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Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.
Actively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC
#1 Health/Medicine Influencer w/ 8,000,000+ followers
An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!
Instagram: @Doctor.Mike
Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook: @RealDoctorMike


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  • Okay I seriously teared up at around 14:18

  • Do more meme reviews

  • How can you like Matcha?! 🤢

  • What are your thoughts on minoxidil? Love from Indonesia

  • Your cyst made you lose

  • Who would've thought Mr. Beast might save the world.

  • Dr. Mike: why is the pelvis so expensive ? Me: because all the reproductive organs are held there. Babies are expensive

  • Lol I’m actually supposed to e studying 😂🙈

  • It wasn't complete torture! You had bear with you to help! How can anything be torture with bear?

  • One thing to note: You keep saying that it'll be better in 20 years, or when the next generations of doctors start practicing. The thing is, that doesn't help much now. IMO there needs to be mandatory training programs for existing practicing doctors too. Some may be too "indoctrinated" in their old ways, but I am sure most people would improve if they received the required training.

  • Cuneiforms and navicular in the foot not mentioned 😆 guess can’t name them all in the game. I’ve got foot history.

  • finger : come on Mike! give me a break Dr Mike's mind : no u have to complete the arms * keep taping*

  • Hey Doctor Mike can you show us what you did for your BIRTHDAY. Happy Belated Birthday. Pls come to India 🇮🇳. Love ❤️ you

  • It is kind of sick that half these comments are degrading pro-choice parents. All the dead kid comments and jokes show your ignorance more than anything else. Let the merits of your logic speak for itself.

  • *" Squads for days, baby! "* 😂

  • Bias? I'm not bias, nope, couldn't be, don't tell me I'm bias, because I'm definitely not bias, and I will not accept any evidence suggesting that I'm bias...

  • Anti-vaccine, and pro-vaccine are not opposing parts of the spectrum in reality. It is mainly Pro-vaccine, and not pro-vaccine. Pro-choice is more accurate than anti-vaccine.

  • What rank are you in apex legends I am plat

  • This is the only pro-vaccine thing I can watch more than 1 minute of. But its not binary. It is not "if you don't get it, you risk others" is simply not true. You can carry polio virus even if you are vaccinated, you just won't get the symptoms. I don't even see how it can be less-likely. Read up on incubation periods. This all comes down to bodily autonomy. No forced medications. If you have the right to abort a fetus, then I have the right to choose which un-sue-able pharmacuetical products are injected into my kid for "herd immunity".

  • I think i am gonna become a doctor by just watching your vids cuz there is so much info omg

  • “My fingers are getting so tired you have no idea” Men while foreplay 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I’m only giving you a thumbs up because I feel sorry for your thumbs lol

  • Is this a tv drama or film?

  • Ugh I played this game.. Already finished both male and female.

  • Dr. Ramsey Russo, the Flash is looking for you.

  • Hey, are you that hot doctor?

  • You should play reanimation inc

  • Bullshit

  • Bluestack+autoclicker PROFIT

  • I I I Read more

  • Liar!

  • OMG phalange is a real thing!!! for all this time I have been thinking it is only Phoebe's fake surname or some part of a plane which might have a problem. (I am not native English speaker so I have never taken anatomy classes in English, Idk if this info is surprising for natives :D ) so thanks Doctor Mike for expending my horizon :D

  • " human beings are the only living thing that sleeps on their backs" - yeah apparently they've never seen my dog

  • I LOVE U DOCTOR MIKE!!!!!!❤❤

  • Doctors: Please don't confuse your Google search with my medical degree Programmers: Please don't confuse your Google search with my Google search

  • I played that game also and it really took me a week to finish it. Genius and stupid at the same time!

  • It was funny! 😄😄

  • I want to be dr. Espina's patient, and I'm a doctor myself

  • Doctor Mike I want to thank you about talking about marijuana. I’m on the same token we need research for recreational use but it has helped me SO MUCH for medical use. But I know what works for me and my anxiety or my pain. I work a job where I should have massages daily but I can’t afford it haha I get salves and stuff for muscle aches and it’s pretty amazing.

  • It takes 9 months to grow a human. Mike does it in 6 minutes.

  • 10:23 tHis is nOt ChIcKen nOodLe🤬

  • 10:23 I cannot breath help me

  • Me feeling smart when i understand medical terms said by mike.

  • Doctor Mike it’s called IDLE human because it’s a game you leave running in the background and come back to 😂

  • I searched your name on Google and all I saw was trash

  • Hey everyone i just hit my head on an edge what should i do its an emergancy help!

  • Dr Mike:- I don’t recommend this to anybody Also Dr. Mike: Spends 2.5 hours on the same game. Anyway, thanks for the video! 😇

  • P. T. Barnum was talking about YOU!

  • Dr mike: throws bone saw across the patient's face Also dr. Mike: why is he losing so much blood?!

  • Did anyone notice that that spider had only four legs, just me, okay

  • I met a lady who thinks drinking cold water causes cancer is bad for you, so she only drinks extra hot stuff.

  • 21$ that is like 5 coffees

  • 4:09 Oh Bear!♥️ Dr Mike please can you make a separate video with just all his cute cameos?

  • Lol im going to the same school as dr. Mike🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Just recently found your channel. I agree with everything you said here, especially that sick people need to laugh. I am 36 with spina bifida. I get through many of the challenges that come with my condition by finding ways to laugh everyday. I really believe in the power of laughter having such a positive impact on your mental health and in turn I also believe it can help you live longer. I also really want a puppy lol

  • Doctor Mike to us: Roast me! Doctor Mike to Google assistant: give me a complement. Us who have only good things to say about him:🙄

  • I would love to give blood but as a gay man I'm not allowed.

  • You should review an episode of The Magic School Bus. There are a few where they go into the human body.

  • would be fun to have a nurse on their to interview..i am a psych nurse would be really interesting to watch some psych medical episode and evaluate

  • Write my honours proposal or watch Dr. Mike watch a kid's show? A very difficult decision.

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  • Hey Dr. Mike, quick question. What are your opinions on blue light blocking glasses? Do you think it's legit or just BS? Just wanted an opinion of a doctor. Thanks! Great video by the way.

  • 5:31 , as long as you're not bothering anybody, it's fine. meanwhile le husband loves to crack mine out of nowhere. so bothering

  • Pretty sure most patients won't mind you messing up the ophthalmoscope.

  • The doctors and nurses always do that where I live, they will have a conversation that has nothing to do with you, they won't even try to conversate with you and yes they check their phones all the time

  • ok but like my symptoms match what he just said

  • Hey another person with Tourette's! I'm one of the lucky few that medicine works on but it is so hard to do anything about it on off days

  • Ok now this made me want to subscribe. Mad respect for handling this so calmly

  • You look like the type of guy who reacts to sexual activity like Jimmy Kimmel reacting to David Blaines magic

  • this is a 6 minute video of you tapping your phone screen. i'm not bored for one second 😂

  • Bone Jokes What do u call a funny bone... *Humerus* 🙃 What does a skeleton order at a restaurant.... *Spare Ribs* 😆 What did the waiter say for the skeleton for enjoying his meal... *Bone Appetite* 😉

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    • They also have same accent or is it just me?

  • ,,I watched the lectures on 1,5 speed" After I heard that I put you on 1,5 and it's really funny😂😂

  • DOCTOR mike: I feel like I’m a real doctor or something Me: cause you are!

  • I don't know why this didn't show up in my subscriptions.

  • This is probably my fave episode because i remember this topic from our pre med course. It feels nice to understand what the hell is happening in a medical drama hahahahaha

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  • I'm now about to look for your thighs. Thanks, Doctor Mike!

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  • Tik tok Edit: wait I'm from the future btw tik tok isn't gay

  • Me: has overeaten 22 boxes of donuts had eaten 67 tacobell burritos drank 89 bottles of melted strawberries and vanilla Milkshakes drank 1930 bottles of water ate 49 whole mix (with pineapples) pizzas Dr. Mike: Stay Healthy! Me:ya I 𝙞 *8* 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙩𝙝y

  • You sound like Shane

  • Doc Mike reacts to Scrubs, Season 3 episode 14 - My Screw Up. Please, everyone will thank you for it!

  • One of my friends already vaped even if we're in middle school also I'm like nope not today not never

  • There are different types of bodies to build as well, would have made it easier to get cells so you didnt have to spend so much money

  • Dr Mike presenting the new organ, the skull! XD

  • Docter Mike: _"The femurs are one of the strongest bones of the body"_ Me: *Yeah of course theyre stronger than concrete jeez*

  • Did anyone relies he's using a iPhone 11 max pro

  • I absolutely love their chemistry, it's such a great bromance

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  • Yo! Can I get this shirt?!

  • You have to get the green injection to stop the blood from losing

  • I actually have a question. So basically you said that sitting down is unhealthy, but how about laying down?

  • Dr Mike, I respectfully disagree with your point on circumcision. When we look at some middle eastern countries that have female genital mutilation and we think of that as a horrible practice, why do we not see male genital mutilation as the same? It's taking that choice away from the child and that boy will never have the choice. Parents hear the option, think they should do it because it's 'normal' and make a life long body change to the child without the child's consent. I could not be more against this. If the person is 18 and wants to do it, that's their decision (and a very rare decision it is).

  • I don’t understand this game 😅 looks incredibly boring!