DaBaby DaBaby

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1:46704 Chop - All I know (Official Music Video)
704 Chop - All I know (Official Music Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 150 ming3 kun oldin
5:56DaBaby rocks Day N Vegas festival and takes over Complexcon
3:03DaBaby - Off Da Rip (official music video)
DaBaby - Off Da Rip (official music video)Ko‘rishlar soni 6 mln13 kun oldin
4:48Rich Dunk - High School (Official Video)
Rich Dunk - High School (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 4.4 mln22 kun oldin
3:28DaBaby on Desus & Mero
DaBaby on Desus & MeroKo‘rishlar soni 142 ming25 kun oldin
25:20Meet n Greet
Meet n GreetKo‘rishlar soni 127 ming29 kun oldin
6:16Dababy live
Dababy liveKo‘rishlar soni 237 mingOy oldin
2:59DaBaby - VIBEZ (Official Music Video)
DaBaby - VIBEZ (Official Music Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 20 mlnOy oldin
7:04Artist on the Rise: DaBaby
Artist on the Rise: DaBabyKo‘rishlar soni 1.3 mlnOy oldin
2:20DaBaby Ft. Stunna 4 Vegas - REALLY [ Official Audio]
3:04DaBaby Ft. Kevin Gates POP STAR [Official Audio]
DaBaby Ft. Kevin Gates POP STAR [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 4.4 mlnOy oldin
1:56DaBaby - OFF THE RIP [Official Audio]
DaBaby - OFF THE RIP [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 2.4 mlnOy oldin
3:12DaBaby - iPHONE ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Audio]
DaBaby - iPHONE ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 4.2 mlnOy oldin
2:25DaBaby - VIBEZ [Official Audio]
DaBaby - VIBEZ [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 1.6 mlnOy oldin
2:24DaBaby - PROLLY HEARD [Official Audio]
DaBaby - PROLLY HEARD [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 3 mlnOy oldin
2:34DaBaby - XXL [Official Audio]
DaBaby - XXL [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 2.6 mlnOy oldin
3:37DaBaby Ft. Migos - RAW SHIT  [Official Audio]
DaBaby Ft. Migos - RAW SHIT [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 10 mlnOy oldin
2:40Dababy - BOP [Official Audio]
Dababy - BOP [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 6 mlnOy oldin
2:24DaBaby - THERE HE GO [Official Audio]
DaBaby - THERE HE GO [Official Audio]Ko‘rishlar soni 1 mlnOy oldin
4:14”Kirk” count it down.
”Kirk” count it down.Ko‘rishlar soni 345 mingOy oldin
3:00DaBaby - Intro (official music video)
DaBaby - Intro (official music video)Ko‘rishlar soni 36 mlnOy oldin
18:36Radio in London
Radio in LondonKo‘rishlar soni 75 ming2 oy oldin
8:51Dababy Days of Summer Cruise pt 2
Dababy Days of Summer Cruise pt 2Ko‘rishlar soni 619 ming4 oy oldin
7:19Dababy on his first cruise with no security
Dababy on his first cruise with no securityKo‘rishlar soni 526 ming4 oy oldin
2:16Dababy performs Suge at Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash
Dababy performs Suge at Lyrical Lemonade Summer SmashKo‘rishlar soni 143 ming4 oy oldin
5:15Dababy performing at BET Awards 2019
Dababy performing at BET Awards 2019Ko‘rishlar soni 756 ming4 oy oldin
2:27704Chop - Loyalty Means Everything
704Chop - Loyalty Means EverythingKo‘rishlar soni 4.4 mln5 oy oldin
6:17DaBaby - Carpet Burn (Official Music Video)
DaBaby - Carpet Burn (Official Music Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 11 mln5 oy oldin
2:11Rich Dunk - Run It (Official Video)
Rich Dunk - Run It (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 987 ming5 oy oldin
5:37DaBaby - Pony (Official Music Video)
DaBaby - Pony (Official Music Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 8 mln5 oy oldin
31:02BABY on BABY - Ep. 1 We In There. (VLOG)
BABY on BABY - Ep. 1 We In There. (VLOG)Ko‘rishlar soni 951 ming6 oy oldin
5:22DaBaby - Baby Sitter ft. OFFSET (Official Music Video)
10:30"Goin Baby"  Behind the Scenes : "When I talk it I live it."
3:26DaBaby - Goin Baby [Official Music Video]
DaBaby - Goin Baby [Official Music Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 27 mln7 oy oldin
2:03DaBaby - Baby On Baby Out Now Freestyle
DaBaby - Baby On Baby Out Now FreestyleKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln8 oy oldin
3:45Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea) Official Music Video
Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea) Official Music VideoKo‘rishlar soni 172 mln8 oy oldin
2:13Fatt Dave x Stunna4Vegas  - Mitchell & Ness
Fatt Dave x Stunna4Vegas - Mitchell & NessKo‘rishlar soni 742 ming9 oy oldin
2:13DaBaby x Blocboy JB - Mini Van (official music video)
DaBaby - 21 (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)Ko‘rishlar soni 27 mln10 oy oldin
2:33DaBaby - Beeper (Official Video)
DaBaby - Beeper (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 6 mln10 oy oldin
2:48DaBaby - FuckYouTalmbout  Freestyle
DaBaby - FuckYouTalmbout FreestyleKo‘rishlar soni 16 mln10 oy oldin
2:13DaBaby - Leave Me Alone (Freestyle)
DaBaby - Leave Me Alone (Freestyle)Ko‘rishlar soni 6 mln10 oy oldin
2:47DaBaby - Walker Texas Ranger (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
DaBaby - Walker Texas Ranger (OFFICIAL VIDEO)Ko‘rishlar soni 25 mln10 oy oldin
2:27Stunna 4 Vegas - Hell Yea (Official Video)
Stunna 4 Vegas - Hell Yea (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 6 mln10 oy oldin
3:12DaBaby - BLANK BLANK (Official Video)
DaBaby - BLANK BLANK (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 18 mln11 oy oldin
2:47$tunna 4 Vegas - PSA (Official Video)
$tunna 4 Vegas - PSA (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 2.7 mlnYil oldin
3:28Da Baby - No Tears (Official Video)
Da Baby - No Tears (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 7 mlnYil oldin
2:14DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - “NEXT SONG” [Official Video]
2:53Stunna 4 Vegas (Ft Trap Swagg)  - Chicken
Stunna 4 Vegas (Ft Trap Swagg) - ChickenKo‘rishlar soni 680 mingYil oldin
2:36DaBaby Today (Remix) ft. LIL BABY [Official Audio]
3:57$tunna 4 Vegas ft DaBaby - Animal (Official Video)
2:54DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - No Love
DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - No LoveKo‘rishlar soni 2.1 mlnYil oldin
11:15Baby Jesus (DaBaby) -UP THE STREET (Official Video)
2:20Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - TODAY (Official Video)
Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - TODAY (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 4.2 mlnYil oldin
3:23Waldo Ft. Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - BACK END
Waldo Ft. Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - BACK ENDKo‘rishlar soni 227 mingYil oldin
GORILLA GLUE CHALLENGEKo‘rishlar soni 133 mingYil oldin
2:34Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - Laker (Official Video)
Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - Laker (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 514 mingYil oldin
2:11Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - Gucci Gang / Ice tray (Freestyle)
3:28Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - GORILLA GLUE [Official Video]
2:04DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - Above The Rim [Official Video]
DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - Above The Rim [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 273 ming2 yil oldin
2:10DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - FLIP PHONE [Official Video]
DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - FLIP PHONE [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 1.5 mln2 yil oldin
2:09DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - No Hook [Official Video]
DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - No Hook [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 2.6 mln2 yil oldin
1:56DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - Mr. Clean [Official Video]
DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - Mr. Clean [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 2.7 mln2 yil oldin
2:05DaBaby  (Baby Jesus) x Lil Shaq - S.O.E
DaBaby (Baby Jesus) x Lil Shaq - S.O.EKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln2 yil oldin
2:48Da Baby (Baby Jesus) - Switch [Official Video]
Da Baby (Baby Jesus) - Switch [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 730 ming2 yil oldin
2:52Da Baby  (Baby Jesus) -  Pull Up Music                                [Official Video]
5:17DaBaby x Blac Youngsta - Strapped (Short Film)
DaBaby x Blac Youngsta - Strapped (Short Film)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.5 mln2 yil oldin
3:18DaBaby - Comin' Over Official Lyric Video
DaBaby - Comin' Over Official Lyric VideoKo‘rishlar soni 209 ming2 yil oldin
1:38Da Baby (Baby Jesus) - Caroline (Remix)
Da Baby (Baby Jesus) - Caroline (Remix)Ko‘rishlar soni 213 ming2 yil oldin
1:56Da Baby (Baby Jesus) - Spend It (Remix)
Da Baby (Baby Jesus) - Spend It (Remix)Ko‘rishlar soni 534 ming2 yil oldin
1:48DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "On They Ass" [Official Video]
DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "On They Ass" [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 216 ming3 yil oldin
4:42DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "Drug Money" [Official Video]
DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "Drug Money" [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 599 ming3 yil oldin
3:44DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "Money" [Official Video]
DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "Money" [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 312 ming3 yil oldin
1:43DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "DaBaby - Intro" [Official Video]
4:18DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "I Need You"  [Official Video 4K]
DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "I Need You" [Official Video 4K]Ko‘rishlar soni 258 ming3 yil oldin
3:22DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "Safe Sex" [Official Video]
DaBaby aka Baby Jesus "Safe Sex" [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 676 ming3 yil oldin
3:07DaBaby - Light Show [Official Video]
DaBaby - Light Show [Official Video]Ko‘rishlar soni 3.1 mln3 yil oldin
3:03Baby Jesus - Look At Me Now
Baby Jesus - Look At Me NowKo‘rishlar soni 247 ming3 yil oldin
14:20WHO IS BABY JESUS? (Episode 1)
WHO IS BABY JESUS? (Episode 1)Ko‘rishlar soni 131 ming3 yil oldin
2:56Baby Jesus - Dab City (Carolina Panthers Anthem)
Baby Jesus - Dab City (Carolina Panthers Anthem)Ko‘rishlar soni 628 ming3 yil oldin
3:51BabyJesus - Baby Jesus
BabyJesus - Baby JesusKo‘rishlar soni 59 ming4 yil oldin
2:52Baby Jesus - No compadre (Freestyle)
Baby Jesus - No compadre (Freestyle)Ko‘rishlar soni 174 ming4 yil oldin


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  • Director: how many girls you want? Da baby: yah yah bitch

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  • Algum BR??

  • In the first 5 seconds u can hear the kazoo kid say,”wait a minute who are you?”

  • 2:57 This should be its own song Who agrees?

  • You are not Jesus. Please stop using the name of my lord. You have sold your soul for riches, like Judas Iscariot. Call yourself what you are. Wicked.

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  • Look just like his pops

  • Yo look jus like his father I love it bby

  • Stunna gotta do sum mo mane he lit n shit but I feel like he only 100% when he with offset

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  • I just love how he never changed.... DaBaby gonna be DaBaby since day one...... Queen City stand up....... Kane so sexy..... Help support my go fund me page Black Pearl Rose Publication trying to come up out the queen City as well writing my story...

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  • Acts like a boss but hates on trump. Tsk tsk.

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  • Media : ‘All rappers are brutal murderous gang goons’ Dababy *makes a song about respecting and bettering himself and his family because he cares about them and wants the best for them*

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  • it amazes me how so many words can rhyme

  • His adlibs are something else 🔥

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  • how many girls you want? dababy: yes

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