who lives in those countrys are used to the bacteria, so it isnt dangerous. (Sorry for long explenation). I dont understand why you wouldnt be able to drink your own countrys water? Please explain to Me..🤦‍♀️😀😅

  • For people asking... Momo shade isn’t on here cos she was kicked out of the haus

  • The 2nd one kinda looks like an overweight Vanjie. That’s no shade, Vanjie is gorgeous x

  • Sometimes when you see these people (kiss for example) with the make up, the clothing, the whole persona, you think that they are not humans. And suddenly you see them on videos like that as normal people and you say wow.

  • Excelente!

  • I once dropped the James Charles palette on my face and almost all the shadow broke on me. I think that’s the craziest rainbow eye look I’ve ever seen

  • now he doesn't need lunch

  • Soooo horiballl

  • Ok, 1st of all, they are models. They do regular skin routine care, a model must. 2, they have minimal makeup on. This is still rather unrealistic... The messages these women speak are beautiful nonetheless.

  • Gaten looks like a younger version of my brother joe

  • Lol

  • I was genuinely upset when Liza didn’t take the opportunity to snort love powder

  • What about a deal breaker in friendships? I really would like to hear about her views on getting along with women and what she won't put up with in a friend. ( besides the obvi)

  • I finally figured out by the "water" what the rubber noise is. I thought her jacket was silk... I just love her personality...

  • The woman doing the braiding is so talented! It's like magic what she can do with the parts and how her fingers work so fast.

  • Sophie semens sie ist wunderschön

  • Uf.

  • No one at all : David: I know how to do tricks with gum

  • Suave should really sponsor him by now, incoming #Sponsored video

  • Now I really wanna know which lipstick the $8 one was? Just take my money

  • this one is gorgeous

  • Is it real hair?or she a mixed?

  • Removing Make-Up like that would turn my face into a tomato 😂

  • it is to sex

  • A MAN.

  • Gosh... the title is bloody dramatic. Lets stop acting like everyone has low self esteem and that women NEED makeup.

  • ايه القرف ده ....اين الرجولة في هذا الفعل . حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  • anyone know where charlie got his jacket from?? it looks so good 😭💖

  • 1st girl name plzz shes so beauty

  • Lord please come soon. I know you are not pleased.

  • My teacher went to high school with Debby Ryan 😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • Был и так стремный, стал ещё страшнее.... Хоть бы краситься умел..

  • Фу, бля...

  • Teyana????? Is that you???

  • Courtney’s tutorial only 1 minute. Applies some chapstick and off she goes

  • she has to be blinking in morse code or something

  • So painfully awkward, I can relate! 💞 I edit as much awkwardness out of my vlogs but it’s just in my nature

  • Gene, u have and always will be amazing!

  • they are looking gergeous without makeup than with makeup

  • She looks perfect with literally anything

  • Every last one looked better without the makeup

  • Oooh So Amazing

  • I dont wear any other makeup except nude lipstick .

  • Yassss queen you got this!!

  • I can’t see him the same anymore

  • Finally a celebrity I can relate too. I always forget my song lyrics but it's funny because I can memorize scripts better.

  • They all look prettier without it

  • OMG I love both of them 😍😂🖤

  • I love the lips

  • I made my senior quote “look, if I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would”

  • Dam I thought David and Iggy were going against each other

  • the way changkyun betrayed his own group

  • Breaking news the legend known as Kiss is set to become a new asmr UZtorrentr by the year 2020

  • i wish my parents were like that

  • As a boy she looks like a lesbian women, and as a drag queen beautiful. Definitely one of the prettiest from RPDR

  • If lady Gaga had a baby with an Alien. Weird yet beautiful.👌💕🤗

  • This is like a bob ross video

  • Victoria Pedretti I love you 😍😍😍😍

  • Can they do mine I would love to have more volume like that I just don't know how they did the twisting so easily (first girls hair)

  • I did

  • Sexy voice 🍷

  • She’s always had such a great tone to her voice 💖

  • and the winner of season 18 of rupaul's drag race is...

  • 🎶She is the one named Sailor Moon.🎵

  • She is so good. I have been following her on Facebook and she never disappoints

  • Çirkinleştirdin kendini olmadı

  • Are braiding extremely painful.?? All hairstyles are sooooo beautiful, I would love to try

  • Do you use jam?

  • She is beautiful 😍😍😍